Vaginal Lift : Vaginal tightening for solving stress incontinence

Stress Incontinence I’m a mother of two. When I was pregnant, I chose to give birth naturally. At first, the doctor said that my pelvis is quite small, but if I wanted to give birth naturally, I could try. It took me a longer time to give birth, and that has affected me up to now. It caused my vaginal muscles to become loose. Every time I laughed out loud or coughed hard or exercised, it caused problems. Having loose vaginal muscles มันส่งผลเวลาที่เราไปคุยกับเพื่อน affected me when I socialized with my friends. When we talked and laughed, I had issues with incontinence. I didn’t have anyone to talk to, so I searched the internet and found this new treatment at APEX that doesn’t require surgery the Vaginal Lift The Vaginal Lift uses laser technology specifically developed for use around the vaginal tissues. It emits the laser to activate collagen and elastin building around, and inside the vagina. It causes the vaginal wall to shrink, increasing strength and reducing dryness inside the vagina. It can effectively reduce stress incontinence and looseness of the vaginal muscles. However, sometimes the Repair is not always successful. What can cause this problem when you give childbirth? When we give natural childbirth, it can take a longer time. Does it also cause the muscles to expand more than usual? That can happen. Mostly, we find this in older women. However, for Mrs. Tob, because she gave birth naturally, took longer than usual, and has a small pelvis, the extended labor during the delivery resulted in her vaginal muscles becoming loose. The subsequent side effect was stress incontinence. Because of the loose vagina. But no need to worry. The laser treatment, will help solve the issues of the loose vaginal muscles, and stress incontinence. The atmosphere during the Vaginal Lift. The Vaginal Lift Procedure. The feeling after doing the Vaginal Lift I have had the Vaginal Lift performed twice already and I feel better than before when I had to worry about stress incontinence. When I sneeze hard, I no longer have a problem. And I feel that the vaginal muscles are tighter. At first, I thought that perhaps I was imagining things. However, afterwards my husband told me that my vaginal muscles were definitely much tighter. If anyone suffers from the same problem, they should discuss this treatment with their doctor.

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