I still long to have that baby back I still long to have Emerson back and to be pregnant with Emerson and I don't feel like that will ever completely go away hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am doing a Q&A all about TTC pregnancy pregnancy loss and everything along those lines so I went on Instagram a few days ago and had you guys asked me some questions about anything along those lines and I got a bunch of really good questions so today I am actually going to answer all of the questions that you guys send me and today's video is in collaboration with the Hebert house finally we've been talking about doing a collab for a while so I'm very excited to be collaborating with Lila Hebert for this video I honestly consider Lila my YouTube bestie she is my girl we're actually friends in real life as well we met about a month ago we met up in person and I met her family and I just love them there's such great people Lila does a lot of mom life pregnancy videos because she is pregnant with her rainbow baby right now and she talks about infant loss with their sweet baby Everett and just all kinds of video shopping hauls home schooling her son amazing content on her channel her family is such an inspiration to me and I know you guys will love them as well so make sure you check out Lila's Q&A video after you watch mine and subscribe to her channel as well you won't be sorry I know you guys are gonna love her and if you're coming over from Lila's channel hey my name is Erica my husband and I were TTC for seven months for baby number one and we did conceive in July but unfortunately when I was 9 weeks pregnant we did lose our baby I did have a miscarriage but I have that entire journey and documented in videos from trying to conceive to finding out I was pregnant too my pregnancy updates and I do have a miss Story video as well so I will have all those videos linked down in the description box if you want to catch up and check those out I also do videos on military wife life shopping hauls vlogs and stuff like that so hopefully if you are new you will stick her out and hit that red subscribe button down below and join my YouTube family okay so let's get started on these questions I'm not gonna say who asked me because these are pretty personal questions and I don't know if everyone wants to be called out so I'm not gonna say who asked me which reminds me the kids in my family or people that don't want to hear about the TMI you might want to skip this one it's probably not going to be your thing so adults-only let's get started question number one is the month you conceived how many times did you baby dance every day every other day etc so pretty much we baby danced every day during my fertile window other than that just when we don't like it but during my fertile window pretty much every day number two is can you tell exactly when you ovulate do you have physical symptoms without ovulation tests and my Ava bracelet not really it's I've never been able to tell before tracking my ovulation when I laid it I just never really paid attention but I don't get like ovulation cramps ever the only time I ever got any kind of ovulation cramp was the month we conceived with Emerson I got some kind of weird cramp for a couple of hours the day that I ovulated so I don't know if that's because we like conceived the night before or a couple months before but that was the only time I ever had any kind of cramp around ovulation it's also hard to tell like based on my cm my cervical mucus because I know a lot of people there cm is like an egg white consistency when you're ovulating mine isn't always sometimes it is sometimes it's more on the water each side so based on cm alone I can't really tell so I usually rely on ovulation tests and my if every slip question 3 is have you continued to wear your Ava bracelet or do you plan on wearing it in the future yes I am still wearing my Ava bracelet I did take a break from wearing it after we found out that our baby did not have a heartbeat at our first ultrasound there was about a week in between that appointment and my DNC procedure I didn't wear my mo bracelet because I just didn't want to I was in such an emotional state in those days obviously that I didn't care to know what my body was doing so I didn't wear it for that week but after my DNC up until now I have been wearing it every night and my follow-up appointment with my doctor is in a couple of weeks and I think after that appointment I'm gonna kind of catch you guys up on a TTC update overall where I will talk more about what Ava has been saying as far as my levels go with everything that Ava keeps track of so I think I'm gonna do a TTC update here and the next couple of weeks so just keep an eye out for that for me to get more into detail with stuff like that question four is what all did you take to boost fertility so my number one recommendation for people trying to conceive if you're asking me what kind of supplement you should take what I took for one month and got pregnant is pink stork fertility boost tablets and I always always have that link down below in all of my videos in the description box I also have all of my other pink stork favorite products linked down below as well in every video so if you ever want to order those or check those out please use my links that really helps out me and my channel but yes the pink stork fertility boost tablets I swear by and I and starting to take those again because they are a good prenatal substitute for people trying to conceive before you get pregnant because they have all that good stuff in there too as well as natural herbs that help you to conceive and it helps boost your fertility and all that good stuff I also took evening primrose oil tablets there are a thousand milligrams in a big pill I took three of those a day so I took three thousand milligrams of evening primrose oil I took two in the morning and one in the evening and you want to take those from cycle day one so from when you start your period until you ovulate you don't want to take them after ovulation because if you do conceive they can cause uterine contractions so it's not safe to take after ovulation in case you did get pregnant but I do like to take those up until ovulation because they do help to thin your cervical mucus also I just want to throw in there it's not a supplement but the month we conceived something else we did different was we used a menstrual cup after intercourse and I swear by that too so basically after you do the baby dance lay there with your butt propped up under the pillows or legs up on a wall whatever whatever you do and you just insert a menstrual cup I got mine off Amazon and I left it in there overnight and I would wake up in the morning and take it out when I go to the bathroom and I really think that that was another thing that did the trick the next question is what is your biggest piece of advice for someone who will be starting their TTC journey so I can't really narrow down like one piece of advice because I have several one that comes to mind is don't let sex sole purpose become making a baby don't take the intimacy out of sex if