9 Replies to “Vangelis Rarities Gestation”

  1. A superb piece. Original for the use of the Vocoder in such a intense way on an album track. The Golden Vangelis sound era for my ears. Romantic piano, beautiful synths and amazing melody. See you Later.. A masterpiece

  2. Thought This Was Called-: Fertilization … Not Gestation ? But Oh Wot Magic That Vanglis Duth Spin

  3. I have no idea what the book or author is called – the information was given to me in a private email from a contributer to the various Vangelis forums.

  4. Superb track ! It was only omitted from the 'See You Later' album because the author of the book – which forms the basis of the lyrics heard here – wouldn't allow their use on the track.
    Some promos exist with the track intact as here.
    Thanks for uploading !

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