1. One question a lot of new mom's ask is what is sex like the first time after giving birth.. Well I had twins and one was natural and the other twin was emergency c section she was much larger and got stuck but sex after birth omgosh at first it hurts like bad but idk if it's because I gave birth to 1 natural and 20 minutes later had an emergency to remove her so what do you guys think did the c section make it much worse

  2. i had three kids and i loved my sits bath twice<>my second baby was c section<>sooooo easy<but my 3rd<>omg<>sooooo many stitches and i loved my sits bath<>i was bleeding soooooo much<>i loved the mesh undies<>they were great<>

  3. This is all very educational. I am not pregnant, but I have been TERRIFIED of the concept of pregnancy and all the things that come after since i was about 6 years or so. It is so relieving to get some honest and educational info on this . Thank you guys <3

  4. My vagina HURT it wasn’t sore it literally HURT! And also it will burn when you pee after birth for the first few days

  5. Aww I loved this video tell8ng it all like it is.. but I was wondering how sex feels after? Or how much do you have to wait? My grandpa said that he couldn't feel anything (if you know what I mean) after my grandma had a kid like years passed and he said it was just loose. So idk if i should get a C section when I do decide on having a child. Plus natural birth is just so scary and my mom had me C section and said it was okay. So idk any advice guys?

  6. im only 17 and 12 weeks pregnant. im extremly excited, but also equally terrified for giving birth. it amazes me that so many women have gone through something so painful and amazing. i have no idea how im going to do it but listening to other womens stories really help ease my mind some.

  7. I would recommend feeding your kid breastmilk from several different people(like two). My mother had issues breastfeeding with my brother and luckily her friend produced to much milk. This meant that he got breastfed from two mothers. Meanwhile, I only got breastfed by my mother. I ended up with my parent's allergies combined, and I have so many allergies. My brother got off easily and has none. My parents are convinced that the milk from two mothers is the reason that my brother has no allergies.

  8. @channonrose and Brett breastfeeding came a lot harder to me than that. It took me six weeks to stop getting scabs and then I got thrush (I was put on antibiotics a few times during my pregnancy and I think that is what brought on thrush) the thrush took another six weeks to heal, and then I had to pump on one side until he was 5 months old because the scabbing would not heal for that long… we ended up nursing for 14 months but it was a rough start. Just want to say if I can stick it out, anyone can! Also channon, every woman has a very different birthing and postpartum experience. I personally don’t relate to a lot of the ways Brett is describing things. It would be cool to continue these interviews with different women so both you and your audience get a fuller picture of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum through many different points of view

  9. I dont understand how come in US they dont do like here. My doctor cut so i wouldn't tear and it would make it cleaner and look better once stitched. At least thats what they told me 😂

  10. I’m naturally large chested and my baby had such a hard time latching. So for me breastfeeding didn’t work for me. It was so frustrating because it was not what I wanted but it made me depressed. I ended up trying to pump and I wasn’t making enough. So I ended up formula feeding. Breastfeeding still hurt after 2 weeks into trying. I think that was because she wasn’t latching right.

  11. For me my vagina took 3 month to feel normal I was in so much pain and couldn’t have sex until 4-5 months if I remember right :/

  12. I wish someone would’ve told me how empty you feel afterwards…like literally empty…not emotionally but physically. It’s really weird.

  13. Love you Channon! Been watching your whole journey and I’m so so happy for you and you will be the best mom💗Everyone is definitely very different with labor, I never tore with either of my children and was back to the gym and having sex 2-3 weeks later 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️ and I’m currently pregnant with #3 and due in 3 weeks 😊

  14. little tip- with the Squirt bottle… try to keep it warm water (just because it feels better) and spray it not just after you pee but during your pee because your pee WILL STING and the water dilutes it if you spray it on your urethra during the time you are peeing! you're welcome in advanced loll

  15. It depends on how your birth goes depending on how your vag will feel after. I had an induced birth for my 3rd son and he came after 5 hours of hard labor and my epidural wore off 2hoirs before I started pushing, I had only slept about maybe 4-6hrs in 48hrs and I jumped from a 7 to a 10cm within an hour. Then when I started pushing I could feel everything, I finally got my babies head out after feeling every stretch,tear and rip and while just his head was out and they were suctioning his mouth and nose my whole vagina felt like it was burning and someone was cutting me- then I was so tired and he was so big I couldnt push his shoulders out so 2 nurses had to push on my stomach to help get him out. He turned out to be 9'5 21in even though they told me they didn't think hed be that big lol I ripped from vag to butthole and had so many stitches I was swollen for almost 2 weeks. It hurt to sit down and walk for the first week, got a little better by the 2nd week but by the 3rd week I could still feel the stitches and it felt like it would tear open every time I sat down too fast. It took me 8-9weeks to really heal completely and even now at 9 weeks pp I can have sex with my hubby and everything's tight again but it's still sore when I go number or when we turn and flip during sex. I still cant be on top bc of the way it sits and is pushed on. So dont think you'll just be a little sore and heal great in a just a few weeks bc someone else did. Just be prepared incase you tear or take a little longer to heal

  16. I also had a second degree tear after giving birth… The local aneastetic for the stitches was worse than birth for me!

