Understand Abortion Law in 10 Minutes

so, abortion. our mission here is to break down complicated things and help you know enough to solve arguments, make decisions, stay informed, and have the power to be a good citizen knowing more doesn’t always help with arguments though sometimes the more you know the more you argue this is probably one of those topics but it’s a complicated legal issue so we thought it would help to break down some of the common laws at the national and state level we’re not going to cover the medicine or science around what the different procedures mean or when a fetus can live outside the womb because we’re not qualified you’ll also see that many of our sources come from advocacy organizations we prefer neutral sources but there aren’t a lot out there for this subject so we focused on picking the facts out of the best sources we could find and reading sources on both sides to be sure nothing was being left out we did our best to focus on what the laws about abortion are and to leave out anything about whether or not they’re a good idea first let’s talk about the Supreme Court abortion is something the Supreme Court has weighed in on several times you’ve probably heard of the big case: Roe v. Wade the court ruled in 1973 that even though abortion isn’t mentioned in the Constitution a zone of privacy is protected and that zone includes the right for a woman to get an abortion it’s not an unlimited right though because the farther along the woman is in the pregnancy the less right she has to an abortion the court split up the nine months of a pregnancy into thirds or trimesters in fancy-pants language and each one allows more regulation of abortion it starts out with the state not being able to regulate abortion very much at all in the first trimester and ends with the state being able to ban most of them except to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest in the third trimester you still hear about trimesters sometimes but the Supreme Court actually got rid of the idea in 1992 in a case called Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the new rule is based on viability or when a fetus can live outside the mother’s womb which might change based on newer medical technology before viability, a state can only regulate abortion if the regulation doesn’t put too much burden on the woman’s rights after viability though a state can restrict abortion as much as it wants except it can’t ban abortions that protect the health of the mother or in cases of rape or incest between those two big changes the ruling meant that states can pass more laws restricting abortions now than they could under Roe v. Wade in the abortion cases since then the Supreme Court hasn’t changed its rules though it has allowed more restrictions on abortion than it used to sometimes even reversing a previous decision some have said that this means maybe the court will remove the protection for abortion or cut it back more if it keeps getting conservative members which is one reason why the nominations to the court are such a big deal to the political parties if Roe v. Wade was overturned the law would go back to what it was in 1972 and some states would totally ban it while other states will allow it with different restrictions next let’s talk about the federal laws there aren’t many federal laws about abortion but a big one is the partial birth abortion ban passed in 2003 and upheld by the Supreme Court in 2007 this bans a particular abortion procedure where the fetus is mostly removed from the womb before being aborted otherwise the fetus would be cut up inside the uterus and then removed it’s important to remember that this is banning a way to do abortions but many of those fetuses can be aborted in other ways there’s also a federal law keeping protesters from blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic or trying to intimidate people from going inside and then there’s the Hyde Amendment which sadly is not named after Mr. Hyde from the story and has been a law since 1976 it refers to a budget rule that keeps federal money from going to pay for an abortion except where the mother’s health is severely threatened or where rape or incest are involved it covers any federal health care program or benefit like Medicare or the children’s health insurance subsidy you may have heard of a big fight over defunding Planned Parenthood which provides birth control, reproductive health care, and abortions to women federal money can’t go directly to abortions because of the Hyde Amendment but many Republicans have argued that any federal funding to Planned Parenthood indirectly helps them perform abortions because they don’t have to spend it on other things this has been voted on several times in Congress in the last few years but hasn’t passed finally President Trump is put out an executive order which prevents any foreign aid from going to international organizations which provide or promote abortions and their educational materials this is a rule that started with President Reagan and it changes with each new administration depending on whether the president is a democrat or republican, that’s some of the key federal laws now we’ll cover the state level which is actually where most of the laws about abortion come from the most basic kind of law is how far along to ban abortions some states have laws which ban abortion earlier than it seems like the Supreme Court decisions would allow, 20 weeks, which is before viability some of those bans have been stopped by federal courts but not all of them but counting those, 21 states ban abortion at 20 weeks, 6 ban it at 24 weeks, 19 ban it at the point of viability, and 7 states plus DC don’t ban it at all another 2 states ban it in the third trimester so there’s a little piece left of the Roe v. Wade trimester system blast from the past some states don’t have all the exceptions where the supreme court allows abortions late into the pregnancy like the life of the mother, rape, or incest not having those has also been challenged in federal court 19 states have their own laws banning partial birth abortions and on top of the straight up bans some states have rules for how abortions can be done, how they can be paid for, and what steps a woman has to take beforehand some even require it to be performed by 2 doctors or at a hospital after a certain point in the pregnancy some states don’t allow tax dollars to pay for abortions while others only use state tax money when federal tax money is available too some states won’t even allow regular insurance plans to cover abortion most states allow doctors to refuse to do abortions and some states also allow hospitals and clinics to refuse as well though usually only for religious reasons some states require a woman to get counseling or an ultrasound before they can get an abortion the counseling covers things like the health risks or how much pain a fetus can feel there’s a need for more studies on whether counseling or ultrasounds actually change anyone’s decision but the research that has been done seems to say that it doesn’t but just delays the abortion or causes the woman to go to a state where it’s easier over half the states require a waiting period between the initial examination and the abortion usually it’s 24 hours but some require 48 or 72 hours again there’s not a lot of research on this but the studies out there don’t seem to show that the waiting periods cause many women to change their minds over half of states require one or both parents of someone under 18 to give their consent before an abortion and another 11 require the parent to be notified some states have regulations on the hallways and buildings abortion clinics can use, how they can dispense medication, or what agreements they must have with the local hospital there are fewer abortion clinics now than there were 10 years ago though the number of clinics is obviously higher in blue states and lower in red states people disagree about how much of that is caused by regulations and how much is caused by more people using better birth control or other things some clinics have been closing in blue states too so what’s the future for abortion laws? many states have added new or bigger restrictions just since 2010 so the trend for abortion laws lately has been towards restricting it more on the other hand the Supreme Court just stopped states from requiring abortion clinics to have facilities and doctors comparable with nearby hospitals which would have shut down many of the clinics it’s still an area of the law that changes a lot in the states and even at the federal level Republicans in Congress want to pass more restrictions if they can get the votes there are fewer abortions happening nationwide now than at any time since Roe v. Wade was decided back in 1973 no one knows why though it might be that abortions are harder to get it might be better birth control it might be more use of things like Plan B or it might be something else if you want to know the laws in your state you can check one of these sites and there you have it as always sources are in the description stay tuned for our next video which will be a new and improved version of our video on communism, socialism, and fascism

