Tummy Tucks are NOT like C-Sections

hey YouTube I debated making this video till I was healed and I was better and I had some makeup on and I was getting more sleep but I decided to do it now because I feel like this topic is sort of in a desperate need to be out there and I mean there's videos like this but none when I was looking for and I was doing my research and I was looking for information and people going through the same thing I didn't find enough information so this is gonna be just me healing and just doing a video like this I know this is only my third video on my channel my channel is gonna be mostly about veganism I would like to incorporate some Beauty stuff makeup and all that but for now it is what it is I had a tummy tuck which is called abdominal plasti think I don't under and we are Monday so it hasn't even been a week and that's why I feel like there was like an urgency to do this video because not enough informations out there when I was doing my research I where am I supposed to look there anyway when I was doing my research I read the main thing I read was that if you've had caesarean section c-sections it's really not going to be that much different even my plastic surgeon told me that even my nurses told me that and this is a bit of history I've had two children my son my second was 10 pounds 7 ounces and this c-section was extremely hard I believed that my stomach was truly ruined after his birth so his size the way they got him out how stuck he was up in my ribs took two doctors to get him blood spurted everywhere and it was not pretty so I had a lot of scar tissue around the c-section incision and they reopened where I had my daughter out of so it's not like they had to make a new scar or anything like that and both times the second time around it was worse they say the more c-sections you have the worse the healing but it is nothing like a tummy tuck because with a c-section is similar in terms of you have trouble go to the bathroom you're in pain sleeping isn't so easy but you also have a newborn to take care of and your whole life has changed and everything I feel like with a tummy tuck it is so much worse and it's funny so I heal really fast I don't know past food being vegan you didn't really healthy being really healthy in general but I heal fast let's just say that and this time around I am really knocked on my butt I think the last night was like the first night I got any stretch of sleep at all it's been really really tough aside from the actual tummy tuck scar and I'm still all bandaged up you there's nothing to see I have a drain everything like that it's everything else it is you are in a binder like I have to wear my binder and not take it off for eight days so that's why I'm having trouble breathing but you don't realize how tight the binder is when you get your boobs done you also wear sort of a compression garment but this binder is serious business it has three interlocking layers it is very tight that's why I can't breathe so the binder is one thing um let's just talk the worst problem in the world I'm vegan like I said I have no constipation issues well let's just say after this experience I will never take farting I'm going to for granted it takes it to a whole new level when you have a c-section it's tough it's hard you kind of hold yourself and bear down after but it is nothing like a tummy tuck when your entire stomach is messed with c-sections is just layers and but it's one spot more or less with some stretching but abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck is very invasive and this is coming from somebody's so I lost 60 pounds I didn't need to have any liposuction because I didn't really have I don't really have fat anymore it was purely skin and I have one drain which is almost unheard of yes there is a dreamless tummy tuck I didn't want to go for that for my own reasons and having one drain is pretty rare most people have to but it wasn't I wasn't going to drain as much because there wasn't a lot of space because like my stomach was flat from losing the weight I just had excess skin like I could pull my skin out which is one of the byproducts of losing a such a big amount of weight and toning up and everything so the gas is brutal it will bubble in your stomach it'll bubble everywhere and the soreness you are sore from your boobs and swollen you're sore from your boobs to your vajayjay because of the compression your vajayjay gets really really swollen mmm it bruises it turns funny colors and it will scare you and everything is just hard to do you use your core for so much I can't even tell you how much I like learn that I used my core for getting up rolling over that kind of stuff lifting your legs but even sitting like I had to see my plastic surgeon today just just quickly for something but it was really short but it just it's my first time in the car since having surgery and like sitting into the car and like bending forward to not hit your head on the door like on the doorframe is so difficult everything is just so hard but I really wanted to make this video I wanted to do like maybe a series or a few videos but I'm not feeling so up to being on camera I just thought that I would dispel that myth that tummy tucks are anything like c-sections that was definitely something in my head that I was very disappointed that I was even told that implied that anything they are nothing and I've had a very very hard c-section like my son c-section was brutal if anything that would compare to that more but it's not they're not even close I I don't know it's like two different surgeries I feel like comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges the gas this time around is so much worse Oh God and you have pain like I said everywhere from your boobs to your vajayjay I know when you have a c-section there hurts down there and breastfeeding and stuff with the boob issues but this is like you're so covered in soreness and on top of that you can't really move a whole lot on top of that you can't fart or go to the bathroom it's hard to eat hard to breathe I'm on day one am I on five and I'm just starting to feel a little more human and even though it's still very hard what I have the surgery again no but Granton in like three months when I have my perfect body because I've worked so hard I'll probably say yes but this is very difficult I wanted to document it I wanted to put it out there that ladies if you've had a c-section it is nothing like a c-section don't think that it is all it is is two different surgeries so if you had surgery obviously you know what being put under although with a c-section you don't usually get general anaesthetic but if you've had any surgery let's say you've had your boobs done tonsils out you're put under and you know what that's like but waking up is entire different it is based on the individual I'd heal very fast like I said but this time around you even though I'm healing fast it's taking such a toll even sitting up here doing this video for 9 minutes is getting me exhausted so just be aware of that I would like to do a tummy tuck must-haves there are some things that I needed and I did not have because once again the information out there is not good enough so if you have any questions ladies if you're gonna go through with one I definitely would love to chat I'm newly I'm newly recovering so it's not like I have all my memories and everything it's not like time's gonna pass and I forget the feelings and what I'm going through but I think it's just good to put out there that if you have any questions if you want to know more I would love to talk to you and how I've overcome terrible constipation I think I'm okay now and gas and just how to stay comfortable and not want to run off a bridge so I hope you enjoyed this video guys thanks for watching

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  1. I’ve had 3 c sections and I’m now 1 week post my tummy tuck.
    This is worse than 3 c sections combined. !!