  17. I know child birth can be crazy I have 2 kids one vaginal and one c section but girl I am so sure you’ll do fine you’ve gone thru so many procedures just to even GET Prego that seem so intense and painful you’ll do so good with birth!!! ❤️

  18. That squirt bottle they give you to clean yourself with, YES!!!! Made daily life and healing so much more manageable.

  19. The placenta doesn’t filter anything. Your liver does for the baby, and then once the baby develops it’s own functioning liver it filters on its own. She’s full of shit

  20. I nursed for two years..and What helped me the first time is medela nipple sheild if your baby wont latch and also saved me from the dagger pain issue. My 2nd baby i didnt need the sheild and it does go away really quickly. Look into mothers love nipple cream it helped me alot between nursing and pumping.

  21. Advice. Use the peri bottle WHILE you pee. And after. My first baby I didnt know about PP care and rhe pain i felt when I peed was worse than labor.

    And poor Channon, she looked so uncomfortable when Brett was talking about tearing and stitches.. not everyone tears chan.. dw.

  22. I would literally birth five kids vs breastfeeding. She hit the nail on the head. Breastfeeding and pumping are so hard on their little cycle. It’s a TON of work 😭 I am having number 2 and decided to formula feed because i want to enjoy my baby. Just remember, no matter what you decide, fed is best 💗 dont beat yourself up if you decide not to. We live in amazing times where we are able to feed babies formula and or breastfeed!

  23. So true about the stretch marks! I moisturized every day and tried so hard to prevent them, but I have a TON of them. A stretch marked belly is beautiful. It shows what you did and what you went through in order to bring life into this world. I don’t know why anyone would say otherwise. It isn’t something you can control. Those who don’t have any marks are lucky, but my husband thinks my c section pooch (from two surgeries) and stretch marked belly and sides are beautiful. So, I am lucky too 😊

  24. I wish I had seen these videos with Bret before I had my little guy.
    Her description of her birth sounds a lot like mine. Denial helped me too, my little man was 2 weeks early.

  25. Wait 9 months before trying to get your body back? I totally disagree with that. For your first child, I would say wait the recommended 6 weeks or so before exercising and then as soon as you feel up to it, start back! My experience was the sooner I focused on my body, the quicker I lost the baby weight. I’ve seen so many women that don’t worry about it for a long time and then they’ve gained back more weight than they did before getting pregnant. And at that point it’s so much harder to lose.
    Love you Channon! Birth is such a beautiful experience, I can’t wait to hear all about yours!

  26. I’m 28 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and I found this very useful.
    I never did a sitz bath but I would always use my shower head to wash off a few times a day.

  27. I think one thing that’s really important that was kind of glossed over(no fault of anyone), is PPD. It’s really important that everyone knows, that you need to talk to your doctor, if you’re feeling like you don’t want to be around your baby. Those feelings are nothing to be ashamed of, but they can be the foreshadowing to a more serious problem, so it’s important that your doctor is aware and is following up with you. You need someone who you trust, who will also hold you accountable, because having those feelings after having a baby, feels gross and shameful, but it’s completely out of your control. Because of the shame you feel, you won’t want to tell anyone, not even the people you are closest to, so you need to find someone before delivery, and tell them to be up your butt about your emotional and mental stability. For me, I always have the postpartum baby blues. It lasts a solid week and goes away, but it’s seriously such a dark feeling, and it got worse with each baby. My husband was aware and kept a close eye on me. You need someone that you can talk to freely.

  28. I’m actually an aspiring midwife so this video was so incredible and raw because it’s your own personal and realistic experience! 💛🤰🤱

  29. My son gave me a 4th degree tear! Big head! Breastfeeding was easy…labor, not so much. My kids didn’t eat as often as that! When I went back to work, I pumped very quickly. Nipple cream is a must, but I only used it after a feeding.

  30. I took everything from the hospital!!!! It’s okay to take it they want you too. I even asked for extra mesh underwear and formula!

  31. That first pee after labor is the worst! The hospital, not sure about home births, makes you pee in a jug in the toilet and it’s the nastiest thing ever! I felt so sorry for the nurse who had to handle that! And I’m the hospital everyone saw me naked and you just don’t care!

  32. I tore on both sides of my labias. Not sure what degree tear, but it didn’t seem that bad. It took me over 6 weeks to be totally healed.

  33. Honestly my placenta hurt worse then the babies head! And yes your belly is like an empty water ballon! What a good analogy!

  34. I used to like to breast feed my daughter with her in the Moby wrap. I could get chores done and take care of some other things and breast feed at the safe time. Such a lifesaver!

  35. CHANNON PLEASE READ— I saw on your story that travis was rubbing your feet. you shouldn’t do this because there is a certain pressure point in your feet that will induce labor!

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