Unwanted effects of behavior part 2 (Task List section C) – By Daymi Pelaez

we're back for part two of unwind effects we're going to move on to the next one the phenomenon in which a change in one component of a multiple schedule that increases or decreases the rate of responding on the component in an accompanied by a change in the response rate in the opposite direction on the other unaltered component of the scheduled behavior contrast yes where is behavior emerges all right next one the discontinuing of a reinforcement of previously reinforced behavior extensions you guys are on it thank you I took I took this straight from the Cooper glossary so I wanted to make it difficult but I can't awesome alright the relative frequency with which operant behavior is emitted during extinction and then when a stimulus change immediately follows a response and increases the future frequency of that type of behavior in similar conditions reinforcement awesome all right now we have some aks these are fun aren't they all right punishment is type two take one okay so punishment on its own is punishment based testing correct punishment based F D all right reinforcement is type one type 1 what we have a first minute good thank you all right negative reinforcement extinction I mean I'm sorry positive punishment I skipped one response very good all right negative reinforcement extinction extinction extinction is the ask me yep you're doing great all right negative reinforcement two punishments reinforcement yeah forcement no let's take that off what is it guys live two weeks it's green yes Oh all right negative punishment what is it sighs to punishment type 2 punishment and in the last one stinking operant extinction very good awesome all right so before you guys cheat all right all right so now I'm going on this screen so you guys won't see what it says okay all right you guys see everything yes all right take it easy I'm a student still so okay I tried what should a responsible behavior analyst always do first when planning for any unwanted effect a begin the intervention immediately the inform stakeholders see trained staff chords II and sure alternate behavior is chosen much as they we like boy Beach did I lose my screen I'm sorry about that guys all right you guys see it all right so you guys had one let's say D D someone to DS and one B someone said C all right read this I'm gonna read the question again okay I'm gonna emphasize on the main word here what is responsible behavior and it's always do first inform the stakeholder be very good see why should we like we said before why should we inform the stakeholders first you have to get consent and we also talked about are we going to train staff why are we going to begin the intervention where are we going to ensure alternate behaviors if they don't agree with it oh right number two oh why did I do that you didn't see that what always needs to be used together with extinction a negative reinforcement the automatic reinforcement see positive reinforcement or D reinforcement any kind of asking for a break from something like say you're not that you're putting you know aggression to get out of a task on extinction you're still going to reinforce if they appropriately ask for a break which would be negative reinforcement okay okay so does everybody agree with thee yes yes if you look at the question it says always so in any situation all right so the answer is these good job look at the key words when you're reading the question very good thank you all right number three which of the following is an unwanted effect of reinforcement a emotional responses be extinction birth see limited responses to treatment or D behavior contrast seriously be good responses so see I have one co2 to seize see honey see she got guys stop this alright alright can a person become desensitized to punishment yes with habilitation guys can everybody please new through mice because I have a lot of background noise okay alright number four can a person become desensitized to punishment a yes with habilitation be no punishment can never become desensitized see yes with habituation or D no you can only use the sensitization for self-management see see see see Hey okay so I have three first see and two for a I'm not happy you guys both agree with yes which is so we got now we got to figure out what who can explain what's the difference between habilitation and habituation yeah you're on the right track this habituation when you do it the same like punishment so often the I mean it would be no longer effective you get used to it like like you said like a habit like the other person's to them yeah does anybody want to say anything else it's a bill creationist thing in a VA or is that something you know is it is a thing in a VA look it up in the glossary of Cooper yeah it is it is and a lot of people do get confused with habilitation and habituation that is why I put it on there to confuse you guys so yes with habituation so I have a little screen here so I can explain what how bitchin is habituation is when you become desensitized to something and it does not have an effect on your behavior so like I said before putting a child in timeout consistently and after many times the child sits and says I don't care okay are you guys ready to move on to the next question all right cool all right number five extinction is when the behavior does not receive punishment a false it is when the behavior receives punishment be false it is when the behavior does not receive punishment see true it is when the behavior does not receive punishment or default it is on the behavior we see reinforcement okay I have three season one bb4 boy yeah okay okay so most of you say be some say see right okay the answer is B why did you'd be who wants to explain why it's B gave your onyx Deacon it's a behavior that has previously right correct so if I would have put reinforcement here instead of punishment it would have been this would have been true but because I put punishment it's false good job all right number six can everybody please mute their mics I had a lot of fun okay thank you alright number six robber started on a soccer team on the first day the coach tells him let's go you're making us lose Robert did not return this is an example of what a unwanted effects of extinction be unwanted effects of reinforcement see unwanted effect of punishment or D unwanted effect of both reinforcement and extinction oh that's a good question I'm gonna say see because it was actually a punishment procedure like a positive punishment procedure the statement statement okay how did it caused the behavior to decrease but so he was giving your upper man lets you know let's go you're making us lose and Roberts not returned at all and right Robert chose to escape or avoid situation so I'm back to the situation we would see we have all right we got it see wow man you guys are getting everything right someone back woman I don't know not I'm trying to mute here okay there we go all right number seven an extinction burst is when there is an increase in the rate magnitude amplitude or intensity of what a the behavior caused by emotional responses see the behavior put on extinction see the behavior in resurgence or D the behavior going through a spontaneous recovery I heard a few bees did I hear a D awful or D isn't doc he is a boy okay alright does everybody agree with thee okay I think it's b/c good job well two more questions and that's it word got it my questions were pretty good all right yes they were you know I was on a while questioning and asking people told me I read in making choice I think it was all well worth it all right number eight Johnny asked his dad if he can play with him every time the dad responds I can't right now don't you see I'm busy after several attempts Johnny never asked his dad for anything else this is what kind of unwanted effect of punishment Hey avoiding the punishing agent the emotional responses see resurgence or deep behavioral contrast a positive punishment – mm-hmm yeah but it's not on their punishment every step on it positive punishment if it was leaning towards that then yes it's a sad example of it but yes yeah but you know what it happens a lot those are things you you have to deal with and and you were gonna see in the field so okay let's move on last one all right is it an ethical violation to use extinction when not part of a treatment package eh no it is not an ethical violation B yes it is an ethical violation C no extinction can be used only as long as there is a proper training and supervision or Dean it is only an ethical violation if extinction and punishment are used in the same treatment package be a season boy be awesome awesome you guys got all the questions right 100% you guys are going to pass for sure all right so it's the end um our next meeting is this Friday with Jacqueline and 9 p.m. Eastern next week we'll be covering section b experimental design and then remember to follow us on all the social medias Facebook Instagram Twitter whatever it is you have and now I have all the links for and the schedule on the website just to make it easier I don't know if you guys saw it or not but um I have everything on there very organized and then if you guys have any questions or any concerns you can email me or any of the leaders are leaders at ABA examinees calm thank you so much for joining me this was awesome if you guys have any questions go ahead and ask thank you so much you're welcome guys have a good night bye song singing you're welcome any time you you you

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