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  1. Your mum sounds so so lovely, wow i understand what amh is and mine is so low for my age (so our doctor says). So im hoping my meds will boost the folicles for us! Just hoping that this first round for us will work 🙂

  2. If anyone has a suggestion to join some type of group chat online about going through this please let me know. Ty.

  3. Hugs to you and that all works out as planned and it all works out for u. You seem very humble about it all and sensitive to others going through it as well which is sweet.
    I’m 39 and was told in Jan which I never expected after doing all the infertility testing. I’m still traumatized and just depressed. Ivf procedure is covered here for the first treatment but I have no coverage for all the medications which is from $5000-$8000 and we don’t have that kind of $ saved. Also was told my first attempt success rate is only 30-40%.
    I’ve dreamed of being a mother since I was 22. So now I feel lost and a huge piece of me will forever be empty. Unless a miracle by God I get pregnant there’s nothing else to hope for. Waiting to save all that $ will take forever. It’s just devastating and I feel for any woman going through what I am or what u are going through. It’s a lot of stress and worry. Wishing u blessings.

  4. Hi. This is a really informative update. I appreciate the effort you have made to make this video. It tells so much about IVF. It is a great process. I hope that this would help people a lot. In IVF the baby belongs to the real parents. People are always confused. But the baby genetically belongs to you.

  5. Were you ever diagnosed with PCOS? AMH that high usually means PCOS. That would also explain the high number of follicles.

  6. My heart goes out to you. It is a lonely, scary journey. I am about a month out from my FET and starting all of those ultrasound and lab appointments again is overwhelming. I will be following your journey! Thank you for being brave and letting us follow you!

  7. I had 21 eggs collected, 13 fertilized and 3 made to blastocyst stage. I had severe OHSS. Couldn't have fresh transfer. First FET didnt work out. Second FET resulted in pregnancy but unfortunately the pregnancy is not developing like it should and most likely I will have D and C done tomorrow. I´m currently 7 weeks 3 days. Its hard. There are things we cannot control and the journey is very difficult but we can´t give up. Hope for the best prepare for the worst. I wish you all the best, a lot of patience and strength.

  8. I had hyperstimulation, I produced 24 follicles… There’s a way of slowing it down though. Drink coconut water and Gatorade and eat lots of protein and no carbohydrates!
    In my case, it wasn’t enough but we found the hyperstimulation out a little too late. For me, I had to wait around 6 weeks for the transfer. The ovaries had go back to their normal size, then I started the contraception pills and all that. The waiting sucks but it’s better to play safe! Let yourself feel it, it’s ok to be sad and cry sometimes. The whole process is emotionally exhausting. I’m sure it’ll work out in the end!😘😘

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  10. I got a mild case of OHSS after my egg retrieval. I was still able to do the fresh transfer. I got pregnant and the OHSS got way worse because of the hormones. If you can and they suggest a frozen transfer I would definitely go with it. You already are so uncomfortable with the process anyways. Lots of Gatorade and salty food will help with OHSS.

  11. Be patient and trust in God's plan.
    I recently did my medication class on Saturday and I have my IVF Class tomorrow. You help me prepare for every step. Thank you

  12. I completely understand you and what you're going through. I'm going through secondary infertility. I've been TTC for 7 years with no luck. You are so lucky to be able to do IVF, I wish I could afford it. Praying for you. 💛💛

  13. Just a quick comment girl, first of all, hugs to u! Infertility I swear has forever traumatized me. Long short of it is we had one fresh with a chemical pg, and two FETs and one ended in a twin m/c and the last and final one (my last frozen embryos and no more money to do another cycle!) we were blessed with my baby girls who are 5 now and healthy and beautiful! Hang in there momma! U can do this! It's sooo tough. We waited 2 years to transfer our last two embryos because I was so nervous. Also a side note, we were told they were the "worst" embryos in the bunch. Well now I tell everyone to start with those!!!

  14. Yeah the unexpected twists of IVF are rough. You have one plan but it constantly changes for you. Don't feel bad for being overwhelmed. It is all very overwhelming and it's okay to freak out. You can't survive this without going through some emotional rollercoasters. We can't do a fresh transfer due to our situation but I will say that the benefit of frozen is that you focus on just one aspect at a time: (1) The retrieval/fertilization and (2) the transfer/implantation. Since we can only do frozen transfers, each retrieval just had one goal for the stress and anxiety. Part 1 is just getting enough eggs retrieved, fertilized, and blast. Part 2 is successful implantation of one of those blasts from Part 1. I would imagine that doing it all once adds so much pressure to that one cycle. Everything has to go right. So breaking it up may be beneficial for the stress since you spread out the phases a bit.

