TVJ News Today: Hearing Continues on Abortion Laws – July 25 2019

the parliamentary committee examining proposals to repeal the law against abortion continued hearing arguments today the representatives of the church medical researchers as well as social groups were among those making representations to the human resource and Social Development Committee extending from the last committee sitting pro-choice advocates who believe the law making abortion illegal should be repealed again argued on several points firstly we believe that access to abortion is a human right and that denials and restrictions only serve to infringe on a woman's full human rights they say despite being illegal thousands of women currently have abortions risking their lives poor women are particularly prone to health complications and death as a result of unsafe abortions but even middle-class and rich women are risking their health having abortions at unregulated private doctors in addition to the freedom to choose they believe women need to be protected we ask the government of Jamaica to stand between women and girls or in need of protection from sections of the church we're seeking to spread lies and misinformation in order to vilify the intentions of women we call in our government not as citizens of this country were also entitled to rights of citizenship and that access to abortion is not a political issue it is in fact a public health issue but so-called pro-life advocates including the church ramped up their arguments they say regardless of the financial social or educational crisis a woman may be experiencing help is always available outside of an abortion they also argue that the negative emotional impact of an abortion is greater than most are admitting church elder and convener of the joy tone community development foundation major Richard cook chided those who believed otherwise with morality they're trying to legalize abortion is philosophically morally and ethically wrong that governments and this Parliament are set up by and answerable to God in refuting the safety of the procedure if it were illegal he also presented a medical video on the graphic nature of abortion process but the committee was forced to put a stop to it I am seeing some children in this Parliament it is totally unacceptable for this to be shown to children I can't manage it so I can imagine them some major presentation that section baby aborted we continue with your that we discontent with the night that's of a present I'm pointing to the Holy Innocents center a missionary's of the poor facility that helps pregnant women in crisis father Richard who long suggested that more focus should be on education and presenting support for persons who have become pregnant the parliamentary committee is to present a report to the House of Representatives on the arguments and presentations heard Herman green TVJ news

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