  2. Thank you for this video. It was very helpful and informative. I came across your channel while looking for videos on tummy tucks but I am also a vegetarian and 90% of my diet is vegan although I cannot call my self a vegan yet I look forward to washing more of your content.

  3. Yeah, with a tummy tuck they are removing some of your body. That doesn't happen with a c-section. With a c-section there is no pulling and stretching the sewn skin and tighten muscles. They actually ruined me with my c-section because they didn't put everything back. Now, I have to have a tummy tuck. I have a friend who recently had one. But it also depends on the doctor and how comfortable they try to make you and how will the person is to take the pain medicine. I had gas after my c-section and it was aweful. Then there were other women I knew that acted like they had no problems after their c-section. I think it all depends on. The situation. I believe that when the tummy is done right there will probably be more pain initially. Thank you for being honest and tell the truth. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I had two horrible drains breast implants and tummy tuck . I had a flat tummy just extra skin I was able to sit up and stand just four days after. Don't get it wrong it hurts. It made me grateful I worked out my legs often because your back can only carry so much weight. How are you feeling beautiful! I get everything taken off tomorrow I can't wait. Thanks for this video hunny sending love from Georgia

  5. Wow! I was hoping the C-Section would be worse than the Tummy Tuck. I definitely appreciate you sharing this video! I really want to get a tummy tuck to heal my diastasic recti. Thanks again! Peace and Blessings to all!

  6. I love that you have this video for all to see! I am 3 days lost op and still have not had a BM. What was your secret?? How can I make this happen? Ive tried Miralax, Kombucha, Oatmeal, whole grain bread, probiotics supplements….still nothing. Any advice?

  7. Ive had 2 csect..1st one was a piece of cake.. reason why i went for the 2nd one.. but 2nd one was harder.. it all depends on ur bodys reaction.. i want TT so bad .. i have an umbilical hernia..getting it done at the same time.

  8. I am on week two, and I dont use that binder as much as I should. I find it doesnt help me strengthen my muscles in my back. Its like a crutch, slows down healing. I want my blood flow to not get impinged, lymphatic etc…
    I want to have my wounds air heal also. I dont cover them, only my arms when I go out. To keep sanitary. I had a bracialplasty and boobs lifted w implant also. I had 10 inch muscle tightening in my core/ rectus. 10 pounds of fat removed and Lipo. Im tight, two drains still in and barley bloating anywhere. But the doctor wants them to drain below a 20ml for three days straight, until removed. My wounds are dry and healing well.
    Tiredness is not avoided..lol
    But yes I had to relearn how to breath after my core your right, it was tighten so much.
    Doing great and stopped pain meds which will constipate you. On day 5!
    Good luck.

  9. I have a tummy tuck in 2013 and now im having a c section in 4 weeks. Thanks God its not the same jajaja

  10. Hi. I have had two c- sections. Plan to have a third child… So this won't be for a while for me. But my questions are how long should I wait after I'm done having kids? And is the drain tube in the sides? I have had a drain tube before. So I Kno the pain of trying to stand up staright. And do they use the same scare or will I have to have a different one?

  11. 3 Epidurals, 3 cSections, cutting through my skin layers, fatty layer, abdomen wall, anddddd my uterus Not once! Not twice! But three times.
    …ooooooh and there’s nothing that says it’s a boy like a infants foot to your stomach instantly causing you to throw up that fuk’n ice cream cravings as the doctor pulling a 9lb 7oz alien out of your body!!!
    If I’m gonna go under again it’s because I damn well deserve it! I made the sacrifice! I deserve it! My curves will be back by any means necessary.

  12. My first birth was about three times worse than a c-section, so I am hoping the tummy tuck won’t be toooo too bad 😬

  13. I agree with you 150%. I am day 4 and girl…your assessment is absolutely correct. Love the video !!!

  14. It sounds & looks scary, I have had 5 c-sections & 2yrs. ago this February I had a to have a total hysterectomy because of all the scar tissue sticking to my uterus & that didn't go good it had reopened it was the worst, now they are telling me i need to have another surgery in a few months for a umbilical hernia repair, so i was considering getting the TT at the same time, what did your Dr. tell u abt cutting the scar tissue do they cut the same scar or around it to make new scar tissue???

  15. wow I have had 4 c sections and I'm considering this full tummy tuck at 43 I'm lil scared I know there different .. different procedure all around what concerns me that my scar tissue will not make me a great candidate for this procedure but hoping🙌

  16. Ive had 3 c sections ,tubial ligation an i had placenta accretia were they shaved my stomach muscle to release placenta my stomach muscles are weak my youngest is 6months when should i get lipo an tummy tuck it toke me 18months to heal completely after c section but muscle has never been the same

  17. How old was your youngest child when you had your tummy tuck? This is something i am having a hard time figuring out when to do it. I currently have a 5 yr old, almost 3 and almost 2 month old. Both of my oldest were breastfed until 27 months…curious about the nursing aspect of it too..what’s your advice?
    I have severe diastasis recto, umbilical hernia and loose skin so it is something i plan to have done in future…I’ve had 3 c-sections and i did some digging and heard that tummy tuck is definitely worse than a c-section. (Of course it couldn’t be easy to give us Mamas a break)

  18. I'm only at 6 minutes and 32 seconds but I wanted to thank you so much for making this video !!!

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