know what to do hey yo here come over nice but it's tight you don't make it what's that I squat I think in another video gotta keep my voice now cuz this video it's top secret meaning bond can't know until folks it I'm in my living room right now bonds in the room editing his vlog and its prank I believe he's in the zone he's not worried about what I'm doing I don't even think he knows I bought my light out here to filmed today is a day ah different my last video a week as a nice quad looked up different ways to have your guy get you pregnant and as far as I'm concerned a lot of you guys are okay with me getting pregnant right now it seems like a lot of you guys are for it so if y'all here for it I'm here for so today we're gonna play a little game gonna be detectives now I have to find a way to go in that room set up the camera and do all the list of things we looked up on this site yesterday I'm really scared for this on camera mainly because it's gonna turn into something non addfriend said y'all I'm going to try my best to get that camera into that room hiatus is not a French so we're about to do in the back set up the camera and some house will send the video against for your light subscribed running person is kissing just finished my video you didn't see me bring the thing out you didn't see me bring the thing out um where's the camera charger where's the camera charger I need to charge the camera did okay this charges you're not gonna play the game right so I could charge it with this on the thing like this you don't think you're feeling brave you know you're not trying to play your game cuz I've got the charger but it's on the tripod so if you play the game I'm gonna have to take it off the tripod it's just even charging ahead tricky no this is for your teeth why not don't know me I'm not gonna oh we go hurt scrum I'm doing like that look I don't feel it that hurt let's try it no you guys oh they don't hurt me dude it's not just try don't hurt me it's already did it before you and you'll like it try you ever watch Yo Gabba Gabba for this is the smooth part this is the picket I'm not letting you take that on me though inside [Applause] [Applause] belly's well what is you not having fun with me right now no idea so lame why is you rubbing a bell I'm rokosz my deck I'm just I'm just trying to you know you know what I'm trying to do what you acting like you don't that's what's making me mad you do what [Applause] okay you are a brat the belt around my for what just do this oh well you did it to my nigga I would sit down but you was giving me carpet bars that is less carpet round with leathers not even a carpet I'm say like it was like burn I miss you you're you want to try something new don't don't do it what is your doing right now alright fun maybe I don't see what the issue is you do too much you know what I'm trying to do you know I'm trying to spark up the so about sparking up the bike you gonna sit back my day you that's called kinkiness I don't like no pink events you've just heard your guy put the ball in your mouth and put a freaking bill on Italy who do it Oh Oh 50 shades of grey Hey and I think you already fucked up huh from late recently no I didn't do clean and if I did what you trying to say okay I'll stay there's gonna be your blindfold no park with my exotic dancer [Applause] are you doing I don't put the panties back around your head around my ear bro could you could let the panties back around your head hey what did you pull it up it is you trying to hurt me no I'm just trying to do something different my mom is in here and like you're really trying that you're doing other stuff that's a good way no okay well close out of the leaves can you rule this the main priority I need I'm scared I'm not gonna do anything to hurt you what that just hurting me do what is your doing whoa whoa whoa but I don't know what's happened whoa whoa oh how did you think that was okay dude you don't like so okay so you you make the vibe happening you make the vine happen make make it so we conserve right it to tea you'll calm in my stuff we'll be okay make it so we could do something hurt me okay come on [Applause] mood is like weird right what is you doing I'm trying to be different [Applause] baby what well you know what to do hey Joey here come home okay

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