32 Replies to “Unbelievable Mother Wildebeest Use Their Bodies To Save Her Newborn From Lion, Lion Hunting Fail”

  1. Msten a los mslditos leones o maten a quien lo permite esas atrocidades cmom puedrn permitir tanta injusticias ,quien lo permite encierrenlo con 1000 leones parawue sienta lo que sienten los pobres animalitos

  2. Pirque dejan que los asquerosos leones msten a los otros snimale! Msten a los leones matentlos mstenlos mstenloooooooooooos mstenlooooos a los mslditos teones

  3. HA to that bitch lion! Good job by a mother wildebeest. Lion, why don't you get lost before getting eaten by a hyena or wild dog?

  4. Typical bullshit editing various clips into a fictitious storyline. That was obviously a bull wildebeest shaking off the lioness. You Hindi fucks need to spend more time learning English and less time splicing other peoples video clips in a poor attempt to create something original from a cliche story that has played out countless times. Use a camera not a computer to make videos.

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