1. Great video hope your doing well my girlfriend is getting a c section What all tubes are you hooked up to she's nervous its her first major surgery thanks

  2. I just came across your channel….We have identical twin boys….my husband watched too…our twins were born at 32 weeks…I'm only 4'11 I gained 15 lbs …I was sick my whole pregnancy…..I was in the hospital 7 times for dehydration…May God bless..God is good

  3. This was both terrifying and beyond inspiring. Even though we can tell it was hard on you, when you mention the girls your face completely lights up <3

  4. I’m having a C-Section in October to deliver my boy/girl twins! I’ve had three vaginal births before with my older girls so needless to say I’m terrified. I trust my doctors though so hopefully all goes well and recovery isn’t too bad. I would love to see a recovery video, I feel like a pro at recovery with all my single pregnancies so this is going to be a whole different experience.

  5. You are the only one I've ever heard say that the dr nicked the baby. It happened with my last baby. She was breech too and I'd never heard of that happening before.

  6. Great video! I am glad that you and the girlies tuned out so healthy, even if it was so painful, but I bet have healthy little twins was worth it!!

  7. I am so glad you and your girls are healthy and happy. Congratulations, you have a beautiful family. I am a FTM and scheduled for c-section with twin boys tomorrow. I am so nervous and excited. 💙💙

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