1. Thank you so much for sharing your story my first pregnancy with my son I had to get a C-section and I also will be getting another C-section next Friday with my son and you make me feel so much better

  2. This video put me at ease thank you, Ive got my c section Wednesday but nervous even though Ive had a kidney transplant and loads of different surgery. Just worried I wont get to spend much time with my baby πŸ™

  3. My son was 14 pounds so they made me have a c section. My cousin gave natural birth to a 13 pound girl!

  4. Thank you for this! I was induced and my baby wouldn't come out and ended up with a c section and I contracted sepsis and was in hospital a week. so frustrating as feel like c sections can disrupt bonding but my son is 2 week old now and I love him more than I could ever imagine xx

  5. Thanks Lucy. This video made me emosh. I’ve had a section. Scared about going again for no2. I found walking for the first time sooooo hard!

  6. 2nd c section was amazing, I've had 3 natural births and 2 c sections. Last 2 were sections as i had hardly no water and they were breach. After talking with the doctors they advised me to not try and deliver natural. My first was a huge shock after 3 naturals that were easy and straight forward quick and drug free. I was in so much pain, after the 2nd c section george my son was taken straight to intensive care so I had no choice to get up and get on with it. He needed feeding and I ended up expressing milk every 4-6 hours my belly went down within days and I felt great after 6 days. Everyone is different it's nice to hear other story's, p.s I love love love your home and love watching your videos being a busy mum of 5 and 1 step son is hard work but watching you makes me smile. Xx

  7. Thank you for making this video. I had a csection last year with my twins. I have a baby girl due this December. I've already choosen to have repeat csection. Hearing your tips will help me decide to stay the extra days.

  8. I recovered brilliantly too after my emergency section, tbh I had a scar but I didn't have a stitched fufu!! Talking to friends I'm glad I didn't, they were in agony! 😳 never had another baby but I'm telling you now, no way would I have had a natural birth, it would have been booked, I would have known my dates etc. No way would anyone have changed my mind! Only thing for me was the epidural was horrific!

  9. this was very helpful as im going through this right now i have a 2 year old and had him with c section. and im wanting another with this baby.. can i ask how many weeks you had your c section as im worried ill go into labour beforei have it? xx

  10. Thankyou so much for this I'm having my second boy in Bath and have my consultation appointment coming up soon and feeling anxious about it. This was really helpful πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  11. Must ask do they try and force breast feeding nowadays? It's been a decade since having my babies and even back when I had Lois 8 years ago they were trying to push for breast but I totally think everything with pregnancy, birth and babies needs to be 100% personal choice there's no right or wrong 😘😘

  12. I had my bowel removal surgery as the same as a C section Hun so I totally know what you were feeling! Xx can't see my scar now xx

  13. Baby blues totally normal Hun! Look at the mummy, person, Wifey ,sister etc you are now and having kids do this xx

  14. I've had two natural vaginal births and I just love that I could stand up and be active straight after. Second baby is now 9 weeks old and with her 4 pushes and she was out at a whopping 10lbs! Gravity helps with bigger babies my first was small and a lot longer harder pushes. With this one I was up right away showered and discharged 6hours later! Her 10lb self didn't do any favours for my tummy either lol xxx

  15. Your experience with your first is exactly what happened with me and Tommy. We was let home the day after and then I really struggled with the pain and baby blues xxx

  16. Its great you shared your story, it prepares me for what to expect. I had an emergency csection for my first and it was horrible! Now its 2 years later I'm not having another baby because im scared. I think i may go for a planned csection cos i would hate to go through what i went through the first time. The thought of having a second csection though makes me panic. Sigh. I live in Nigeria… love your channel and you're beautiful. I shared my story on my channel

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