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  1. In this age, it's so refreshing to see someone make an effort to be objective on a controversial issue. Thank you.

  2. 4 sins are considered the deadliest causing biggest corruption to human souls & to earth.

    For these 4 sins, Quran promised eternal hellfire in the day of judgement.

    These 4 sins are:
    1- Worshipping anyone other than God/Allah (the creator of all &only guardian of souls & earth according to our deeds)

    2- Killing human soul without right, &Quran specifically mentioned the strict forbidding of killing yr children for fear of poverty.

    3- Committing fornication/adultery

    4- Repeated eating of usuarious insured gains (interest) by greedy people from the needy borrowers facing real life trade risks.

    These sins become unforgiveable if advertised or publicized to mislead humanity from the truth to falsity, misery, curse, &hellfire.

    God is one, the first, the last, never born, never got married, and never begot a son or daughter. He is the eternal refuge of no equivalent.

    O humans, fear yr only God and return to him in repentance before you face him at death and say: O lord please let me go back to spend on charity &become righteous.

  3. Abortion is anti woman.
    Indoctrinating women to kill their own children is anti-woman, anti man, anti-human, anti family and anti-life.
    Pro life choices abstinence, contraception, motherhood and adoption.
    Pro choice is code for legislation enforcing women's choice to murder on demand not the concern to procreate and protect the child in the womb. Parenting begins at conception.

    Pro choice ? you have never been aborted. You have never seen survivors of botched abortions or heard their testimonies. You have no clue what abortion is. To claim that abortion is a "right", is to claim there is such a thing as a right to intentionally kill an innocent human being.

