49 Replies to “Undercover at Smithfield Foods (2012 Webby Award Winner)”

  1. Is this comment section filled with vegans or are there other bacon loving people here trippin out on this shit? (I’m still gonna eat bacon).

  2. To believe that you will make every single human stop eating meat- is ridiculous but most of us are genuinely concerned about animal welfare- we could be looking at a society in the not too distant future where all animals are truly free range and yes- killed in a dignified manner and eaten at the end of their happy lives.

  3. I don’t really like these people and the only reason they do these because people are brats and are always trying to get the food that people want but think if that pig is you and that’s your baby would you like to be treated that way 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻I hope that they will stop doing this to animals.

    The number of likes equal the number of people who agree.

  4. what they do to animals (with your ignorant help) they will eventually do to humans too. the city is already factory farming people by making them live in small cubicles and buy/eat what corporations make for them. Now you are being tagged and tracked too.

  5. animals pay the price for greed and ignorance. they have no voice so it's alright for humans to exploit them ….well there is karma and it condemns all evil, including being cruel and uncaring to those at your mercy.

  6. Sent this to my dad and said dad you support this. With our own pigs and you still choose to eat them. We have our own fucking pet pigs that you would never kill for meat so why do u still support people who do make them suffer and do this.

    I’ve already told my dad I’m done with meat and I’ve been cutting back on it. Haven’t had ham bacon or anything like that for months and I’m working on becoming vegetarian. Not vegan cause we make our own milk and get eggs from our chickens so we know our animals are in good health and happy to share some milk and eggs with us. We even get chicks but this is so sickening makes me wanna cry 😩

  7. We humans fucking kill everything. one day I am going to fucking kill one of the workers. I feel so sorry for the pigs R.I.P 🐷🐖

  8. The company don’t care what conditions these pigs are in,whether like the gentleman said they may have diseases,eating spoiled slouch just as long as they bring in💰

  9. Honestly does it matter???? There turned into ham, pork chops, bacon etc and you all are going to eat it

  10. The result of the evil and ignorance of this system we live in. Ever heard of muscle memory, i am never buying meat from such places. i wish i could set them all free!

  11. This needs to stop because this went way to far they literally kill baby piglets like this Has to stop

  12. If anyone thinks that gestation crates are the only inhumane practice in this industry they are ignorant. All of the other treatments seen in this video occur, but the only thing that is different is there are no crates.

  13. “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast:but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10 This is sickening to watch. Will never buy another Smithfield product! To see how animals should be treated watch ‘video of a lamb plant featuring Temple Grandin’

  14. I am now vegan I loved bacon until i seen this its horrible! They should go to jail! I know its food but everything has feelings! Plant,Human,Animal,Rodent,Insect STOP KILLING ANIMALS FOR FOOD I KNOW YOU LIVE OFF IT BUT ITS CRUELTY TO ALL ANIMALS If you cheer these people on, I feel bad for you,You were raised wrong! It isn't right. These poor animals getting fed, Just to be fat and slaughtered for food! All animals humans monkeys everything desveres love!

  15. Im never eating bacon and I cried when they showed the clip of that guy throwing the pig 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. Finally, some people are doing their research about this industry, people have judge the Korean and Chinese dog industry, but we are no better than them and this video clearly shows it

  17. Ok, if u want to kill animals for food ok, we all like meat but this is madness u can t just keep them caged like that just because u re gonna kill them anyway

  18. i have lived in smithfield for almost 4 years and i had no idea this was happening. this was eye opening for me. i cant believe this is how they are treated.

  19. And dont forget the males get castrated whenthere young to make the meat taste better ! Sickning fuckin insanity

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