Gonna be tasting meat, for the first time in about 30 years. I’ve been a vegetarian for about a year now. So I’m really just, completely turned off meat, so (sigh) I’m really nervous. Comin’ up to five years I would be vegetarian now I’d say. I fell off the wagon once or twice at the start, cause it’s not easy. But yeah a good 5 years, I’m proud to say Oh my god! It’s sausage, what, is that bacon around it, is it? I’ve only ever had a barbecued (pause) vegetable so, (nervous laugh) It’s not as good as I remembered, I’m sorry (laughs) oh my god…sorry… I’ll take one more (laugh) I won’t I’m not touchin’ it no I just couldn’t imaging swallowing it. (sigh) No, god no (nervous laughs) Gosh, even cutting this is hard That’s the one thing you never have to worry about with vegetables I knew there was gonna be meat involved, but no, I didn’t even, but I wasn’t even gonna allow myself to think what kind of…meat Jesus how do people do this? *groans no* Is that enough of a taste? (nervous laugh) I can’t do it Just doesn’t seem like food So dipping the chicken in the blue cheese, is that cheating? Okay, now that’s as good as I remember Strangely, out of all the meats chicken is the one that I really can’t stand even the thought of oh my god… even just the fact that you have to touch it your fingers just, when I took a bite into it and I touched the bone, i was just… (disgusted sounds) yeah, its the skin and the mmmmm….. I’m sorry that is so good This is definitely the worst so far This is cow… This should be easy because well easier I think cause it’s more processed I can really just… taste the meat by, compared to everything else with it, it’s really, just need to spit it out Old McDonald had a farm… Oh my god, there’s so much chewing and it’s just…sorry e, i, e, i… I can feel the knife cutting into it and I’m like ughhh Yeah, this is my memory of meat, that, you’re just chewing and chewing and it’s not going anywhere. Veal? What is that? Honestly with veal it’s kinda the ethical thing that’s why people don’t eat it, but in terms of tasting…I can’t imagine it’s any different. ugh, my stomach’s turning even just thinking about biting into it. I feel so guilty cause that’s nice it is like exactly nice It just does nothing for me, the taste is just, really kind of bland tissue-y um, yeah it doesn’t really taste of anything The texture was much better than the steak because it’s a baby Just I don’t look at it as being food anymore like I really just look at as being, like, the flesh of an animal I’m a lot more set, yeah, a lot more assertive and sure that I’m…I’m vegetarian for life 100 percent What did one vegetarian say to the other vegetarian? we’ve got to stop meat-ing like this! That’s all I’ve got that’s my only vegetarian joke you’re laughing! Oh no! I have another one now, I actually do, I have another one Why did the chicken cross the road? (off camera) why? He was running from Colonel Sanders


  1. I was so horrified when everyone was saying they didn't like the meat.
    …until the chicken wings.
    YES! There is still hope for one! Come to the dark side. Join us meat eaters! Mwa ha ha ha!
    Mmmm chicken, so tasty😆

  2. Bruh that chick in the blue scarf sounds like such a bitch complaining about everything and saying how much better she thinks vegetables are
    She prolly tells everyone she meets that shes a vegan

  3. I’m vegetarian and if I was in that video I would just hit the plate with the food off the table or I would cut it up and turn it into food animals

  4. I give the girl with the scarf an alright, she’s been a vegan for 30 yrs, she doesn’t know how enjoyable meat is anymore but the girl who’s been a vegan for a yr, rly she’s exaggerating to the max

  5. Maybe is not a fake reaction, when i was not a vegan i hated meat so much that i spit it out on the plate, for me is just the worst thing, not every person think meat is good, just saying.

  6. The one with the blue scarf is one of those persons who is complaining about how there is no vegetarian food at the BBQ and her dog is probably vegetarien to

  7. There are so much food vegans can eat like sushi,cheese pizza,salad,veggies,pasta and the list goes on and on people! Vegans dont just eat veggies!✌

  8. She says she has to chew it so much so she don't like it, well carrots and pomegranates take a lot of chewing as well

  9. To be honest the girl with the orange hair was being the most realest vegetarian there is. When they gave her some of the foods she acted like a normal person but still said I’m vegetarian!

  10. 2:05 this is how you can tell this video is real and she's not an actor. cause there has to be something the vegetarians like….The other two can go f*** themselves

  11. I was a vegaterian for 10 years because I just didnt like the taste. I still can really only eat white meats. Go crazy though guys

  12. I'm a vegan and I have been for 3 years, and too even see vegetarians betray their style is horrible to me😅

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