1. 2:30 lol she weighed 6lbs then lost 2 /4 so she’s 6lbs huh lol made no sense ahahh you made it seemed like she lost 4lbs so she was weighing 2lbs 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ not 6lbs

  2. Baby acne or any granitos will go away with breast milk. My daughter had baby acne or alegría and I tried everything until a month after someone told me to put my breast milk and three days later that was gone 💆🏻‍♀️ me hubieran dicho antes!

  3. Love this (any) videos 🥰🥰🥰. Please put batteries on you smoke alarm, I was able to hear the beeping all video😅. Stay Save.

  4. Bella so cute 💕💓☺️ and girl your body looks good for 2 baby’s!’ Yo quede bien gorda and I have only one

  5. Please do a breastfeeding video !! I’m giving birth in 3 weeks and I’m dying to know any tips and tricks 💕🥰

  6. U look beautiful girl. U think u can do a video of at home workouts, like 20 mins? I've got 4 kids under 7 yrs old and barely have time to do my hair and makeup a few times a week lol. I'm a busy momma

  7. I had my daughter in August so it was a hot up until maybe early/mid December (3 yrs ago) I’m from Sylmar California btw, so it was HOT! I notice she started getting ronchitas all over her body and face I tried being as natural and organic as I could with her because i didn’t want to start her on chemicals sooo early because to me babys are soo delicate so i started using organic coconut oil .. I would take a soft baby cloth dip a tip of it in and ring it if I got too much on it… use enough so that you leave a very very thin layer, if she looks shiny then you’ve use too much lol and just rub that all over her body at night and it worked for my baby .. her ronchitas went completely away… also try to keep her dry as possible because sweat causes ronchitas from what I notice with my daughter… try it if you want and let me know how it goes with baby Bella

  8. Love your videos and Bella so beautiful and Nathan so handsome. Lizzie you’re so sweet and so beautiful 🌹💕

  9. I have 4 kids and im still learning to parent lol you never really stop learning

    My oldest is 11 and my youngest she is 5 months old

  10. Wow no sabía que era por no cuidarme 😱 yo si me hinché y no solo los Pies! Estaba súper hinchada las primeras 3 semanas del postparto, como no tengo a nadie 😢 se hecho en mi Vlog de cuando trajimos al bebe a casa ufff hasta la nariz la tengo súper enorme de lo normal 😂

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