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/ dear / dear are we rolling oh great okay hey everyone I'm a Bashar welcome to Abby's kitchen and another edition of the ridiculous where I cover all the most insane health and wellness trends and products on the worldwide web so first on our ridiculous is his goddess vaginal detox pearl hmm sounds expensive and it is because it's $33 for a fake pearl now according to the CEO apparently any time a woman has sex with a man he imprints his energy onto her womb and this vaginal detox pearl is able to kind of suck that bad juju out using vibrational energy now this pearl claims to reduce menstrual cramps increased libido kill parasites remove toxins and ultimately detox you from your ex I mean I bet there's a lot of ladies out there who are signing up right now okay so this is what they call the process using a land Keys method and this is trademarked actually this old land keys method so day 1 will include leaving the goddess vaginal detox pearl in for 24 hours day two to three believe the goddess vaginal detox pearl in for 48 hours oh my god then day 3 to 6 is the purging phase we're dead vaginal skin cells mucus yeast old blood clots among other components are expelled from the vaginal area sounds delicious and I mean what can we expect I'm just reading some of these awesome glowing reviews she says it's a game changer sex was way more exciting as I was able to get more fluid than usual I was even able to squirt now as tempting as that sounds ladies let's just break it down for a hot minute here because we're not putting like anything into our room which is what this woman is suggesting we're detoxing we're not putting anything on to our womb unless maybe our OB is doing it or there's like some crazy long applicator going on that sounds very uncomfortable because our cervix protects our womb hell no so I have no idea how it's supposed to cast suck that energy out of the womb or why there's any man's and jee-in there anyway second of all the CEO actually recommends that you put this pearl up inside you and leave it there for 24 hours hmm now thanks to a lot of mom talks some sex education and Judy Blume novels that you don't want anything up in your vajayjay for like 24 hours or 48 hours honestly the only thing I would expect to get out of this pearl is like toxic shock syndrome and my 13 year old self is terrified pass so next on ridiculous are these Helio Care sunscreen pills now these apparently are supposed to protect your skin from UV rays thanks to their potent antioxidant content oh and bonus they are vegan and gluten-free which seems to be the selling point for like all of these holistic supplements now for 60 capsules you're gonna pay $13 and honestly I don't even know why these things exist now the best part about these is in the fine print they actually recommend their use with regular sunscreen applications ah no shit Sherlock this is dangerous stuff the FDA has actually even stepped in with a warning about this product to prevent people from using this as their sole form of protection from the Sun yes these pills do contain the active ingredient called poly podium Lukic homeless extract which one study found that taken orally may help reduce the damaging effects of UV rays however this is one study and clearly for a lot of people this is likely not going to be enough in terms of protecting them from the Sun you cannot just pop a pill and expect yourself to be protected from the very very very damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays please protect yourself from the Sun put on sunscreen put a long-sleeve shirt on stay out of the Sun during those really hot hours of the day and please just save your money and skip the sun protection pills next I'm a pale bitch and I need sunscreen Purdy or Purdy I'm gonna make you less and party prettier placenta where do they get that all right next folks is Purdy or placenta I'm loving that Purdy looking really pretty with this placenta supplement so this is apparently made out of deer placenta there's 12 active ingredients including lots of vitamins and minerals some fatty acids antioxidants and collagen peptides of course so what can deer placenta do for you Wow according to this guy a lot so we're looking at things like anti-aging immunity and perfect guttin digestive health the usual suspects but this company takes it even farther and suggest that it helps couples conceive through IVF dangerous don't go there and may even cure your cancer in ms wow this is insane from a deer's placenta so one bottle it's going to cost you three hundred and eighty dollars for deer placenta so let's talk about the evidence here so the whole idea of consuming your placenta is super trendy but also really controversial and potentially dangerous I mean we're talking about things like bacterial contamination and heavy metal contamination as well now yes of course there are advances happening when it comes to stem cell research and we definitely need to keep an eye on that however the claims made by this company are baseless and downright dangerous in fact some countries have actually issued a warning against these products so I say it protects your health and your wallet and skip the deer placenta imagine filling up a neti pot for a hot minute feeling a little bit of us I have a little congestion happening you're just gonna clear things up with something this fresh pee all right and last but not least let's talk about urine therapy so you've probably always thought that the only interaction that you and your piss had was what you look down at in the toilet but some people now are practicing selling we call urine therapy which is basically when an individual drinks moisturizes massages or clears their sinuses with their pee now let's just imagine for a hot minute that you had a nice steak dinner with a side of broiled asparagus and then you're feeling a little bit of a little congestion happening so you decide to put your fresh warm asparagus scented pea into the neti pot and give it a good rinse how disgusting is that honestly let's take a look at some claims here so some people say that you're in therapy can cure chronic diseases of course reset the immune system hmm promote weight loss somehow good health and even improve our skin the only way I can see this helping with weight loss is if you like solely you've only up a urine cleanse and you're like just drinking urine all day and the thought of that just makes me want to die now the only benefit I can see that this whole urine therapy in my ridiculous series is that it doesn't cost you anything I mean you're just peeing anyway so you get this cleanse for free it's not like those green juice cleanses that you're spending a hundred bucks a day on so bonus so let's talk about the evidence or lack thereof of course a lot of doctors are urging know they are like bagging their patients to stop drinking their urine because it's essentially a waste product I mean there's a reason your body got rid of it in the first place mmm-hmm not to mention once it leaves your body it can be contaminated with bacteria and of course leads to illness and there is no research to support the idea that drinking your urine is going to improve your health in any way so please by the love of all that is holy leave the piss in the toilet and drink a glass of water okay and on that note I got to use the washroom but I'm gonna close things off here and ask all of you to please leave me a comment below with any totally ridiculous products or wellness trends or ideas that you've been hearing things that you've seen up on the internet leave me a comment below with those ideas I would love to talk about them in a future episode give this episode a thumbs up thumbs up if you liked it subscribe to the channel and I'll see you next time on Abby's kitchen bye

