Uterus Menstral

– [Voiceover] This slide
is from the uterus. The current magnification
is 40x total magnification. Now what we’re looking for are going to be the identifying features that
show that this uterus slide is from the menstrual phase
and not the follicular phase. Now one thing to look at to start with is up here on the exposed surface, what would be open to the lumen, this is a portion of the endometrium. But part of if has already
broken off, as you can see. So parts of it are breaking off
through the menstrual phase. These structures down here
are larger and engorged. There’s amounts of blood
that are being released as the different vessels spasm,
forcing the sloughing off of the stratum functionalis
of the endometrium. Now in the case of a follicular phase, these would all be smaller, and you’d have very thin,
small uterine glands. This one down here is
kind of reminiscent of what it would look like if it
was in the follicular phase. But then everything starts
to open up and engorge, more blood’s present, allowing
for the menstrual phase. So this slide is the uterus
during the menstrual phase.

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