Tyler Joseph and Josh run fetus

[Applause] [Applause] you know what I hate is when you're checking someone out for mine yeah and they get closer and then they turn around and it's a guy no I need a girlfriend having a girlfriend sweet mother of aunt Susie's bean dip I'm getting towards the end of my slushy man I hate that it turns into like a splashy I'm leaving such at what it's ridiculous a splashing what did you have like a fish named splashing hey Jamie you get a haircut or something yeah why are you hey look I already talked to your guys in the band I pull argue I told my didn't want to have anything please don't get through always come on – calm – hey Jamie just calm down I'm doing it hey don't get caught where's Jamie talk to your friend I didn't have anything to it oh hey are you gonna know you are are you okay [Laughter] I can't resist a specific path to who yes simply why are you wearing that shirt we're gonna do this Oh your deal you have a boat big guitar down thank you I see Kevin this Asian Justin Bieber feel I see Kevin this Asian Justin Bieber feet I see kind of this asian Justin Bieber feel I see Kevin this Asian Justin Bieber feet on time closer Wow bring the window what oh my god you can't go because we're going to go around your step – exhaustion I can hardly hear you my ears are popping the other interesting thing is right now and where we would be three am great at interesting is that it has that dark some things are better left unsaid because my only focus I just happened so go ahead and call one eight hundred and I renew the bracelet please will send one to you right away i renewed me did you reduce you need a new you I need to do me I

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