Unity on the issue of abortion?

how do you respond to people who like think like you but like the younger generation wants nothing to do with you like I feel very alone because especially on a community college campus everybody's very liberal and like they don't really want anything to do with you they don't really want to be your friend okay so you're finding that are you an outspoken person on politics and religion I have been I don't really want to anymore okay so you're finding that it's kind of difficult and that you feel somewhat ostracized yeah yeah yeah well when you say by everything going on do you feel like the political climate in this country is going downhill right now yeah yeah if it's interesting you know I find that there are a lot of churches for example and a lot of young people who want to avoid certain issues because they are controversial and because they are divisive here's what I have to say there is there is a way to get involved in issues that unites people I know that there are a lot of churches for example that have divided congregations for example there's a very large Community Church in my hometown of Wilmington North Carolina where about probably about half of the supporters are half the people who went to the congregation supported Hillary Clinton and about half of them supported Donald Trump and they were led by a pastor who was pro-life on the issue of abortion and he always worried about taking people off and his tendency was to follow the tendency that is your inclination right now which is to withdraw completely and one of the things I told him to do was to try and seek something where there would be common ground where people would absolutely agree on the issue of abortion one of the things I told him that he should do is actually simply to put a link to the local crisis pregnancy center on his church's website if you don't feel comfortable for example talking openly about the issue of abortion if for some reason you feel like that's divisive you people in churches pastors can do things like that that are actually acceptable to both sides volunteering to go work for a crisis pregnancy center you know people in the political left these days say that they hate that the pro-life movement has become so political and they will ask questions like this they will say why is it that you're trying to outlaw abortion when you should be trying to prevent them from happening in the first place and doing things like help helping women who were in crisis pregnancy situations well guess what we've actually done that in the pro-life movement for every abortion clinic out there there are about two or three crisis pregnancy centers that have been started and that is an example of something that you can become involved in that is non-controversial I mean if people in the political left for example say you should be more concerned about poverty you should be more concerned about the lives of these individuals once they're born then that is the perfect solution okay so I would say that there are actually things out there where you can do support behind the scenes that are examples of living at your beliefs

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  1. Some things are wrong even if everybody is wrong. And some things are right even if nobody is right. But that will never be the case in a secular world where morality is just a spinoff from socio biological evolution. There are many who deep down know that moral values are not just a fad or fashion of the day. But for their own hedonistic pursuits they will never admit it, especially when they want to buck the herd morality for their own self gratification.

  2. Warning inconvenient information: In the God story, God murdered every, unborn child, child, man, woman, and creature on earth (minus a few on a boat). This is where Christians derive their moral code from

  3. All the negativity about this is disturbing. He is NOT saying that we should compromise. He is saying that we should do something positive with our lives in order to show Christ's love to those who disagree with us. Don't just sit back and argue endlessly; do something to help improve your world. Watch the movie "Unplanned" and see what can be accomplished through a positive, loving attitude.

  4. God already knew Jeremiah before he formed him in womb!

    Abortion is murder, no exceptions! Go and check on HEK-293, WI-38 and many more! The depravity similar to Molech is running amok!

  5. But second, unfortunately, because of narratives put out by the left including one described in one of John Oliver's LWT pieces, now LPCs are also politicized and attacked because they prevent people from going for abortions. It doesn't matter what we do, they'll keep moving the goalpost. All we can do is to pray for them and may their hearts be changed.

  6. Okay you guys in the comments, no he's not telling anybody to compromise their beliefs. Sometimes it's good to confront, sometimes it's time to shake the dust of your feet and withdraw, take a step back.

  7. I think that I understand what this man was trying to say but it didn’t quite answer the girls question
    And in s lot of comments people seem to misunderstand a couple of points
    This is how I see it: the apostle Paul found common ground (common truth or common knowledge about their beliefs) with heathens to build the foundation of his argument then he unapologetically spoke truth of the specific truths of Jesus
    He did not compromise he treated them like humans with respect to their intellect because that’s what they valued amongst their culture
    The more specific question is what do you do in private conversations vs class discussions or lectures?
    This is more likely what she was asking plus she was feeling fatigued

  8. If you debate on abortion you should remember that there is actually nothing fundamental most pro-choicers disagree with you about in terms of morality:
    You think it's wrong to kill babies and so do they.
    You think it's wrong to suppress women's rights to choose and so do they.

    The issue is that pro-choicers do not think that unborn children are actually children.
    So, if you want to debate the issue, remember to keep the conversation on an unemotional level and focus on explaining why you think that the unborn already is a human child and why you believe that the woman has a responsibility for that unborn child and therefore her right to choose can be restricted in this case.

    But always consider 2 things:
    For the radical pro-choicers it's mostly not the right to abort a baby which they care about, for them this is an example of a bigger issue which they deeply care about: They think that women are generally oppressed and that the right to abort a baby is just one of many examples where women are restricted in their ability to choose. They don't want anybody to tell them what they are allowed to do. So, as you can see this is an issue of whether or not someone should have the right to tell them what they're allowed to do. It's an issue of "Do what thou wilt" vs. "Do what God's wants you to do" without them even realising. So, you can also show them why restrictions on people's ability to choose freely isn't always a bad thing by naming other restrictions like "don't kill", "don't steal" etc. which they can agree on.
    Because they believe that you want to dictate to them what they are allowed to do with THEIR bodies because they see the unborn as a part of their bodies when it's not.

