TX Republicans Considering Death Penalty for Abortion

there are a bunch of different debates about the medical procedure known as abortion and the very backwards perspective of Texas Republicans on this issue is potentially putting on the table the idea of sentencing to death women who have abortions and the gist of it would be like this Texas House bill 586 would criminalize abortion and it would designate abortion a homicide if you designate abortion a homicide that means that you need to look at what the potential punishments are for homicide in the state of Texas where you can get the death penalty for homicide therefore a woman who gets an abortion could conceivably get the death penalty and it's the the it's just stunning how their position is effectively they believe abortion is burr is murder and they hate killing so much that if you have an abortion they'll kill you which seems quite backwards and that is also related to why we should be opposed to the death penalty which is a topic for for a different day now as far as this house bill in Texas becoming the law the debate so far was in the Texas House Judiciary Committee so the next step would be the full Texas House would need to debate it and then we'll see where it goes but I've been reading many comments online and there are some really ignorant responses to this proposal one is who cares Texas women can just go to another state problem solved well first of all I don't know if you've ever looked at a map of Texas but going to another state can be an eight-hour drive each way to the border of another state depending on where you're going and the point of all this is that the movement to make abortions more difficult to access scarier to consider getting more expensive potentially criminal time consuming most of these Republicans are total hypocrites and if their daughter got pregnant they would immediately go and get them an abortion some of them wouldn't but many of them would and there's a broader goal here because many of these outrageous anti-choice laws are attempting to create a situation where they get something to the supreme okay I talk probably every other show about how if we had any misunderstanding about the importance of who gets to select Supreme Court justices before the 2016 election I hope that every single person in the audience has been disabused of that misunderstanding at this point in time the goal here is not that Republicans think a lot of these outrageous anti-choice laws are going to pass what they are trying to do is to create the grounds for appeal after appeal to eventually get something abortion related back to the Supreme Court at a time when the right probably accurately thanks to Donald Trump being president and and having one of the strongest majorities on the Supreme Court that they've had in a long time the right is counting on the idea that if they can get something abortion related to the Supreme Court maybe they can actually make a move in the direction of overturning roe v wade and then you open the door completely to States much more aggressively banning abortion potentially even altogether within their states and in the end remember these limits when these limits are placed on abortion in practice they restrict poor people from getting abortions people who can't pay for the discretion of a private clinic people who can't take time off from work to drive to another state to get an abortion in every state we know that when you make abortions illegal or more difficult to obtain it doesn't actually reduce the abortion rate and number two it disproportionately is impacting poor people and rich people as is the case in many places my home birth country of Argentina where abortion has been criminal for a very long time it's always known that if you have money you go to a private clinic and that's it and that is why this disproportionately affects poor people and is another element of the sort of class warfare that we have been seeing along medical lines economic lines social lines etc for a very long time and meanwhile we have in the United States compared to other wealthy countries one of the higher infant more tality rates and instead of focusing on that in states that have disastrous health care like Texas they're looking at making getting an abortion criminal which could subject the mother potentially to the death penalty it's stunning and disgusting and there is no reason whatsoever to think that it's going to change anytime soon because they are emboldened by one of the strongest conservative majorities in the Supreme Court in a long time today's sponsor is Skillshare and I'm excited to tell you that everybody in our audience is getting two entire months of free access to Skillshare when you click the link underneath this video skills fairs the site that offers over 25,000 online courses on almost any topic you can imagine cooking meditation photography video editing Photoshop managing a small business almost an endless list and whether you're trying 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23 Replies to “TX Republicans Considering Death Penalty for Abortion”

  1. First it’s population control of growth then once were like China they’ll treat us like cattle . In China there so over populated that crime is capital punishment.! It’s sick ! Even drug possession. Here is a slap on the wrist because this is supposed to be America but if we become like China we will be treated like cattle and killed at will !

  2. That is sick .! She shouldn’t be forced to carry a baby in her womb . Here comes Christian Sheria Law . Sick bastards !

  3. What the actual fuck, Im pro choice and a woman. No fucken, disgusting men should EVER tell a woman what she should do with her body and neither should other woman. For a GUY is a reason why a woman gets pregnant. "But their a human too" Nigga, its not alive or born. It doesnt have a "right" until it is.
    On the Bill of rights, it says that any person can practice any religion. If I have no religion and I should be allow to get an abortion. STOP trying to force your religion upon everyone else. This isnt your body, its mine, so kindly fuck off.

  4. Useless cancer women and men who murder children should be punishable by death. I personally would rather give them psychological help but these libtards believe that killing innocent babys is their human right and that if you try to stop them then you are oppressing them.

  5. Republicans care so much about fetuses but once the child is born they'd let him/her die of starvation and still consider themselves Cristians. What a skewd hamanity.

  6. Next step will be to make it a felony to cross state lines for the purpose of getting an abortion. Keep it up Texas.

  7. They put the baby to death. If has a active brain activity it's alive. Go live somewhere out the USA. There always aboption. This is not Rome. Fact 1,500,000 aborded a year not by rape but by a one night stand.

  8. Texans never cease to amaze me. So if you're raped and get pregnant and don't want the baby because of the traumatizing way it was conceived can we kill the rapist too? Or if a guy forces a woman to have an abortion? I mean, that only seems fair…or is that going to far and making the guy share blame? Or if having the baby would kill the mother and the decision is made to allow the mother to live, will that be a decision made in vain and they'll kill her and her husband if he was part of the decision? The right wing nutbags need to fuck all the way off with their idiocracy, and stop their war on women.

  9. so under this thinking, such as it is, a miscarriage could be considered involuntary manslaughter. I don't think they know what chaos they are inciting.

  10. I shouldn't think so much what about a woman who's been raped and gets pregnant does she have a right to an abortion and did you know that in some states if a man rapes a woman and she gets pregnant the rapist has a right to visitation if she chooses to keep the baby

  11. And here's another one when a man beats his wife and she miscarriages is he going up for the death penalty or is that okay

  12. You know what's even crazier than that if you have a miscarriage they want to take you to court and prove you did not cause at miscarriage it's getting way out of hand

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