Tyra’s Body Is Not “Cooperating” | Unexpected

Open the pelvis, Tyra. You got to open the pelvis. [TV NOISES] [INAUDIBLE] OK. Then, do it with me
and open your pelvis. I don’t have a pelvis. I know I walked up
and down the steps. I was bouncing on a ball. I was doing TV yoga. There was dancing. I was doing everything
to try to get her out, but like nothing happened. You can’t get
undilated, can you? Get undilated. I’m just asking. Yeah, but y’all have
been pregnant before. I didn’t want to go
through all that pain and then it just go
away for nothing. I mean, all that pain
for 2 centimeters and you gotta get 10. Like I got 8 more to go. Oh. That hurt. That’s at 9:57. Get up and walk around. So walking is the
only thing that’s helping me feel better when
all I want to do is sit down. Tyra. Tell her. Tell her. Tell Hannah so she can tell me. I think she’s having one. It’s 10 o’clock. Tyra’s wore herself
out bouncing on balls, walking, and doing
just about anything she could do to get the baby out. And her body is not cooperating. Oh, oh, hey. Ow, ow, ow, ow. Oh, somebody come here. Go to the bathroom
and check on her. It’s a lot. Ew. OK. If she’s bleeding– Like bad.

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  1. She should have been focused on school. She took mad long to solve that simple math problem. I'm no genius but girl u shouldn't be having sex

  2. “Can you get undilated ?” Then she can’t figure the difference from 2 cm to 10 cm ? I truly hope she sits down with her child & learns for herself from the homework they bring hiome. Smdh

  3. Did anyone think to get this girl to pre natal classes or even talk and get books from library that explain things. What about sex ed at school? She seems completely ignorant, by her questions, about what is going on, what's happening.

  4. If I was her parents I'd probably would have encouraged an abortion. This young girl has no business being a mom.

  5. A continuous cycle of babies raising babies, I pray that her daughter doesn’t continue this cycle. But for the simple fact her mom can’t do simple math in her head that baby has no future.

  6. I honestly hate shit like this. Idk why people wanna put teen pregnancy in the limelight. It sets a really bad example.

  7. 20 almost 21 and I don't have kids yet but I know it's harder when your younger but I can't wait to become a mother in my mid or late twenties!

  8. I walked around our small down town and did squat walking for 5 hours and still didn’t go into labor lol

  9. OMG….. you can't get un-dialated can you??? Lmao. I'm so sorry but that made me think about when my youngest daughter was pregnant. Especially during her first pregnancy lol 😂. She has 2 boys. But during her first pregnancy just some of the things she would say or ask just always had us all laughing so hard all the time. One of my favorite things that was so funny was when she was getting really close to her due date and we were all at home and my best friend was there and she had went to the bathroom and was going to sit back down on the couch and we heard her jeans rip lol. Her husband said what was that 😂😂😂 and she was trying to feel around to see and he started laughing and she started crying and he said to her that he had told her she was needing some new jeans and she said to me and my best friend that we need to tell him that he is wrong and her hips or butt were not getting any bigger just her belly and breasts were. Lmao. She was upset with us when we told her her hips would get a little bigger so she can push the baby out. And she ended up asking her ob/gyn too. Lol

  10. Women in general are over dramatic. I had my first baby last September and my husband gave me perennial massages and helped open up my cervix to go into labor. I got the epidural at 3 CM and I breezed through it all. I fell worse for my husband being down there having to watch my vagina push out a baby – haha

  11. TLC can you please stop giving screen time to teen moms?. I get it but sometimes they make it seem like awesome you got a baby and mommy+daddy are going to help you out. When in reality people are struggling out here. Welp!

  12. God bless all moms with easy pregnancy with painfree, fast, labor transition, and birth in one push. No hemorrhages or complications or loss of any child ever. In Jesus's name.Amen!

  13. I’ve literally had baby fever for so long but I know that if I have one when I’m not ready then I’ll be upset. I’d rather be stable financially, mentally, and physically before anything. if you have severe baby fever like I do, enjoy it while you can.

  14. There are ways to get birth control for free if you can’t afford it….the parents are idiots for not bothering to slap her on the pill, implant, IUD, shot ANYTHING. You can get condoms at any corner store. If the condom breaks the last resort would be Plan B, although it is a bit expensive it is still there. It’s just reckless and irresponsible to ignore all the options for birth control if you don’t want to have a child, but we all know judging by how she can’t subtract 2 from 10 and her mother’s pronunciation that any sort of prevention was never gonna happen. That poor kid is just gonna be raised in a house when teen pregnancy is considered a blessing from God.

  15. I’m 19 have my own place have a stable job at a cable company. Going to school for my nursing degree and pay all my bills alone considering I never had my parents to fall back on for help cause I got kicked out when I was 17 and been on my own since so growing up fast wasn’t an option for me . I have a 2 month old son and provide for him with no help so it is very possible to raise a kid as a teen u just have to have the right mind set .

  16. Society thinks God is playing around when the sins that are mentioned in the Bible that will not enter his Kingdom/Heaven. Fornication/sex before marriage is a big issue in today’s society. These young kids are playing with Fire. They better stop messing around and get married.

    1 Corinthians 7:8-9 King James Version (KJV)

    8 I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I.

    9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.

  17. Yes it does shut back up! Mine got to 2cm & 2 days later i was in so much pain i was no longer dilated & this baby was trying to come out lol

  18. I went to an okay school and I graduated , let me tell u they dont teach SHIT anymore like no one has fuckin common sense anymore all they care about r grades , not whether we knew it or not this poor girl

  19. Um idk if these people are stupid or what but yes someone can close back up if they were dilated I know I've been pregnant 3 times and I went from 3cm dilated to 1cm dilated within 6 hours of being in labor

  20. All of those girls look like babies themselves. 😓 I hope their children don’t have to suffer over the lack of responsibility their parents have.

  21. why are peoole hating on this poor girl, its proven when u r pregnant you have a slower thinking pace. Also being forgetful

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