    And as a last advice:
    People on the left tend to react very emotionally. The moment they do, they won't hear your words anymore, all they hear is what their propaganda told them about you. That's why they believe that you're evil and they have to fight you. So, by showing a perfect Christian behaviour you can actually show them how their propaganda lied about people like you. No matter what they say or do, remember to love them and don't be aggressive. Show them that the Christ within you is the better person.
    And also remember that many of those women might have had an abortion themselves and if you tell them that it's child murder, they will refuse to believe it for the simple reason of not wanting to be guilty. So, don't judge the person, judge the action and show (not tell!) them that they can be forgiven.

  9. It's better to offend someone here and love then them be offended for eternity and can't never change it. and you just might be held accountable for their blood if you didn't warn them

  10. It's not going down it is down and if you don't agree with somebody now they want to kill me they want to impeach you if you ask me and if you really knew the agendas of the last 10 presidents everyone every one of them should have been impeached if you went by the law of the land but that ain't going to happen unless it lines up with their agenda

  11. That's exactly star Satan people who run the world to tell us Christians to be tolerant but they are not tolerant of true love. concern for others lifestyles and choices that will separate down from the Father creator who only wants the best for his greatest creation mankind . I just watched St Pete Florida gay parade Charlie Crist was there these people are sodomites I believe I don't think they're homosexual but they are okay with the gay agenda if you study the Democratic platform that is talking about the gay agenda God does not hate gay people he hates gay agenda calling things good that are evil and evil things good. As in the days of Noah , meaning every thought of mankind is evil rebellious against God and I figure we've got less than a hundred years to go maybe half that if you are a Christian and you do not Warren people that their choices and live are against God's agenda and will separate them for eternity you could be held responsible for their blood that's what Ezekiel says and we're in the New Covenant yes but Hebrews 13:8 Jesus God if you will is the same yesterday today and forever. that's any lifestyle Liars thieves most politicians people it's God's way not ours not mine not yours . love people no matter where they're at because I can guarantee you God loves us no matter where we're at and if we want to be like him we do have to be tolerance is our pride are self-centeredness that will cause you to hate other people that are dying and and wind up separated from God that is so sad and unbelievable when I hear I Christian say that they hate gay people gay people are deceived just like I was when I was a drug addict I was deceived and I considered myself a Christian at that time Sirius and I know if I died in my sin like that I would have been separated from his loving arms for eternity . pray for our nation and the world befriend people that do not know the truth not beat them over the head with your junk love people enough to care about people that's all JESUS did , and the only people he had a problem with was the political leaders who just happened to be the religious leaders of that day. Same as today love people not our agendas in Jesus name

  12. To the people in the comments, there’s a few things I’d like to address.

    Firstly- why should I care about what it says in the bible? Something that condones genocide, slavery, the death penalty for insubordinate children, worshiping other or no gods, gays and other minor or non crimes? You do know ur book ever allows for abortion, right? Numbers 5:11-31 says that if u believe ur wife to have been unfaithful, take them to a priest who will have her drink some dirty water and she’ll have an abortion. So not even ur bible agrees with u.

    Secondly- abortion isn’t about killing an unconscious foetus. It’s about respecting a woman’s bodily autonomy. Their right to choose what they do with their own body. So, just like you wouldn’t force a woman to give up their kidney to save their child- u shouldn’t force them to give up their uterus either. Be consistent. Forcing a woman to go through that is borderline slavery. If they don’t want to be a vessel, especially in a case for something like rape- they have the right not to be.

  13. While I am usually in agreement with most of the CE video's, I (like most posting) must respectfully disagree. It is irrelevant who the congregation supports. The TRUTH is just that…..TRUTH! Whether that lies on the left/right/middle. Pastor's have a difficult calling, but trying to find common ground on the murder of babies is simply confusing to a young person. Now, you can present the truth in a loving fashion, but watering the truth down is anything but loving……. As far as the pro infanticide crowd goes, there is NO common ground. The believe they should be able to murder the babies at anytime, for any reason. Some are even now admitting and stating that killing the baby after birth should be allowed….And to the young lady in the video, you may want to be searching for friends in a different crowd. You can't love the world and Christ. One or the other will be first. To love Christ is to be an enemy to the world. Christ loves you!!!!! We (Christians) love you!!!! Don't let Satan deceive you. Understand this is a spiritual battle! You must fight it with spiritual weapons. Such as the Holy Spirit, God's word, Fellow Christian support and prayer!!!

  14. I would say, stand up for the truth. You dont need their friendship. There are others who believe like u, and you'll find them eventually. And you have to remember, you're not just saying your beliefs, you are actually fighting and defending the innocent and helpless

  15. Abortion is an ugly word. Let’s use
    Moloch Worship. There, doesn’t that sound better ? 🔪👶👺

  16. Playing middle ground does NOT work. The Liberals are ( for the most part ) lost and are in desperate need of a savior, that savior came, his name is Jesus and he never had middle ground with people he even stated if you're with the world you are against him. This middle ground teaching is dangerous and could cause so much compromise that the enemy will take advantage and cause a fall in a person. Teach what Jesus taught, confront them with their sins, show them their need for a savior, prove the existence of God, and tell them that through Jesus, by believing, by trusting, and by repenting, you can be saved, but only through Jesus is that possible. If you lose a few friends I'm sorry but it is better for you to lose friends here than to face eternity in Hell. I don't want that for anyone so I encourage you all ( and even I need prayer in this situation) to go out into the world with no compromise, no middle ground, just trusting that the Lord will help you, go out into the world and make disciples of all nations. Pray for me brothers and sisters and like wise I will pray for you, let's encourage each other to make disciples for Christ.

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