44 Replies to “Twin Birth at Birth Center”

  1. I have watched a lot of birthing vlogs and they are beautiful but this one was captured so beautifully with the father being so involved and actually helpful and caring!!! So lovely!!! Congrats I bet they are almost one now eh?

  2. This is the most beautiful loving birth between a woman and a man I have ever seen God has blessed this couple

  3. I remember my labor, I was in so much pain I threw up… I'm so mesmerized by your strength thank you for being amazing ❤

  4. That was amazing!!! Saying you’re Super woman is so cliche but I can’t think of anything else. And your husband was so supportive! All 3 of the kids are beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  5. My goodness, this is a very strong woman. And very very beautiful. Her stomach is beautiful too. Thank u for sharing

  6. ارجوكم اشتركو عندي الله يرزقكم الذرية الصالحة

  7. How beautiful what beautiful gifts from God has precious children Jesus Christ is another gift from God I pray you are saved accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior may the Lord bless your beautiful family God bless you

  8. Goes to show you that just because you’re pregnant with twins doesn’t automatically mean you must receive a c-section. Way to go mom! You did absolutely amazing! And shout out to your husband for being so nurturing and supportive. This was beautiful. ❤️

  9. Lord Jesus.. this type of birth is not for me I was six doors away from the lobby and my family could here me screaming after 38 hours my son was born. I don’t think I could deliver like her. God Bless her,, amazing lady!!!

  10. Bade bacche k face par bilkul bhi Smile nahi h new borns ko dekhkar. Usne Tab smile kiya h jab uski MA ne use apne pass liya h

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