you guys don't feel like it that night don't force it because it's so easy to do that it's so easy to turn sex into a project or something that you feel like you have to do in order to get pregnant especially if you've tried for several months without success but don't do that just keep the intimacy with sex and don't force it another one would be take prenatal vitamins now while you're trying to conceive or other kinds of supplements like the fertility boost as long as your doctor says it's okay for you always always check with your doctor to make sure you're taking the correct supplement for you but take some kind of prenatal vitamin now so that's in your system to help you stay healthy and create a healthy environment for your baby another one is try to be patient and I know that is easier said than done trust me I am so not a patient person but you really have to just if you're religious trust in God's plan pray that he will give you a baby and kind of leave it in his hands and try to be as patient as possible start off by telling yourself you know what this is gonna take months I don't even expect to get pregnant right away because it usually takes a long time kind of put that in your head that way you're not too disappointed when it does take a few months that would that would probably be my biggest piece of advice is don't expect it to happen right away kind of expect it to take a while and try to be patient the next question is how do you feel after a D&C and I'm not sure if they met like immediately after or how do I feel now that it's been a few weeks so I'm gonna kind of answer it both ways so I do talk about this in detail in my miscarriage story which again I will link down below and up above in the cards but immediately after as far as physically I did have cramps for the first week or so some were pretty intense pretty uncomfortable I didn't have to take the pain medication that they prescribed me I also still had pregnancy symptoms for about a week after the dnc I had breast tenderness I had frequent urination and that started to slowly taper off about to seven days after as soon as I woke up after the DNC I was very very emotional I was very sad with the days following I would get bursts of anger where I just needed to have like an emotional breakdown and thank goodness for my husband because he was my rock during all of that and still is and we are definitely getting better with time the emotional breakdowns are more few and far between now it's been three weeks today that I'm sitting down to film this so it'll be almost four and a half to four weeks by the time you guys see this since my DNC and I still have my moments a couple nights ago I let out a good cry um little things just kind of trigger me but it's like I said it's getting better we're doing better worth our spirits are higher and time really does heal physically I'm not having any cramps anymore I finally stopped bleeding about a week ago five days ago I finally stopped bleeding completely I want to say like five to six days ago so that felt like that took forever but yeah physically now I feel fine which is great question seven is are you worried that it will take longer to get pregnant again yes I am I have been told that the first three months after you go through a miscarriage you're really really fertile you're like your most fertile those first three months I don't really know why that is but I've heard friends and family tell me that my doctor told me that so I I'm hopeful that it won't take a long time but yeah I don't want to go through months and months and months of negative pregnancy tests again that was hard so yeah it is a worry in the back of my mind but I'm trying to trust in God's plan and leave it in his hands the best I can and the last question I'm going to answer for you guys the biggest question I had so many people ask me this and it's are you going to start trying again right away and or when will you be TTC again yeah we're we're starting to try right away we actually were told by my doctor right when I was getting ready to have my DNC and after my DNC that for my specific case because everyone is different but for my case we did not have to wait to have sex we did not have to wait to start trying it was whenever we were comfortable with doing that so like I said I just stopped bleeding about five days ago or so we did not baby dance while I was bleeding even though we were told we could I didn't feel comfortable with that I just I don't know I didn't want to so we did it but we we are trying we're not hard core trying right now mainly because I have no idea when I'm ovulating right now my cycle is so out of whack Ava doesn't even know when I'm ovulating I still have a little bit of HCG in my system I'm pretty sure because I did take ovulation tests every day to every other day for about a week now mainly to see if there was still HCG in my system I wasn't too concerned with am i ovulating so we can try right now not really I just kind of wanted to see because I know ovulation tests can pick up that HCG and they're all positive every single one of them we're super positive tests so I know that I still have that HCG in my system a little bit which doesn't affect trying to conceive at all I just don't know what I'm ovulating so we're going with the flow right now if it doesn't happen right away I'm sure as my cycles regulate then I will start actively tracking my ovulation again and we will go back to hardcore trying if that's where we end up I do want to throw in and that this is just what is working for me and my husband personally I know that so many people are not ready to try again right away and that's totally normal I don't know that I'm like it's not that I'm not ready to try again right away because I am I want to be pregnant again I want to have a healthy baby but nothing no baby will ever replace Emerson not gonna cry not gonna cry in this video I still long to have that baby back I still long to have Emerson back and to be pregnant with Emerson and I don't feel like that will ever completely go away I'm sure that the pain will hurt less in the future but I'm never gonna not want my baby back so I don't feel like that should stop me from trying to conceive right now because I do want to but that doesn't mean you should three weeks after a DNC it's it's whatever physically and emotionally is best for you and whatever your doctor tells you physically is best for you so this is just what's working for us right now that's gonna be all for today's Q&A video I answered all of the ones that I got on Instagram but if you guys have any more questions leave them down below and I will try to answer them as well I'm pretty much an open book I try to be as transparent as possible to connect with people and let you guys know that you're not alone so I'll pretty much answer anything you guys ask me within being appropriate also don't forget to check out Leila's channel and her video like I said I know you guys will love her so show her some love tell her I sent you and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe down below if you're new and I will see you guys next time bye