  15. Oh gosh I remember those feelings & it is the HARDEST thing when you’re in it but please trust me when I tell you when it’s over it feels like the hard parts are for such a short time. And you’re SOOOO right when it’s the hormones 🤪 just try & take some nice long, feel breaths! You’ll get through it 💜 remember when you say it’s hard, you’re right but you can totally do hard things momma!!!!

  16. You got this! I know it seems tough but you’ll be surprised now fast your body will be ready for a frozen transfer. I did a fresh transfer with my best grade embryos and they didn’t take, frozen transfer was successful! You want the best chance! Stay strong! ❤️

  17. 11 years trying to concieve never been pregnant, not eligible for ivf or any fertility treatment, im in the uk things are strict here. Doubt il ever be a mum 🙁

  18. The IVF journey is hard enough, but when you have unexpected changes in the plan it can really throw you for a loop. I'm so sorry things aren't going as expected, but on the plus side you are responding really well to the medications, which should pay dividends with the egg retrieval. Are they planning a Lupron or HCG trigger? Lupron is considered to reduce the risk of OHSS vs. HCG and is often considered with high AMH. But every clinic is different of course, and there is no one "right" protocol for everyone. My AMH is around 8; triggered with Lupron and had 20 follicles retrieved last week. We planned from the beginning for FET though, so I can imagine how it must feel for that to be a possibility when it wasn't your initial plan. Best of luck to you on the retrieval. Hoping for peace in your heart for whatever the transfer plan may be.

  19. OMG I just had this conversation on my FB group this morning because a woman came in during IVF appointments this morning with a toddler in tow. I could see the pain on some faces in the waiting room. I'm on my IVF journey for my second child, so it didn't bother me– but I make arrangements to NOT bring my 2 year old to the clinic out of respect to the other women who are on different places on their journey
    Good luck with your transfer, whether it be fresh or frozen. The wait is SO HARD!!!

  20. Sending love. This whole thing can be super overwhelming. I hope some day we can save enough to do IVF. I love your updates

  21. Totally have me in tears! It’s 7am here and I’m watching while my PC at work is booting up.. apparently I should not watch at work! Lol. Best of luck and I hope you get good results! Appreciate you sharing all of this and your moms words as well ❤️

  22. Be strong and stay positive! The end results will be awesome. Just think about your beautiful daughter and your baby/babies to come. 🙏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  23. Oh, honey, I’m so sorry you got this curveball thrown at you! I have heard IVF described as a football game where the goalpost keeps moving, and that’s what it sounds like is happening to you. Hang in there, hug your daughter and know the time will go by. I have struggled with the length of my wait time between retrieval and FET, even though I knew I would have to do it. We PGD/PGS tested so we had an extended wait of what will be 9 weeks.
    I cannot wait for it to be over!!

    Thinking of you and sending you calming vibes!

  24. My doctor also told me I was at risk for OHSS this past December and told me I had to have a FET. Upside he said it would increase my chances of getting pregnant. Downside I had to wait 3 MONTHS for my transfer. This gave my uterus a chance to recover from all the meds. I had my transfer this month and guess what? I'm pregnant. I'm glad I didn't have a fresh transfer because it may not have worked with all the meds in my system. It was definitely worth the wait. Maybe slow and steady wins the race.

  25. OMG one of my friends and I had the very same conversation yesterday and we were both crying. The waiting is the hardest damn part!
    My RE doesn’t do fresh transfers- only FETs. His mindset is your lining will be messed up from all the stimulation medications- so it reduces the chances of implantation. He gives you one month break and then starts you up with prepping for the FET. The waiting sucks, but I would rather wait a month and know I have better chances than do it right after the ER and have my chances be nil. (((((Huge hugs)))))

  26. My estrogen shot up to 8,000 by day 9 of stims so my doctor gave me a 5 day dose of cabergoline to reduce the risk for OHSS. I was still able to do a fresh transfer and I am now 26w pregnant. Hang in there, IVF is its own roller coaster.

  27. ❤️ thinking of you in this journey! That’s the one thing I’ve struggled with the most in this whole journey and that’s waiting! But you’re mama is so wise! It will be worth it! I am also doing a frozen transfer because my dr said it would give me body a moment to recover so that did give me some peace of mind. I can’t believe retrieval Is almost here for you! How exciting!!

  28. I really hope everything goes well for you 🤞🏻 and I totally remember that song, love it! ❤️

  29. I bought super warm leggings and I put the thick leggings on first and my thin leggings on top (because they are prettier) and it keeps me super warm. Warmer than jeans/pants.

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