Various Stages of the Menstrual Cycle

is something wrong oh yes are the chips I really need some ships and I'm gonna do how many chips I'm pretty sure they're in the cupboard no they're not are you looked okay they're not in there all we have is like maple syrup his oatmeal and whatever the hell this stuff is weird grainy bang check in mail yeah I'd like checked everywhere what pong oh god yeah like the biggest bull yes isn't that a bit much no you're probably right yeah such a badass shit you duel death shut up yes I do okay I think I'm gonna go take a nap I hurt you need something right then fucking puffin puffin I know it's in here do we need that I like making a rocket what go away there's the ibuprofen wasn't in there why were you hiding why every relieves pains and hang stupid what do you mean temporarily you better permanently to leave this bleeding really i'm already bleeding I don't care stupid fucking it one tab you want no no no you know what first the direction the direction amazing it's it's too many oh sweet pain to go fucking link pills isn't working Wow damn it have to be enough everybody quit being weird shut up okay this is a really stressful time for me right now it's my favorite very babies to fuck please tell me we have some oh thank you thank you what are you kidding me what one should have told mom to go get some more I can take this leg you hey do you need anything go away

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