    Liars love to use, 'my body, my choice' as the ultimate excuse for abortion, but no, it's not your body being aborted. Liars completely ignore the other body involved in a woman's pregnancy: her innocent baby's body. People use the word 'choice' to gloss over the fact that a human being is killed in an abortion.

    The language of choice has proved useless for claiming public resources that most women need in order to maintain control over their bodies and their lives.

    Abortion is anti people. No life, no birth , no people. No life , no freedom. No life, no choice. Abortion is murder. The government has no right to enforce murder of its own population through abortion. Abortion is used for killing children before they are born. It can be stopped. It will be stopped. You have no intelligent pro abortion argument.

    The government has a responsibility to serve the people by banning abortion. a reproductive right is the right to reproduce. And what is reproduction? According to biology, reproduction is “the production of offspring by organized bodies.” Therefore, a reproductive right is the right to produce offspring. Someone wanting to limit reproductive rights would be one wanting to limit, ban or control how much one reproduces. An example of this would be the one-child policy that China had. This policy regulated how often one could reproduce. By this, the Chinese government was taking away a woman’s right to reproduce — her reproductive rights.
    No taxpayer should have to pay for it.
    And as aborted generations of citizens are replaced with 3rd world immigrants the country will slowly start to become a 3rd world country.

  4. If people began to worry about their business instead of my womb, the world would be a much better place! None of the restrictions really stop abortions. We just travel to where it is easiest, or we DIY. Sorry, you will never take a women's right to choose away from us again!

  5. Women are still slave. It's their body but third or second party decide that what they should do with their body. Women is like a farmer and her body is like land. It's up to farmer that whether he want to plant seed or not. Even someone forcibly plant a dirty seed by rapists, its completely up to farmer whether it want to keep see or grow plant or not. How come other decide about women's body that who should put seed or for whose benefit plant is grown. It's completely insane brainless cruel world for weaker humans. Complete inhumanity. We do not need anymore new human bodies, planet population is already at its explosion. You are trying to brimg more lives to make them suffer in this wirld of business minded pimps on others body. Laws for permissible pimps. It's mean any man with his use of power can sell other women's body to make money for his business. It's mean only others are going to decide how to sell, how to use, how to multiply with her body. Women who hold body has to under go pain in all situations whether pimp, rapists or personal difficulties that she cannot bear. But she is no one to decide about her body. Is women brainless animals for you? No most of them are more sensitive than any other type and age men. It is attack on ones freedom and personal life. How these societies can call themselves free. Only sexual freedom is called freedom. Then increasing population is slavery. Why do not put life sentence for pimps and rapists atleast many women can live life freely? These man made laws are selfish motivated of men. It means only men should be free to harm weaker but weaker has no right to save them. Is this called justice? If you are so fond of increasing population then these men who favor women slavery should brought up these women's children. You cannot force any women to take responsibility to take care of child forcibly. If you force her then you obliged to take care of their childreb

  6. Abortion is murder. Murderers will go to hell unless they repent and turn to Jesus. Many people don't want there to be God so they can do whatever they want. There is good and evil in the world. Without a God there is no good and evil. Only through Jesus do we have forgiveness of sins that gives us access to eternal life. All one has to do is ask God for forgiveness and that will start a new life. Read the Bible for yourself. Most churches don't teach what the Bible says.

  7. A bill was singed, a bill of hacking and slashing babies right up till birth and after birth. These murderers never state these children need to placed in homes where they will be loved and cherished. They will not spare them so they can be rightly loved. It is all about murdering the most innocent of Americans.

    New York will not use the death penalty on cold-blooded murderers just on sweet, innocent babies. They all have blood on their hands! Democrats are the party of murdering criminals.

    Baby murdering supporters never show footage of a child in the womb being torn apart—limbs ripped from the child in cold-blooded murder. Think about it. They will not expose the crushing of skulls which they perform in brutal hatred of not wanting to provide life, only an excruciating, painful death. How many times has the media revealed what an abortion is in actuality? Why do they not do this in the name of education?

    Many of these women who state they abort explain they are doing it in worship of satan. One lady wrote she aborts because she hates children and wants to murder them.

