Ugly to Beauty.. MERMAID EDITION ft. My NEWBORN Baby

hey y'all hey y'all hey y'all it is Musa and I'm back with another video huh fucking chick knows so he got mad sending money in the bag come on Sonny in the bag he and he sleeps so we are going to be doing a video search today we're gonna be doing the ugly Beauty challenge murmee edition so we are here with Lila Hendricks okay so she looks a hard-ass match this up I gotta say and we're gonna be hopefully make it her cute okay cuz this is my young maybe she didn't have those eyes she'll be cute but this is her she mishmash and she just look crazy her booty crack showing it shit but we got this we're gonna make her cute okay I want her to be the most beautiful mermaid in whole wide world okay so we're gonna get spotted I'm gonna strip her from her hair I'm sorry I just snatched her we've matched snichlt okay so next I want to go ahead and take everything off her face oughta make up and shit oh look she's beautiful already shot already okay so what are these eyes doing those are kind of pity if we make them cute okay we got to make them cute though those are kind of pretty because they're like very illuminating I don't know let me shut up okay so we're gonna widen her head just a little bit fixed her eyes and make them like this make them actually I want her to have big old pretty eyes and there won't be some cute eyebrows I just out and downloaded some eyebrows all today I find them they look strokeweight in the little picture so let me see how they look in real life hopefully they just the bomb and on fleek eyebrows on fleek Dussel yeah hey why are they the one just like I don't have time to be looking for them all day I really don't three hours later I don't wanna play no games playing it okay no not those what kind of a browser Mary Pat is amazed okay we're so you've tired these eyebrows these are pretty cute so let's see we don't want someone ill some like be unlike this I like it okay and then we're gonna go outside eyes I think I'm gonna make them be and then like pull them down just a little bit more fix this I shade this is prettier than here's this that is beautiful wait I might different it okay and then she needs some eyelashes it's gotta get some eyelashes let me see what time I eyelashes when I give this a beat do you want just that's hot we should get different color eyelashes but I kinda like I'm in black okay these ears would need to bring them down a little bit I'm gonna keep her skin purple because I think that's really really cute what am I doing with my face I have no idea let's go into full detail whoa she's getting cute already beat she's getting cute already okay white hair lips with do the nose okay let me see scheme details we need to give her I have it how much have faced a little beat okay can we mix a with something like be like I don't do shit it doesn't do shit okay I like this though because I like the highlight so we're gonna do these lips make them bigger and wider okay in the do like do listen like lady okay make a little bit smaller though like D I'm gonna do this no oh my god she's gonna be so beautiful oh oh okay pull it out a little bit yes she is already beautiful was this even a challenge like yes bitch what about the thing we'll go ahead and do those it's cute it's making my mouth is so fine okay we're gonna get rid of this highlight under her eyes so let me show y'all before and there I think that's where they cute and then let me see what else I get so we give her a little highlight in her nose my gosh so cute and then um come on I mean I've been it's a fire her nose a little bit this one her top lip Oh cute okay for her teeth we've got a little shit crack some regular white see um let me see oh she cute shoe my shoe that's cute but it's like this over her ears we beat her ears to show you see this little color and it just brings out her eyes on my boy I love says oh I like this glass okay this is cute yes and if we got cheap steel with a little highlight a little glitter on the cheese would be a little glitter on the cheese let me see okay we're going to the pink glitter I really see it that much but it's fine what is this fish scales do we do these or what because I think I'm just doing so much okay we're gonna do it we go thank you that'll be cute though you can earring all these earrings make the ears pop have a low definition to the ears lost match your waist and Iulia slimthick mermaid a slim baked Mar may have you heard of those have you heard of the slim pickins oh Jesus oh my gosh so freakin beautiful this is amazing this one or or this one so this one oh this one I think we're gonna go with this one oh shit in the first half we might do the shells or we might actually do they Oh y'all mermaids are fucking beautiful I love this I love it I love it I love it this is amazing oh this is so beautiful and then she needs like some real maybe you can help me you're gonna help me finish the video you don't like the light I won't stand I just need to add the nails baby I just need to add the bail okay do we want this long man someone pink would love the shine okay so I'm gonna show y'all a before and afters no okay this way that's like she's so cute yeah so this is her before doing her after Oh My Lord Jesus just beautiful all right yeah so hopefully y'all enjoyed this video if you didn't leave a like in essence we comment down below and I will see y'all in my next video

34 Replies to “Ugly to Beauty.. MERMAID EDITION ft. My NEWBORN Baby”

  1. Xureila is me when I’m trying to record and the baby starts crying. Gotta stop and pick them up. 💜💜 & the mermaid is so cute

  2. X this sim is fantastic love it, not trying to run your channel, but they changed the name of this challenge, its now called "weird to beauty" but you do you.

  3. I know this to job but you need some time off and take care of yo baby instead of being on a computer honey

  4. can u do a cas teen with 2 siblings that has a back ground story abt their mom who left them when she gave birth to twin boys, which r now 3 ig lol

  5. I just put body and lip sliders in my game and Lord pregnant Sims with the sliders don't play 😂😂

  6. Love the video. Reila! AWWWW!!!! He such a cute,adorable little chicken nugget. 😍😍😊😊💕💜

  7. Omg hims so HANDSOME!❤️😍 hey Reila! I loved this transformation minus the lip color choice ❤️

  8. How do u make the lips bigger cause I have tried with my sim but it never works someone help🙏🏾🤔

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