Tucker Carlson DESTROY Joy Behar Over Abortion Claims

CNN thinks you should donate for Planned Parenthood Joy Behar once vasectomy and Benny Sanders thinks abortion is a constitutional rights hi guys welcome to another video so on Monday Tucker Carlson in his opening monologue brilliantly reacted to the abortion ban in the state of Alabama well the left are definitely not taking it lightly CNN goes off to say that maybe it's better if we discuss it with the men and then donate more to Planned Parenthood joy be her on the view said that it will make a lot of sense if we could line up the men and then perform a vice xme on them I mean really and then Bernie Sanders thinks that abortion is something that is a right like it's the constitutional right well conservative political commentators student crowd a recently conducted and undercover investigation inside the same abortion clinic while Steve Kramer and his team traveled to Colorado one of the first states to legalize abortion up on to the moments of beds to show just how easy it is for women in the states to get late term abortions in Crowder's video Maria who is 25 weeks pregnant goes to an abortion clinic with a hidden camera on her shirt and acts unlost for information about abortion procedures the nose then tells her that she will get an ultrasound and ask her to sit in the waiting room that's when Miriam meets a woman who was eight months pregnant and shadowed a bow her baby the nesting well–why pro-abortion activists say late term abortions are justified when the mother's life is at risk so the baby suffers from a big defect fish and eggs say that they were absolutely nothing wrong with her or her they were looking baby okay so if there's nothing wrong with your baby why then go on with abortion think I should get into details of that video the crowd are made but my point here is there's nothing wrong with your babies so why go ahead and perform an abortion for an 8 months pregnancy I mean come on and really it it's not fair to her all day baby because an eight-month-old fetus is definitely a child so well the left definitely does not think this watch this video of joy be her over on the view Joy Behar who is both the single unhappiest person in the world and also an important figure in democratic politics when even further than that and called for eugenics she demanded that Alabama's lawmakers be sterilized on the basis of their sex and skin color if we look at a picture of the panel of men who did this now that Mary knows yeah what are the chief what do they have in common well I think they were all ramen Oh white guys they are oh my god maybe we should make up a law that they should all be required to get a vasectomy that group obey her as a sub genius granted and she's not elected anything past 24 years but surging through life movements has forced the closure of 75% of surgical abortion businesses in America that's the good news but over 500 abortion facilities to exist there's more work to be done babies deserve a better chance at life the abortion industry has been profiting from the deaths of infants for over 40 years all including children in the womb deserve human dignity and women deserve better than abortion women deserve better options than taking their child's life and suffering from the devastation physical psychological and emotional consequences what we are doing about it well holding Planned Parenthood accountable over 40 cases involving Planned Parenthood nearly half a dozen implicating Planned Parenthood affiliates for millions in tax payer fraud protection women's health insurance have the right to know the truth about abortion and the abortionist follow basic health and safety laws defending those who defend life protecting the rights of healthcare workers and pro-life advocates make a difference which is way more than what the left enough of my run thanks everyone for watching this video see you in the next video and kindly give the video a thumbs up thanks guys

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  1. Please let us watch the video and skip telling us what is going to happen as I want to make my own decisions and not have to listen to you tell me what to think. And then when Tucker is about to speak you start talking again with your one sided commentary. If you keep doing the voice over I will have to unsubscribe. Holy crap the whole video was you talking and telling us what to think – not one bit of raw data.

  2. YA know what i dont get about this fake outrage is these people who are against it do not live in said states and i really doubt go to them so

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