    Baby murdering supporters never show footage of a child in the womb being torn apart, ripped apart in cold blooded murder. Think about it. How many times has the media exposed what an abortion is in actuality? Why do they not do this in the name of education?

    Please watch abortion undercover video filmed at National Abortion Federation, link below. You hear laughter and claps for baby murder through dismembering. These pro-choicers even call it murdering babies. These abortionists also report the fact abortion hemorrhaging is a reality. This is why ambulances appear at abortion holocaust facilities. Unfortunately, abortionists always peddle murder as safe. There are consequences to murder. 

    Please watch this video to see that abortionists peddle to many unknowing Americans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgw4X7Dw_3k

    Thou shalt now kill! God exposes in His Word, evil men and women have murder in their hearts—Romans 3:10-18 in the Bible. By God’s grace, there have been abortionists who have come to Jesus Christ for salvation, asking to be cleansed and forgiven. By which they have been provided eternal life through Him.

    Ultrasound of baby playing in the womb, jumping up and down at 12 1/2 weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WJ4foeYli0

    Former abortionist Joseph Randall explains, “They are never allowed to look at the ultrasound because we knew that if they so much as heard the heartbeat, they wouldn’t want to have an abortion.” Plus, the parent sees is not a clump of tissue, it is a child.

    This is a child, not cat or dog … it is a child.

    Please start viewing at 6:40 regarding the truth of baby murder:


    Abortion video tells it like it is:


    Abortionists are all about money: http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/plannedparenthood/

    Having a child is not that unsafe as abortionists state. There are about four deaths for every 100,000 women after deliveries. Abortionists will not tell women, hemorrhaging can be a problem during an abortion, and this is why ambulances are sometimes summoned to abortion clinics. And you can see videos of this on youtube. A few women do die as a result of an abortion.

    There is not one single case of a woman using a coat hanger to end the life of a child before its legalization on record. Because of its publicity, there has been following legalization to save money. The Roe v. Wade case was full of lies invented by the left: https://www.lifenews.com/2018/01/15/jane-roe-of-roe-v-wade-never-had-an-abortion-her-daughter-is-48/

    Please watch this video. This is heart-wrenching, telling the truth of the holocaust, lucrative industry presented by Planned Parenthood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNWWVnKNK6o

    Democrats now say it is not a child until it leaves the hospital. Hillary, in debate, stated she had no problem with murdering children in the womb, any time up till birth. And Democrats in congress have argued the right for a child’s death after it is born if unwanted. They believe in cold blooded infanticide of children as progressive, liberal, deadly Marxists. 

    Their video says it all about murdering children:

    Pro-choice women lie! At the pro-choice rally, 2017, one famous speaker expressed her desire to bomb the White House to endless cheers. These pro-baby murderers are all about killing period. They do not believe in choice or allowing any life message. Hillary Clinton stated, if she became president, she would silence pro-lifers. Of course, Marxists do not consider each person as being more important than themselves. It is all about murdering to silence the facts and truth.

    “Obama Administration Gave Over $340 Million to UN Agency Promoting Forced Abortions in China. For decades, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has operated a family planning program in cooperation with the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) where human rights abuses, including forced abortion and forced sterilization, were rampant under the notorious one-child policy.” No choice!

    Pro-choicers know nothing of sweet chastity and purity and loving others as themselves, including their unborn children. They know nothing regarding each person as being more important than themselves. 


    They march with vulgar posters raised with vulgar words. They dress themselves as vaginas and even their young children. They cannot answer logical questions regarding life, etc. 

    In our nation it is a federal crime to remove a bird nest from your property. You can barbarically murder a child in the womb by ripping its limbs from the torso, but don’t you dare think about removing or relocating a bird nest which may be causing a huge mess on your patio. http://www.robertreeveslaw.com/blog/removing-bird-nests/

    Media lied, hundreds of thousands attended the Pro-life march, not a thousand. See footage for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/studentsforlife/videos/2111944802453423/ Sinful man is in bondage to lies and murder; only God can deliver:

    Forgiveness if found in Jesus Christ—Romans 10:9-10 from the Bible: “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

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