Two Pregnancies in Three Years | Unexpected

In the past three years– Let me sit down. I’ve been pregnant
for 18 months. Me and my boyfriend Caelan
met when I was 14 years old. And we’ve been
together since then. I got pregnant at 16
and then got engaged. Will you marry me? Yeah. I think it looks so nice. Do you like it, Papa? I want to marry you
and I feel like you don’t want to get married right now. We were gonna get married,
but we called it off. We had an on and
off relationship. And I got pregnant. And then, me and Caelan
moved into our own house. And still not in a very
stable relationship, but we haven’t
broken up in a while and, you know, we’re
in a confusing place. Can you blow that exercise
ball before you leave? You know I have to go to work. OK. How much air does it
take to blow this thing up? My name’s Caelan. I’m 20 years old. I’m Michaela’s boyfriend
and Timothy’s father. And we’re about to have
a baby girl as well. Having one baby
as a teen is hard. Financially, it’s hard. Emotionally, I feel
lonely a lot of the time. It’s overwhelming. It’s stressful. But like, I still wouldn’t
want to do it any different.

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  1. The term "golddigger" is considered to be very negative but I honestly have a lot more respect for a woman who gets a man with money that I do for one who gets knocked up by a broke loser.

  2. This girl has two kids now , she needs to grow up and realize the baby daddy has to work all day and can't just stay home and help her with the kids. She should be glad he has a job instead of whining and running back to grandma and grandpas to have help. I had no help with my kids and my husband worked 9 to 9 everyday. She whines about everything she needs to use birth control if she doesn't want to be straddled down with her kids. Her grandparents are enabling her from growing up.

  3. Television these days 😥. How about promoting healthy realtionships , family life . Instead of young girls getting pregnant from thier bf or any guy that gives them the d to put it bluntly . Teach your children about healthy boundaries in relationships and how sex is a very personal intimate thing . Sad to see the way the youth of these days are acting .

  4. They both look terribly miserable. A lot of people need to realize that just because you had a baby with someone doesnt mean you guys have to be together. Don’t force it when its obviously not working. Co-parenting while separated.

  5. This show is so immoral to society. She is 18 years old, and had birthed two children, like that is something to be proud of. People like her allow ignorance and stupidity ro get the best of them. If people would learn to wait to get married, then have children, many of these relationships would not end in divorced single parents. This generation needs to take a hint and raise from their ignorance!

  6. You need to grow up. Your too used to your grandparents taking care of you. Your boyfriend has to work. He seems all in but you want to have your cake and eat it to

  7. McKala needs to grow up !!! She darn lucky to have such a great boy friends and father. Many of us were young parents, we took on the responsibilities of baby/babies without ANY Help from our parents or grandparents. MY kids father worked 12 a day and went to college, He left the house at 7a. and I never seen him until 11 pm 6 days a week for 3 years. He never helped with the kids, did a dish, fix a meal mowed the lawn folded the clothes. etc. We went out once a month on a budget of $25 for fun. My husband was working darn hard for out future. McKayla needs to realize, what Canlin doing for her and Stop falling back on her grandparents/mother. When you play house you better be prepared to take on the responsibilities as adult. Grow up McKayla

  8. What the hell do you want he's out there working every day trying to make it better for you if you just want to move in with the grandparents because they take care of the baby better than you do because your f**** ass is lazy

  9. Yah think ? So why have another? What did you expect @ 16 ? You should be in school – you are both way too young to be parents ? Good luck hun with baby #2 .SMFH .Thank god fir my daughter she’s 27 & just completed her Masters 🙂 She’s well on her way to a bright future. @ 27 she’s in no rush to have kids & I support her decision 💯 % . That’s what life should be about . Education first !!!! Sigh 😔

  10. Still wouldn’t do it Any different? The only difference will be you being a single mother. Which will happen sooner then later.

  11. He isn’t around because he is working to support you!!!! How can you be so ungrateful? He’s trying to support you and your children, stop being a bitch.

  12. You got pregnant once because you where fast but now you should know better but still did the same thing, bottom line when she said her grandpa wasn’t laid back she lied and said she wanted more freedom yeah to spread your legs some more! She is gonna have a hard life

  13. I'm watching this type of situation from first hand cause my neighbor whose 15 BTW, got pregnant when she was 13, her family supported her and everything but now she got pregnant again, seriously it's like a drama her parents want her to abort cause they aren't well off right now, so I don't know what's going to happen but this is why I think my country (Perú) needs sexual education…

  14. Yeah but it isnt that hard to use protection… u say it was hard then end up preggo again? You… allowed that to happen. You put yourself in your predicament.

  15. How can you label it to teen pregnancies and 3 years 2 unexpected pregnancy Unexpected means something different than I thank you all are using it

  16. She expects to him to do the parenting along with working. But shes home all day and doesnt work. And is not thankful he works tries to put a roof over their head. On top of thinking about her self. But runs to her grandparents. But the grandparents should've been more strict. That's why these kids these days are so unthankful. Thinks that they have to be coddle only them. These shows gotten ridiculous too, promoting kids pregnancy. Great job tv networks lol.

