Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section (VBAC) – What to do when you go into labour

the times that you'd need to come into hospital would be when your waters break if the waters are not clear so if there is a green tinge to it or if you start contracting starting to feel tightenings that increase in length and duration and strength to about three to four every ten minutes and lasting about 45 to 60 seconds but you can of course call the hospital at any time if you have any questions at all when you do come in you'll be coming up to the labor ward and the reason for that is because the team is based here the obstetricians in the midwives would like to look after you as a team and we are able to create a home from home environment within this was well you spend your time in labor with us there are a number of different methods of pain relief you can use gas in air into knocks that will enable you to breathe in and out through your contractions you can use water for pain relief we also have birthing balls and we'll help you to remain mobile and to eat and drink freely throughout the duration of your labor we use cordless monitoring on the labor ward which enable us to be able to monitor your baby continuously listen to baby's heartbeat and assure that your baby remains well and it also helps you to remain mobile there are no wires attached and you can move around freely without any disruption the reason that we use the continuous wireless monitoring is so that we can keep an eye on your baby make sure that your baby remains well and if anything does change we can get the doctors involved and make a decision about how we're going to deliver your baby and proceed to cesarean section if necessary

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