32 Replies to “Two Marches: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion”

  1. Not gonna lie I agree completely with the pro life movement but this video was pretty biased even though you did give them the opportunity to state their opinion

  2. I'm not an American and have never even been to America but I would definitely fight for the Pro-Life. 🙂

  3. To look at the two sides is so telling,the right to life are smart decent people and the left are ignorant dumb nasty peole ,and i didnt make them that way you can see it by just watching the video and if you cant then i feel sorry for you

  4. Hmm, I wonder what kind of people I would be much happier and safer to be around with. Maybe, the people who aren't heartless, selfish, irresponsible, toxic, violent and vulgar human beings.

  5. put yourselves first people! if you believe abortion is awful don’t do it! but if you think that you would be happier without that baby then go through with it, but please PLEASE don’t push your beliefs on others no matter what they are, because it isn’t your life but when it is your life then you can make your desicions, don’t make desicions for others

  6. It is so so sad to see these crazy pro abortion women. What is happening in this world? They can't even answer a straight forward question, everything about them is angry, hateful, stupid and totally clueless 🙈

  7. It’s funny how the pro life answers were straight to the point and confident while the pro choice was hesitant and tried to avoid the question.
    I believe that women should be equal to men and that women deserve equal rights, but having equal rights doesn’t mean they can up and kill a baby in the womb. At this point it is not a right or choice but it must be accepted that you don’t have a choice within the matter of deciding anything’s fate. If women have a right to choose for abortion, then what makes it not right for men to give women death sentences for murder?

  8. im pro love for humanity and all those in this world. So if people believe Life Starts at conception then they would think that the human woman body murders a baby by a miscarriage which is not true.
    True love is helping to make the world a better place to serve each other to serve the community to teach to listen to suffer with the end the suffering of these people

  9. The Ten Commandments were to show that humans are flawed and that through a savior who's both flesh human and God is the only way to truly fulfill only through him because he was Christ was the only one who could fulfill all the Commandments and never sin

  10. But then if you think that conception is when the baby becomes sentient becomes a human being then the human body can murder the child, i think it's after the fetus stage that it really counts as a person and not just as potential life.

  11. They say life begins when you are born but that’s not true at all. They’re basically saying the second before you come out of the womb ur not alive?! Also, our three UNALIENABLE RIGHTS in the Declaration of Independence are LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In my opinion there is absolutely no reason to kill a baby. Rape is horrible but only 1 PERCENT of abortions are because of rape. If you had a gun to defend yourself you could lower the chances of it happening. Also, they call themselves pro-choice but don’t even give their baby a choice at life, they’d rather give them a choice at a VERY young age on whether they want to be transgender or not.

  12. The homophobia in this video is ridiculous. Well, more heterosexuals, more abortions. I'm not sure if you ever studied biology in middle school but you need a male and a female to sexually reproduce. That's where babies come from.

  13. The "Pro-life" side represents the narrow gate which is small, and the way is narrow, but it leads to life, and there are few who find it. The "pro choice" side represents the broad way. It leads to death and destruction [especially for babies]. That path many or most find…sad. Matthew 7:13-14. Lets see; sodomites, transgender, and abortion on demand [or murder]…ahh…Washington D.C, our nations head…a bastion of immoral leadership/leaders. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Proverbs 1:7

  14. I really respect the Pro-Life marchers. I do support abortion, but only on certain circumstances. Watching these Pro-Abortion women make me feel sick… but I really think both sides need to look deeper into abortion. It shouldn't just be, "oh, it's murder", or "i have the right to do what i want with my own body, etc." You really have to look at why someone is aborting a baby and whether it is right or not. Also, in my own personal opinion, I feel that a human has a life not when it perceives, but when the brain develops.

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