Update on giraffe stillbirth

the new zoo is trying to move on from a sad event over the weekend Neil Anderson joins us live from swamp Co this morning with more on a difficult birth for one of the giraffes morning Neil how are you and how good how are things there well we're doing well and you can see behind me this is Zuri this is our female giraffe and for Sunday she had a little bit of difficulty during the whole birthing process Zuri you know after 15 months gestation period she gave birth but unfortunately she gave birth to a stillborn you know and that's not an uncommon thing with mothers for their first time but it was a long and difficult birth for her she started about 8:30 and it was about 3:30 when she finally delivered the little one but one of the things that we did find out sometimes you know I mean we've had stillborns with our lions and snow monkeys and everything in one of the things that we do is we do a neat crop see the final can we learn something from stillborn so a lot of times you can't and that's an animal autopsy right absolutely and one of the things that we learned is that the little one what happened is she had the little one right here we watched you know and the whole process it you know the little one was positioned right took a little bit longer than expected but sometimes with the moms first time moms it takes a little bit longer but what had happened is the little one you know once it did land on the floor in the cord break well now it has to take its first breath and what it does is usually move that at that time and a little one didn't so we knew there was some problem you know we're going to look at trying to intervene to get in or take a look she wants you her maternal maternal instincts were really good she protected the little one and we weren't able to get in and take a good look at what was going on with the Lord well the little one never did take a breath and we did a knee Cropsey on Monday and what we did find out though is a little the reason why the little one Dean take a breath is that it's cervical vertebrae were kind of fused and twisted and what happened is it was actually like the vertebrae would have been on a 45 degree angle which would have probably that little little guy couldn't a little girl was a little female when had the ability to go ahead eat drink and probably couldn't even walk with that type of deformity in in the vertebrae column so you know that was something it's an unfortunate thing you know we don't know why you know we're not sure why we probably will never know why that happened and you know and what does that mean future wise she probably would be able to have have one that is a viable offspring but you know the big concern at that point is now you know how is she doing and I can tell you she's doing fantastic and you know we let her spend time overnight with the little one too and that's an important part with mom to know that that things are where they are and how they are and she learned a lot through this and we learned a lot as well and hopefully you know maybe and you know another couple years she may give birth to a viable offspring and things will go real good for her but she's doing fantastic well the Neil thanks for the update and we'll check back with you next half-hour because you answered a lot of questions I know folks have had over the last couple of days thanks absolutely thanks Neil

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