15 Replies to “Ultrasound Video showing Gestational sac in the uterus without any fetal pole or POC in it.”

  1. Im suppose 9 weeks pregnant and the sac says im 7 weeks. I never heared about this situation. Im in alot of pain back tummy and tights and seeing blood everytime i go to the bathroom 🙁 hope this nightmare will end soon peacefully

  2. When sac will be formed ? I'm now fourth week pregnent but doctor said my prg sac not formed. Why? Pls rply

  3. Hi today I start bleeding and I’m 8 weeks 🤰🏽but the doctor said that I am 6 weeks and half but I’m worried because in the paper said empty sac 😥😢 and I think that I’m having a miscarriage 😥😥

  4. I'm 10 weeks pregnant but no baby in gestational sac my heart breaks into pieces bcos I have a miscarriage in 2014 that was my first baby plz pray for me

  5. Now im 8weeks pregnant the doctor said no baby found or heartbeat 😭😭😭 what will i do 😭😭😭

  6. today ..my USG is done …according to USG m 4 week pregnant while missed period 19 June means 6 week with no fetal pole and no heart beat….m so much worried bcs I already had miscarriage.. before ….it sucks me ….what to do …plz reply

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