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I just miscarried our baby 3 weeks ago. Its been really difficult for me and I came to YouTube to find some comfort and answers about what I was feeling and going through. It was probably really hard to be so vulnerable and open but it has helped me to heal and find peace. We were given the same instructions from our doctor and we are praying for our rainbow baby soon, we will be praying for yours too. So sorry for your loss, sending lots of love, prayers and baby dust your way!

  2. I am so sorry for your lost i commented on the other video without seeing this first god will send you your rainbow baby

  3. Glad you are taking time to heal. Give yourself time, especially emotionally, things will get easier I promise. A miscarriage is a very personal thing, everyone handles it differently. For me, I never felt compelled to name the embryo or do anything like that, maybe because it was not my first pregnancy. I was sad, but much more scientific about it if that makes sense, knowing in most miscarriages it's due to chromosomal abnormalities. But you have do to what your comfortable with. Good luck!

  4. We also conceived in July and I'm currently going through a missed miscarriage. I'd like to start trying again as soon as possible, too. Thanks for sharing your personal experience on this difficult subject! It helps to know I'm not alone.

  5. Truly inspirational! I know what u mean. We also felt like trying asap after misscarage. The pain of a lost baby will always be there but time does heal ♡ Also not expecting to happen right away 😉 but still hoping for our rainbow baby soon ♡ Just started a new cycle 😉 let's see how it goes 🙂 Best of luck on your new ttc journey hopefully it's a short one! 😉

  6. This is very brave. I'm a new subscriber and fellow mama vlogger. Thank you for sharing this very difficult and taboo subject

  7. I love how open and vulnerable you were in this video. I can imagine how difficult all these topics are to talk about, I loved it and love following you <3

  8. Totally agree with everyone else on the post. You’re so transparent and is truly inspirational! Xo

  9. I admire your faith so much and bravery for sharing this with everyone. I'm sure you are helping so many other moms going through the same situation. These were great questions. I will be praying for you guys, your rainbow baby, & TTC journey ❤

  10. I waited 6 months between my two miscarriages to start trying again and from my first miscarriage it took me almost 2.5 years to get pregnant with my rainbow baby. My story is a crazy one but everything happened in God's time!

  11. First, I am so proud of your strength and faith! I’m so proud to be your friend!! Loved all of these answers and your transparency. Praying for your rainbow baby already! Love you girl!

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