Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

okay doing a tummy tuck on this lady who's got this problem here with pregnancy they've got certain gases alien scars their loose skin and overhang which obviously not all you want so we're going to be removing all of that today ideally you wouldn't want to have just from the pubic area to the breast just one smooth tight line so gonna remove all this excess through here going to be tighten the muscles doing some liposuction through the science here to further completely reshape and recontour her belly and the scales gonna be down here when I show you that in a second but that is the plan okay I've made some tentative surgical mark on markings I'm going to adjust these when she's asleep but essentially this line down here represents where the scales gonna be all the way down there you can see that there's a cesarean scar is quite low down so we're gonna be making a season below that to get rid of that and this line up he represents essentially how much I hope to remove we intend on removing everything below that line at least I want to get rid of so this skin from here to here it's going to drag all the way down to here come lift up the pubic area a little bit through there so there'll be one scar from here all the way to here once guys around the belly button all this is going to be gone completely reshaped muscles brought in tightening up to flatten the belly in to bring in the waistline liposuction through the signs as well completely reshape recontour her belly let's go ahead and make it all happen okay doing the tummy tuck on it this lady yeah her cesarean scars the number of they're in the stands are very very low down that line through there welcome you have a cesarean scar you get that sort of overhang but that's not because of a scar that's just her natural overhang which obviously is one of the things we want to address essentially we want to get rid of all of that so all this loose skin through near stretch marks overhang is going to be completely removed so tighten the muscles on top to bottom do some liposuction to the sides and completely reshape and recount for her belly so freeing up the skin ability should all the way up to the rib cage so you can see my hand crosses comfortably up to there now we're gonna have a look at the muscles now if you can sit there there's the original belly button like it's not going to move so those muscles are really loose you can see it's all separated through this pre microfiber knee all the way through there I've made some tentative markings now I intend to tighten up those muscles a bit close to four inches that's going to bring in her waistline and further flatten her flesh Louise Lewis once we're done it's gonna be nice and tried a much smaller waistline then we're going to deal with the skin is some liposuction pick up the belly button and we're done so all the excess skin and fat icky she's been removed now that's where the belly button was so I managed to remove quite a long way up above the belly button and it there's probably 25 plus centimeters of vertical length of excess skin that we remove that's all now gone we don't need any of that for you one half of two kilos all you've got left now is that part there so there's the original belly button their muscles have been tightened up from top to bottom that's much much tighter flattop brought in now we're going to get that close up bring the belly button back at finish off some liposuction and we are done we are all done looking fantastic nice and tight for there all the excess is gone try to rehear waistbands being brought in beautifully nice smooth contour from pubic area to breast perfectly reshape she is going to love it one fond of you nice and flat beautifully reshaped recontour that is of course a all work about and that is so now looking absolutely amazing nice flat belly all that excess is gone waste lines been brought in it beautifully recontoured she is understandably a loving that now this is of course surgery surgery has Skyrim but it's only six weeks and this is her tummy tuck scar bright and red as you'd expect at this point in time but the moment looking excellent that will continue to fade take six to twelve months more like 12 months but overall it's sitting beautifully the contour is fantastic perfect and looking from the sides nice and flat beautifully reshaped cute little belly button overall the transformation is amazing that is of course a or work about you

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