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  1. The two best products in the world is colloidal gold with urine. Therapy I back it up 1,000,000% it’s saved my life it got me off all medication saving me $1000 a month of medication that was killing me thanks to these two products one your body produces in one that you can get on eBay colloidal gold 200 ppm

  2. This girl don’t know what the fuck she’s talking about she’s like CNN and MSNBC fake fucking news you’re in saved my life I will back it up 1,000,000% it got me off all medication and saved my life and I have used it for many other health problems and I still back it up 1 million hundred million percent

  3. Never listen to doctors nurses because this takes business away from them and they really don’t know anything about it they will probably run from you if you mention it but I’m here to tell you it works it’s saved my life I will back it up 10,000,000% that’s how much I believe in urine. Therapy.This girl don’t know shit and she’s pushing shit what the fuck I’m here to tell you save my life I will back it up 100,000,000%

  4. You can only eat fruit and vegetables while doing urine. Therapy otherwise alcohol meet and seafood will make it stink like shit you don’t want to do that so eat watermelon the day before and the day you start urine looping.You should only drink distilled water carries out toxins from the body because it’s a negative water caring positive impurities out of your body

  5. The best way to repair your stem cells is by drinking colloidal gold and drinking urine. By looping your own urine you’re putting these two things back into your body which repairs telomeres stem cells repairing the liner of your stomach putting your stomach acid back in balance making your system alkaline no disease can leave in an hour: system and both of these methods together will do this Urine is free colloidal gold could cost $60 a month by looping it cost $30 a month because you skip one day saving you money

  6. Your own urine is free and it does everything you wanted to do medicine chest that goes with you and it’s free

  7. Use your own urine for anti-aging for skin problems for internal health problems don’t buy anything else except for maybe colloidal gold this will increase benefits like unbelievable I’m probably the only one telling people about my health extreme find that has saved my life by mixing these two you can’t lose

  8. The only thing you should put up inside you is plain yogurt or Teatree oil or boric acid. In these methods get rid of yeast Bacteria problems. Boric acid has special benefits which I mentioned below

  9. You can increase the value of urine by adding colloidal gold and whatever way you use urine inside or outside it’s value is 100 times better using gold whether you use it as a douche or drinking it for internal benefits or in your eyes to heal problems in your eyesOr sinus problems it will heal there’s really no place you can’t use urine to benefit yourself the healing properties are unbelievable but if you add colloidal gold you just increased healing properties 100+ plus plus

  10. If you want a cheap vaginal cleanse boric acid in a gel tabs. This will clean the liner better than anything I know it also fights yeast problems better than anything I know you can also insert one Jill tab with boric acid in itA few minutes before six and have multiple orgasms the sensitivity is definitely lightened in the cleansing effect is happening during sex so you get to benefits at the same time

  11. What about removing the psychic contamination of having sex with strange men. As some women do. The psychic contamination is also severe.

