Using Aromatherapy to help with  Postpartum Depression – Love Lola Therapeutic Massage & Seven Seas

oh wait forbidden head happier lifestyle or just have you know just federal still care about postpartum depression yes okay well most women hi so you wouldn't know you know or it gets thrown into the category of the angry black woman so the real problem gets overlooked is mad and we have two tents our husbands our mates as well you know always have a baby attached to some kind of way you know so those things we go through but we have to literally figure out how to hold on to the little safety we have love on yourself and I just want to share some things that I do that help me keep my thinking aromatherapy have you heard from Roma therapy perform who has just to be honest even lighting candles but I think it's allergen efficient we even know how to do it meaning using the right things for the right purpose so you can get your favorite singer out of Bath & Body Works and burn it if they put you in a good mood by all means do that but I just want to share with you certain things like lavender lemon grass rosemary our move okay laughter is calming but they also wish your mood if you're sad it will kind of pull you out of that darkness fire okay so I like to share these things right off the street the feast or stand your feet they sell the place so you can go right up the street sometimes they'll have to sell in their plants but having the plant in your house if I don't know how we've been in there lately if they have any nice pots but you can refine it in a nice pot you put it in your mold and that alone will send our fragrances in the world how to transform the environment because the everybody smelly you know they walk in and it creates the presence creates a loop and that's really powerful in my house I burn I have a actual diffuser that itself fancy ones it's $50 that bathroom bodywork I mean a babe a thermionic set will go right to Walmart by $12 your budget but I did get some essential oils on your budget fancy water in that essential oil will light up your home I'd like to put him in the bathroom I said my kid I said I'm up in the bathroom go run in the bath water bubbles whatever I don't put it in there backward and every now and again I might drop two drops in the water so it'll see no water immature gonna really keep but I closed the door and I'll go get her come back by the time I go in the bathroom is trapped in there usually then go to sleep but I'm immune to my youngest to me fight ladies hangout genome I go to beat I'm trying to have my fight but those things you can do to help kind of a bad time simpler because it will really put them in a date I use rosemary when I stood and I feel a lot of still study but when I'm in like after I do get this thing and it's my time I'll talk about that back put it rosemary in there and then I take it or lemongrass depending on how I'm feeling if I'm really trying to study and remember things got in front so if there's a student use that to your advantage to study what rosemary Furman because it will really help you retain focus concentrate so when I'm really trying to study something I'll do rosemary if I'm trying to clear my mind I five had a bad day I'll do that but lemongrass I'll do in the morning sometimes if I'm tired and I need some help getting up you know this don't put citrus and things then make it smell bright and fresh in early morning time so that lemongrass fragrance is really moving and I'll use ending at one time to help me kind of get up and get my day more sluggish I've had a night where kids kept breaking my sleep waking me up one thing and I'll use that to kind of get and get them up even in their sluggish wake up time it up laughs new night night lemongrass get up okay and then rosemary is something you can use just as a study or you know homework try it helpful focus these are little things you could try that really will help me your load lighter so you're not yelling so much like sometimes I notice it does help I'm not screaming to Holland when I'm out calm them there so those things you can try now I'm a massage therapist my business level to therapeutic massage I traveled providing a concierge services to people

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