49 Replies to “‘Unplanned’ Actress on Her Own Unplanned Pregnancy”

  1. I also got pregnant at 20 which is still young. I had people tell me the same thing. They told me I was throwing my life away. But luckily I grew up in a Christian household so I had support from my family. I fell in love immediately with my baby boy once I found out about him. I didn't care what others thought. He is now a big 5 year old boy and I couldn't think of a life without him. Then we had another unplanned pregnancy with our last baby. But we immediately fell in love with the idea of having another baby in our family. He is now a big 1 and a half year old boy. They are such sweet boys. Of course our middle child was planned lol. God works in mysterious ways.

  2. Thanks glad I could help you, but f god when did he help the women born in the 50s and 60s especially the poor ones with no tits and ugly faces that were abused your cause your a whore using God and this issue for dollars. Nice going young slut. Yeah for you. Happy birthday to me. Young ones learn all the stunts early.

  3. Back in 2006 my high school Sex Ed class took a field trip to Planned Parenthood. I remember the condoms in the waiting room making me feel really uncomfortable and thinking ‘Why are we here?’ Now I just want to know what the heck they were thinking.

  4. Any word on when the DVD is available? Even if you have seen the movie I would recommend that all Christians get at least one copy of the DVD, not only to prove to Hollywood that there is a market for movies like this, but you never know when an impromptu showing of the movie will be something that you feel called to do.

  5. Bless-ed Tears we all need to weep~♡~
    Watch "Unplanned 2019 | Official Trailer" on YouTube

  6. I saw it the other night. Beautiful film, have recommended it to complete strangers. I've been pro-life since I was 24. I had to write a short story on the topic in creative writing in college. I knew nothing about it and actually went to youtube to see if I could find any videos on the topic since there wasn't a lot of books out that offered what I was looking for. I ended up seeing a full video of an actual one and it really is something you never forget. I had nightmares for 3 days and it was an old school abortion – probably done in the 80's as they still had to pull loose parts after using a clamp instead of the newer technique used in the movie where it just removes everything. That's why I already believe in pro-life. However, when it comes to other women, I don't know their story and I won't judge them for it, because who knows what's going on in someone's life? That's up to them if they want to, I don't agree with it, but judging them and condemning them isn't my right or job. I just think if they know they're pregnant and waiting until up to full term right out of the womb and fully developed, that is straight up murder. The bill in NY is evil, plain and simple. There needs to be limits and only the most soulless would terminate a child right out of the womb. I learned a lot of new things watching the film and you know it's powerful when you look around and see people crying, I don't think there was a single person not effected. I have never seen a guy cry at a film, but when you do, you know it's sent a powerful message. Amazing film, I'm going to keep promoting it for people to see.

  7. I used to support abortion until watching Unplanned. I've become pro-life, and am NOT ever going back. I don't know what I was originally thinking. After seeing what really happens… and how it all works… I can't even begin to comprehend how someone could know what goes on and still be pro-choice. This movie is definitely an eye opener, and as disturbed as I am, I'm glad I got the chance to see it.

  8. The vast majority of abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods. Margaret Sanger, founder of planned parenthood was a hateful racist. She would be delighted to know that her plan for black genocide is alive and well in America.😐

  9. Thank you Alshely and Abby for lifting the vail off The secrecy around abortion. I hope and Pray more folks go out to see this very important film. It is powerful and will change and save the lives of millions of people. Not just babies, but it will help create an awareness of the preciousness of life and will better our world by protecting all human life. We didn't know Slavery was wrong until we saw the photos of Slavery and the lives that were being distroyed when we devalue human life. We will know Abortion is wrong after people see this film.
    Please go and see this film and invite your friends and family to see it too!

  10. Welcome to our Catholic faith, you r working for JESUS CHURCH the catholics church thank you.God bless your family.

  11. Unplanned is an outstanding movie. Ashley Bratcher is a phenomenal actress. Unplanned is a must-see movie for the entire family.

  12. People. Stop projecting about her comment of being selfish and not wanting kids. She can have whatever reason she wants for not having kids and it had nothing to do with anybody else’s personal reason for not having kids. Her remark was for HER, not a blanket statement for mankind. Stop making it about YOU.

  13. Abortion is : child blood sacrifice to the spirit of Molech.

    🌿Praise the Lord🌹God will use this Movie & turn it for His Glory & the saving of many unborn babies !

