27 Replies to “Update on Santa, Santa Was Brought to the Nursery Earlier This Month”

  1. I'm so happy baby Santa is getting the care that she needs but I'm sure her heart is still broke for her adopted mom

  2. Санточка моя нежная как скучаю по тебе, хотелось бы увидеть видио

  3. Those vos are animal abusive pricks..they,along with others,needs banned from filming..hell,they never need.to be around animals period..wi knew they mentally tortured her..I knew that its gonna take a while to rehabilitate her back into the wild..they messed that poor animal up..that's exactly why no one should have monkeys as pets..that woman especially..she's frickin insane and they need to get Milo away from her LIKE NOW!!!

  4. 💕💕because santa is very very clever💓🐒🐒🐒 i think har heart need same time raised humans days🐵🐵🍌🍌🍌
    please overslowly to watch about santa🐒🐒🐒🍌🍌🍌

  5. I too am so grateful to the WLA for stepping in to do what was necessary, especially grateful after recently running across this…. too sad about Heidi so I was looking at old videos of her. Look at this video of Heidi in SANTA'S cage 8 months ago. Considering that Heidi came from Phnom Sampov…. about half the country away from Phnom Bros where Santa was, how is it that these VOs ended up using the same cage Heidi was kept in??? Or does it show control of the same VOs have all over the country? The people who had Santa, also had a hand (and this same woman can be seen in all the videos) in the rescuing of Kaya, Amy, Alita, Sabrina, all from Phnom Bros, and now a video shows they have a connection to Heidi far, far away from Phnom Sampov. Where was the "security" place and why did Heidi need a secure place provided by VOs and not WLA or a real vet?

  6. Los felicito por la labor que hacen sobre todo ver la vida de los mankey an rescato algunos baby como Lori, y que hoy se encuentre bien,Heidi no corrió con la misma suerte,Tony,Niko,Daniela.santa que desde mi punto de vista la rescataron las personas de ese lugar y cuidaron y fueron y se las quitaron según la rescataron si a si fuera dónde estaban las autoridades o los que están a cargo de ese lugar para rescatar a todos los pequeños baby que se encuentran en una situación grave como Milo,Jerry,Mario que monkey David si la está pasando muy mal y dónde están para ayudarlo como lo hicieron con alguno de ellos que cosas del ser humano con las discrepancias ayuden los por que ellos necesitan la ayuda sobre todo en este momento el monkey David que lo pueda ver un veterinario o le va a pasar lo mismo que a Lola con su problema de su brazo

  7. Привычка сосать палец осталась. Никто её не отучил от этого. Палец заменяет ей мамину сисю.
    Жалко, что это не видео, а вырезки фотографий.

  8. There needs to be 4 babies. One cry baby so Santa can comfort, she will have someone who needs her and together they will find comfort with each other. Love and miss Santa and her beautifull eyes. Please more updates on Santa.

  9. Santa is a brat, she always has been!!!! Not to mention, she is the ugliest macaque baby I think I've ever seen with that stupid unibrow!

  10. These pics are on the WLA Facebook page. Notice how everyone of them sucks its thumb and Santa is still a loner.

  11. 🇮🇹 And lucky Daniela toto have died as other babies the family l grew up now is safe I have they are strong or die the law of holy nature and she healthy while other baby like Lola are sick by accident thank this center that welcomes all fe animals weak rites thanks 🙏 🇮🇹 🐒 🐒 🐒 🐘🐺🐅🦁🐾🐾🐾🐾🦍❤️🐦🍃🐣🐒 🐒

  12. Thank god you guys have Santa now. She was not treated properly where she was at before you got her. Thank You.

  13. So pleased you took her when you did she was just being used shame because a gorgeous baby god bless you all from the UK

  14. Surely theres no denying the people saved her life and loved her to there best ability which was lacking but i think she loved santa no doubt i will get scorned for that , but ty for caring for santa the proper way

  15. That is very sad but many of us knew this was going to happen. The things they did to her just made her scream all the time. I wish you could have gotten her from the beginning.

  16. Now maybe everyone can stop saying how great those people took care of her they mentally destroyed that baby

  17. Santa my heart always beats for you with true love🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊❤❤❤❤❤❤🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

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