  17. I just cant imagine if they dont have that family and govt support, or if they live in a third world country where you have to strive harder to provide for your family, compared to some rich country where this teenage couple is lucky to have where the govt can provide the milk the essential things needed for their baby as a support for them. Having a child is a blessing but having a unplanned pregnancy should be taken seriously hoping next time it won't happened again if you really love your kids or if you want less conflict in your relationship as partner. Still money do matters this time of age that everything should be bought.. Not all the time love love.. i never said abstain from sex but using contraceptives if you wish to have unlimited sex or natural family planning to prevent unplanned pregnancy is i think more humane and responsible citizen than having regrets saying why? Why? I should've done this but its too late so you have to embraced it. The sad thing in countries that abortion is legal, some of the babies will end here, for some adoption.., or end with unhealthy pregnancy

  18. So many comments judging her. and about him? The guy without a condom? I feel bad for her grandpa. I just expect they both be good parents, the age have nothing to do with be good, present and responsible for your children. But I also expect they don't make another baby. 🇧🇷

  19. The thing that gets me the most is how they dont learn from their mistakes. Like okay the first one you didnt know and it was a mistake, but after going through all of that, the struggle, your gonna do the same shit again???!! Does that make sense to anybody, cause it doesnt to me. And the way she said that they havent broken up yet, like she was waiting for it to happens ,and making it seems like it was an improvement. God I feel bad for the children.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  20. Unbelievable, grandpa n grandma have the nerve to trash their own daughter that they raised horribly only to raise their grand child to be knocked up at 13/ 14 yrs old! Not once but then again!! A baby having babies, raised by gamma and gampa that can’t parent a rock imo. Hes trying to work and Kaylas bitching It’s hard, I get no help. Wtf ? She isn’t ready to have 2 kids. She runs back to hide at gamma n gampa house. White trash at its finest.

  21. Me and my sister are 18 months apart but my mom was in her mid twenties and married. She told me she was glad me and my sister were close in age cuz her and her siblings have weird age gaps

  22. I put a lot of blame on her grandparents, they should have been more strict with her. She is one of the most disrespectful people…she needs a good ass whippin.  She is a spoiled brat. It pisses me off to the max that OUR tax dollars are used on this brat and her offspring.  She needs a bite of reality.

  23. You honey, DON’T want to grow up! You want the sweet life of living with your grandparents, having them around 24/7, to cater to you, you say you take care of your kid but, you have NO idea what taking care of your kids mean until you’re alone, all day, no help, only YOU to be responsible for the kids! Yes, a good husband/dad works a 8 hour shift or more in some cases and yes, you ARE going to alone with the kids with NO help, just YOU! That’s what good dads/husbands DO!…get it???? And taking care of your kids by yourself while he’s working, paying the bills, being responsible is what YOU don’t want to do! You’re a child, he’s trying to be a man! 🤪

  24. U know what? Oure world need stupid people like this. Not everybody can be succesfull, so.. just be happy it arn’t your kids lol.

  25. Y’all ppl don’t have no room to be judging anybody just because the choice they made y’all need to stfu Nd judge y’all self

  26. This is the exact reason young people should wait to date. My mother told me when you can give me a good reason for dating and having a boyfriend that's when you can date. You really don't understand that reason until your older the than 25. Butt these kids will still go for it and still become teenage parents just to find out life ain't what they thought it was and then the dynamics change and they start to see what life is really about.

  27. Just take a look at the YouTube Teen Moms, who rake it in with subscribers and pimp out their kids to get more subscribers. It's abhorrent and disgusting.

  28. People keep saying condoms condoms but a lot of the time people use some sort of protection and get pregnant anyway.A lot of the time teen pregnancy is a result of poor parenting and supervision along with schools and parents properly advising and educating children about safe sex and different methods to protect yourself and the risk factors involved with each method of birth control. It’s sad that this is still happening where parents just say don’t have sex because that doesn’t educate the child or prevent it

  29. Many people here mostly talking about condoms and the pill but thats not even 100% preventable. I used a condom i was on the pill AND i took plan B. 5 -6 hours after sex because we saw the condom broke! Having sex is always a chance of getting pregnant. My son was that 2% that made it. If you dont wanna have a baby just dont have sex but if u do wanna have sex you gotta consider the fact that pregnancy will happen and even just 1% of sperm can survive and lead to pregnancy

  30. Gotta blame the parents for these train wrecks.. and they always cast white trash southerners even though majority of underage pregnancies are from black and Hispanic

  31. my brother and I are 11 months apart

    not even a year lmfaooo yeah it was tough on my mom, I wish this girl nothing but the best but she should be more wise I know my mom wished she was

  32. Some of you ghink that becoming a teen mother is a mistake.. it is not well it changes life even if we have to go through lots. I am happy i got pregnant at 17 and 3 month after the birth of my baby i got pregnant again unknowingly and i am pregnant i was not ready for a 2nd baby when i knew i will go through maternity again. But GOD send 2 angels to me i cant refuse.. what makes me more happy they are just kids they will love you always and i must say that we wil grow together they will be my age and i will still be young to be there for them.

  33. Wow. You guys are really judgemental. She was having bad reactions to birth control. One of them could be allergic to latex. Condoms can break. You don’t know her from a minute long video or even watching the whole show. It’s reality tv. They make everything look worse. She’s currently starting nursing school to better her life for the kids. She’s probably moving out soon. She’s actually thriving, but you guys just want to put her down for having babies young. She’s a great mom and loves her kids to no end. She’s a real person with real feelings. No need to be so harsh. 🙁

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