    Coffee Consumption Alters Microbiome and Improves Gut Motility … Ridiculous or not?

  13. You can buy Urine Therapy online??? Always good to hear the Brawndo and Fluoride drinkers talk about things which they know Nothing about, foot in mouth syndrome.

  14. Omg the natural health world is absurd. I’m studying 3rd year dietetics at uni and currently doing complementary nutrition but honestly, its a scary world of messed up psychopaths trying to make a buck. Jillyjuice anyone?

  15. Gross as it is there are waste products in urine that have been shown to improve skin problems like psoriasis eczema and some anecdotal evidence for things like tinea pedis, keratosis pilaris etc. Namely urea, which isn’t very concentrated in human urine and denatures quite easily once it leaves our bodies. Also, it’s super gross.

    I’d recommend to just buy a urea concentrate cream though and lord…reintroducing urine internally just sounds like asking for something bacterial.

    Edit: I want to clarify that I’m not stating that urine helps your skin, I’m saying that mammalian urine contains waste products and some of those in high concentrations have shown to benefit certain skin conditions when applied topically.

  16. Your Ignorance about Urine therapy is quite obvious and you should research before you speak. And thats research completely !!!!!

  17. please do some of Gwyneth Paltrow's ridiculous Goop products eg the jade egg thingi, also ASEA 'redox signaling' molecule drink (it's basically expensive salt water) which my ex swears by!

  18. The Vaginal Pearl – that thing sounds grotesque.

    Leaving a foreign object inside my vagina for 48 hours? I’m gonna puke.

  19. Would you eat your own faeces? Why would you drink urine? These must be anti vaxers and flat earthers!

  20. Anything claiming to "getting rid of toxins" but never states what the "toxins" in your body it is a scam dammit

    When you see the words,detox, toxins and energy…run bitch….
    Run with your wallet like the wind…

  21. How does one even get deer placenta? Are they killing the pregnant deers? Give them an abortion? Or is someone running around collecting the stuff after the deer gave birth and the bloody after-mess came out???

  22. Drinking my own urine would probably help me lose weight. I would be too busy throwing up to eat anything! Gross.

  23. How do they get the Deer Placenta? Do they collect it after the fawn is born or are they killing pregnant deer?

  24. I've heard about people consuming deer (at least I think it was deer) PENIS for "health benefits" and the absolute worst part is that the animal's penis is removed while they're still alive, because the crazy people think that it's healthier to do it while the animal is still alive rather than dead 🙁 I saw it on a TV show and the guy tried to smuggle it into Australia in his bag, and it was so gross. Why are some humans so cruel and delusional?!

  25. Please do a video on Alkaline water, I’m tired of people swearing by it when it’s practically an expensive scam

  26. the pearl makes me so sad, went on a internet black hole of reviews and
    ppl are using this to help with fertility etc 🙁

  27. Can you please do a video on the autoimmune protocol diet information found online? I have psoriasis and I have been reading a lot of things about leaky gut syndrome and the foods that cause it. I was wondering if you know the nutrition/science behind foods, leaky gut, and autoimmune diseases.

  28. Hey Abbey, not sure if you already have a video on this, but I’d love to hear a discussion on staying hydrated through the day. There’s the classic 8 cups of water a day saying, but I was hoping to have a bit more in-depth discussion on the number.

    Of the top of my head, I was wondering about coffee/tea and their diuretic effects – does that mean they can’t contribute to the 8 cup total (if that number is even accurate), or may even increase it? Why should we even be worried about getting the daily recommended (hazards of slightly vs severe dehydration – does consistent minor dehydration have long-term effects)?

    Also, I know it’s good to steer clear of pop (soda), but any opinions about the carbonated plain/flavoured water trends? Any concerns?

    What about the foods we eat? Do we actually need to drink all the 8 cups, or do the foods contribute?

    Finally, any general tips on how you remember to drink consistently throughout the day/stay motivated to do it (eg having variety in your drinks – tea, water, fizzy water, smoothies, etc.)

    Just a possible topic to consider! Enjoying the content so far, keep up the great content! 🙂

  29. I see a lot of youtubers promoting a no oil lifestyle (even olive oil)… Are oils unhealthy?

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