I’m going to debunk some twin pregnancy myths for y’all today in My car during my lunch break because this is the only free time I have in my life because I am a twin mom, and I have a baby so Need I say more. I feel like there’s so much false information out there about twin pregnancies and so I just wanted to take the time today to Debunk some of the false info out there that could be potentially causing anyone some stress in their pregnancy That is just unwarranted and unnecessary because it may just not be the case Be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you have not already Let’s jump into it the first myth that I heard all the time when I was pregnant with twins That you have to have a c-section in your twin pregnancy. Now, this is not necessarily true There’s a ton of different factors that going to play when it comes to this There’s di/di pregnancies mo/di pregnancies. Mo/mo pregnancies, which can alter that Various other health factors yada yada yada, you get the point. Talk to your OB about it. However, For the most part if you do want to have a vaginal delivery You can find a doctor in most cases that would be willing to work with you on Doing the birth plan that you want to do Every pregnancy is so different. And when you throw in a second baby on top of that the variables are even more but I do know other twin moms that have delivered both babies vaginally and They had zero issues and they did find a doctor that was willing to work with about it And I do know some moms who delivered the first to invent And then had to get an emergency c-section because the second baby was in distress and then most of the moms I know that had twins did have elective c-sections about 75% of twin pregnancies do result in c-sections However, that means that a quarter of all twin pregnancies do and in vaginal births So if you do feel really strongly about that Definitely look for a doctor that would be willing to work with you on that You may have some doctors that say I absolutely won’t do vaginal You won’t be able to find a doctor that will do vaginal You have to get a c-section when it comes to twins and that is just not Necessarily the case all the time. There are some doctors that don’t feel comfortable Doing a vaginal delivery with twins only because they’re not very experienced in it But depending on the size of your city and the amount of doctors There are there are some doctors that are specialized enough that they will be able to help you with the birth plan that you desire and Ultimately, if every doctor you meet with does have some solid reasons as to why they won’t do a vaginal delivery let’s say they’re seeing some twin to twin transfusion syndrome and the babies need to come out right away or A variety of other reasons that could result in having to have a c-section Just know that as long as your babies come out and they’re healthy and normal. You just got to feel blessed about it No matter what Even if it’s not the birth plan that you’ve always envisioned You will at least get the babies that you’ve always envisioned and that’s what really matters then next. Myth is the holding for three because I have two babies the unfortunate truth of this one is No, you don’t even really get to eat for to the recommended calorie count does not jump up that significantly with a one or two baby pregnancy if you’re thinking of a typical 2,000 a day calorie diet for an adult you don’t all of a sudden get to eat 6,000 calories a day on four Cinelli if you’re just learning this, I’m really sorry to be the bearer of bad news most doctors actually only recommend adding an additional 300 calories on top of what you would normally eat in a one baby pregnancy ends in additional 300 calories is literally a few Girl Scout cookies it’s nothing this obviously all depends on how much you weighed when you got pregnant and varies different other health factors So be sure to talk to your OB about how many more calories you specifically should be eating but on average if you’re starting at a healthy weight and you’re of Normal height and health and all of that jazz in a twin pregnancy the total calories Over what you were eating prior to being pregnant would only be 300 calories in the first trimester 600 to 650 in the second trimester and then 800 in your third trimester and Then in terms of what you should gain weight wise in a twin pregnancy again, obviously Depends on where you were starting when you got pregnant But on average they say you should gain between 35 and 45 pounds in a twin pregnancy I’m an overachiever and I gained 75 pounds in my twin pregnancy, but I’ll stop bragging this one that I feel like Has so much confusion even in the twin community and I hear it all the time and if you go into any twin mom forums There’s always threads that say these are my dyed twins do you guys think they look like they’re identical because no one can tell them apart and they post a picture and it’s very clearly identical twins, but Throughout their whole pregnancy doctors were telling them. No. No, they’re fraternal twins because it’s a dye. Dye pregnancy So this next myth if you didn’t already read into it is I have a diamond see a dye chorionic Dye amniotic pregnancy. So that means that it is fraternal twins the truth is is No, you can still have identical twins even if you have a dyed pregnancy Dye dye does not automatically mean fraternal twins some doctors that don’t specialize in twin pregnancies believe that die die means