  14. God ALWAYS turns our mistakes into opportunities of receiving His Divine Mercy when we trust in Him. 🙏

    💘 Blessed be God FOREVER!

  15. Hollywood entertainment magazine Variety did a hit piece on this film that was laughably juvenile and transparently biased. And they showed their hatred even more by misspelling Ashley Bracher's name 3 times! How hard is it really to spell her name correctly? It's spelled exactly how it sounds – Ashley Bratcher. Hello?…

  16. I can agree with that but we also don’t tell children where their food actually comes from either …..we live in this bubble where we think everything is all nice and neat while we’re showing our faces full of dead flesh that animals in factory farms were tortured and abused before they were killed it’s not about humane killing it’s about how to quickly get out as much as you can for the fat people of America and we seem to shelter children from that. Why? Cause they probably wouldn’t want to eat it if they saw it…. 92% of meat and dairy are from abusive tormenting factory farms. fI think we should educate them on that….

  17. I didn't get to go to the opening weekend but it was an incredible movie. I took my 9, 12, & 15 year old. I wanted them to see the reality, & long-term effects of this one decision. I myself have never had an abortion, but I did have two miscarriages. It had an impact on my life for years, & was something that was out of my control. I could only imagine what someone is going through when it's a deliberate choice. The hurt must be unbearable. For those who did make that decision, my heart & prayers are with you.

  18. I cannot find Unplanned in any theaters in my area and it doesn't look like it coming anytime soon. It came out 3/29 and now it's 4/9, still no sign of the movie. Very disappointed, but not surprised.

  19. Some people choose not to have children because it is not an option. Not because they are selfish. They don't have family support and don't want to risk having to put their child in daycare or living in abject poverty. If you do get pregnant it is better to have the child, but choosing not to get pregnant is not selfish.

  20. I have seen the movie “Unplanned” and I’m not sure why the movie is rated R. There is no nudity, no sexual activity or sexual violence, no physical violence committed against a woman or man. There is bleeding, similar to a heavy period. You see bleeding from an abortion procedure but you do not see the parts of the baby. Late in the movie, you get to see a tiny baby, about 12 weeks gestational age. The lead actress & head of Planned Parenthood are in the POC (“products of conception”) room, where they put the “products of conception” back together to ensure the MD removed all parts from the mother’s uterus, to not develop an infection later. All products of conception, removed during an abortion, are sent to the lab (POC Room) and checked to make sure everything was removed and the abortion was completed. Also, POC can be called “pieces of children”, per the Planned Parenthood clinic staff. The POC staff puts the pieces of the baby back together to make sure the entire baby was removed.

  21. This movie changed my views from being pro choice to pro life. Thank you for the gift of Unplanned. If you are pro life, bring an open minded pro choice viewer with you. It just might changed their views as well.

  22. We put our unborn children thru meat grinders, because they would otherwise be a financial burden. Or they are deformed.
    Or they are simply, unwanted.
    Many defend the "right" to do so, vehemently. Yet, when a movie is made that depicts this gruesome reality, many are highly offended, which graphically illustrates our disdain for bringing the slaughter out, into the light. Better, that we should never expose the butchering of babies, because it makes its proponents uncomfortable.

  23. I was enjoying the interview until she mentioned how she used to be selfish and thought she didn't want children 😑

    Listen, abortion is selfish. You're literally choosing to end the life of the child you created. Choosing simply not to concieve and bear children is not selfish. Plain as that.

  24. So glad u chose life! God bless u. Now I pray God, use Unplanned to cause many millions more to choose life!

  25. I’m so grateful for this movies and pray that it is seen by millions of people!
    There are ministries to come alongside girls who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies, like www.embracegrace.com. Church need to be a safe non-judgmental place a girl can go when she finds herself in this situation. Embrace Grace equips churches to start groups where these moms learn about the love of Jesus and find tremendous hope in their situation. The church members host a baby shower at the end of the curriculum and every girl gets everything she needs for her newborn. It’s just beautiful! There are currently over 500 Embrace Grace groups in the US and groups in other countries, too. Go to the website to find a group or start one. 💞

  26. I saw the movie, you have to get out and support this movie, its a life changer!!! It opened my eyes to the evil of planned parenthood.

  27. Oh how I love her arguement, its rated R, because of how graphic abortions are. They just labeled this movie as R to attack the movie, but its going to come back and bite them. YES!🙌🙌, I love when justice prevails.

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