26 Replies to “Vaginal Childbirth Of Triplets”

  1. Ok ok I have tried that person is a terrible birth recorder all that movie around like what the heck

  2. Wish they did this in America. (I’m assuming by accents that they’re either English or Australian, but I might be wrong) But the part of America I’m from, a multiple birth is almost a guarantee csection & a lot of my friends who have had singleton deliveries have ended up with csections because their labors took “too long”

  3. Ok i have one baby and it was terrible. I don't survive of 3 babys and without epidural u are so stronger lmao

  4. Props! My mom vaginally delivered 2 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets. Now I’m with triplets and I’m considering doing the same

  5. The things we women have to go through during childbirth, only the strength of almighty God that see us through the whole process, and only we want to know if the ok… thank you Jesus for grace and mercy.

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