fraternal twins and They will tell mothers this and then it causes all this swirl and confusion in the twin community But I will put up a graph on the screen right now and explain this to you now the likelihood is much higher that you will have fraternal x’ but there is a chance that it could be identical twins because 25% of all identical twins came from dye. Dye pregnancies it All has to do with how soon the egg splits after fertilization if the egg splits under three days after fertilization They can implant separately which turns it into a dye. Dye Pregnancy as you can see here So on the left side You can see fraternal twins coming from two different eggs will implant separately and the little blue Rectangle at the bottom is the placenta which supports each baby and it’s separate sac and if you look at the Identical twins graph the twins furthest to the left that show three days after fertilization our dyed dyed twins also Now what is more common in identical twins is? the egg splits four to nine days after fertilization and those are mono dye twins where they are sharing the placenta and they’re in separate sexes All right So I hope that makes sense to you and I hope I didn’t just throw you through another loop if you do have a dye Dye pregnancy and you thought for sure that was fraternal twins because they’re the same gender They could be identical you will just have to see when your beautiful babies are born and I will tell you from personal Experience I have identical twin boys and as the mom or dad just the parents in general if you’re around them all the time You see every single little difference in your twins So for me I questioned if they were identical twins from the time they were born because I thought they look different It’s called mommy goggles in the twin community So I actually had their DNA tested to just EE confirm that they were identical twins, and yes, they were in fact Identical twins again to me. They look so different, but when I see other identical twins, I realize The mommy goggles I have with my own kids and I see How the rest of the world sees my identical twins if that makes any sense The next myth is one that I’ve heard from a lot of singleton parents I’ve never actually heard this from a doctor but for some reason like three or four singleton parents had said this to me when I was pregnant with my twins and let me read my notes here because it’s still like Doesn’t even make sense to me Develop faster in the womb and at 37 weeks they are full-term or full gestation in the same way that a singleton is at full gestation at 40 minutes and The truth is is this is not true Forty weeks gestation is 40 weeks gestation Whether it’s 1 2 3 4 5 babies Just because there’s 2 babies does not mean that the babies develop any faster Like let’s be real. Our bodies are already working double-time to create double the humans They’re not magically creating them any faster The only exception I can think of may be and this is not your body just naturally doing this without help But I do know that in any pregnancy if the mom is at risk of delivering quite early preterm Sometimes doctors will give the mother a steroid shot and this helps the body Jumpstart and essentially develop the baby’s lungs faster so that if there is the unfortunate event of the baby being born early the lungs have Developed more and the baby will have a better shot outside of the womb. Oh Yeah, I mean that would be super cool. If our bodies just magically did everything so much better and faster with the twin pregnancy, but Unfortunately, not the case I’m just happy that my body accomplished anything when I was pregnant with my twins cuz I felt so terrible if anything My body was revolting against me to try to protect and build my twins the best it could so myths debunked The last twin myth that even I kind of believed in when I was pregnant with my twins All twins are born premature and they’re all going to need NICU time and even just my experience in the end with the twins debunks this because my twins technically born at 37 weeks were not born premature and neither of my twins needed any NICU time I also have plenty of twin Mom friends that delivered their twins beyond 37 weeks gestation That didn’t need any NICU time at all. So Please please please if you are pregnant with twins right now and you’ve been stressing about this I know it’s easier said than done but just really try not to because there are plenty of twins that are huge healthy babies and honestly Even if they are born premature the Miracle of modern medicine. I know plenty of preemie babies that are so healthy Honestly, probably even healthier than my own twins that you would never be able to tell in a million years that they were born early twins on average are born at 36 weeks gestation and Anything earlier than 37 weeks is technically premature however, in order to get to that average if you think about it of 36 weeks, that means that 50% of those babies at least were born past 36 weeks. So there are plenty of babies that are born Non premature and there are also plenty of babies that don’t need any NICU time so those were the twin pregnancy myths that I wanted to debunk today just in case any of these myths were nagging at you causing you any anxiety in your twin pregnancy and if you haven’t already, please be sure to like this video and subscribe and Thank you so much for watching. See you next time. Bye

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