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  1. Hi. I know this post is a few years old; but I just found out, too that I am pregnant. I would say about, 6 weeks now. They did an ultrasound (transvag and external) and it's a viable pregnancy. I saw the gestational sac and double ring, as they call it. However, no fetal pole or yolk sac. That makes me nervous, because I've had a miscarriage before, and this is how it started when the gestational was empty. Any insight or anything like this to put my nerves at ease would be greatly appreciated.

  2. @Ms21061989 There's still 9 months ahead for both of you…you think about that little baby every single second. Enjoy it!! When is she going for her next scan?

  3. @2009Burger Thanks just need to put my mind at rest it has taken a long time for this to happen so just want to make sure.

  4. @Ms21061989 Hi, CONGRATS!! Yes it is normal, some ultrasounds cannot pick up the heartbeat yet cause the fetus is so tiny. I had an internal ultrasound and thats how the Gynae picked up the heartbeat.

  5. my girlfriend has found out recently she is pregnant, done two tests at her doctors both positive and done one at hospital just before a scan again positive. when she had a scan nothing could be seen only a black sac is this normal. she is approx 6 weeks pregnant.

  6. @2009Burger I'm 21 weeks now and I feel a LOT better. It subsided around 14 weeks. I still have little waves of it here and there when I smell something or get really hungry but I feel a million times better! Now, I'm just starting to really grow!

  7. @Jessicak1120 It's a fibroid. They have measured it with every ultrasound during my pregnancy to check that it does not grow bigger because it does grow more because of the hormones. It was also growing between certain layers of the uterus and did not endanger my baby at all. I was advised to have a c-section birth coz the fibroid could cause the placenta to tear and also they cannot cut it out during the pregnancy or with the c-section because it could cause lots of bleeding.I have no probs.

  8. @louise4216 I'm really sorry to hear about your loss! 🙁 Hope that you'll fall preggies again soon and hold your little one in the near future. Good luck!

  9. Its hard to believe something that small can make you so sick! Im about this far along as well and I've got the WORST morning sickness 🙁

  10. my wife did a transvaginal US today and it was the same like ur situation 6weeks 4 days, but we weren't able to see anything…. was it normal?

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