VENUS in 7th House in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have discussed about
Saturn in the seventh house of the horoscope in this video we are going to
dive deep into what other effects when you have Venus yes
Venus in the seventh house of the horoscope so keep watching namaste and welcome to Pramanik
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self adel pathetic astrology Venus in the seventh house of the horoscope what
is Venus the first thing which comes to my mind when I think of Reedus is beauty
Venus is about beauty Venus is about the love peace harmony Venus is about
comforts more than luxuries Venus is about the comforts Venus rules the water
element in the fire element series which is all about the nourishment Venus is
about the nourishment Venus also signifies the beauty and the beauty
products Venus also signifies love marriage sex beauty Venus is the natural
significant that is the carga that is the producer of the marriage and spouse
and what is seven thousand seventh house is the house of marriage it’s about
death it’s about destination it’s about travel
it is about the interaction with the other people it is the house of the
western horizon the first house is East horizon seventh house is the West
horizon it is at the end of the day it is at the timing of the sunset it also
signifies business commerce trades and exchange it also is the bhavat
bhavam for the tenth house that is the tenth from the tenth and it is also the
ultimate house of nourishment because it is fourth from the fourth now let us
look at what are the effects of Venus when you have Venus in the seventh house
of the horoscope when Venus is into the seventh house it
can also create one of the pancha maha purusha known as Malevich the literal
meaning of the mala veer is in fact it it does not have any meaning it is the
name of the area in the ancient India okay which was known for luxurious items so mala view and when malavya yoga is
formed or arise when okay there are two conditions to have a Malevich first is
Venus should be in the Kendra what is the caner Kendra is house number one for
710 next condition it also should be in its own sign or in the sign of
exultation so to form a Malibu yoga Venus has to be in the 1 4 7 10 houses
and it has to be in the sign of Taurus or Libra or the sign of exultation of
Venus that is Pisces we are talking about the $7,000 scope so if you have
Venus in the second house excuse me in the Taurus the second Rashi the Libra or
the Pisces it gives rise to the Mahavira and it based on upon the native there
all the positive traits of the Venus so the planet of love is coming into the
house of manage Venus loves to make relationship mercury also loves to make
a relationship but Venetian relationships are far more driven by
love and Mercurian relationships are driven either by the friendships or by
the business ok but we listen relationships are totally
driven by love so when the planet of love comes into the house of marriage it
is a positive indication to the person having this combination to have the
capacity to relate to other person okay so the person with the seventh house
Venus can easily form a relationship because he is ready to accept that new
person in his life his or her life and that is because of
the Venus in the seventh house the planet of beauty and luxury is coming
into the house of the partnership so these person so these people can have
a partner who can really help them elevate their status in this life okay
it can be a business partner or spouse whenever I say partner take it as
business partner as well as the spouse so the person with the Venus in the
seventh house gets the status in the society due to its spouse Venus is the
planet of the spouse and now that planet is coming into the seven thousand okay
Venus also represents the Venus the Shukra is also the Guru of the asuras so
Venus and Jupiter are two gurus the planet of beauty is coming into the
house of marriage so these people tend to attract beautiful spouse generally
depends upon aspects and connection it gets altered but as a generic foundation
these people tend to attract the partner who are beautiful who are symmetrical
okay seventh house is the house of travel and
Venus is the planet of abundance along with the Jupiter Venus is the most
benefit planet but here’s a difference between Venus and Jupiter Venus gives to
those who deserve and excuse me Jupiter give to those who deserve but Venus is
kind of easy on that he gives to everyone okay
that’s why he’s the Guru of the Asura’s so yes traveling can also be seen from
the seventh house and the planet of luxury and comfort is coming into the
seventh also these people have a comfortable journeys abroad okay
seventh house is also the house of your diplomacy Venus is also the skill into
the business activities wherever there is an interaction just like 7000 with
other people or there is any opportunity to forming a relationship venus excel in
such kind of positions so venus in the seventh house feels very comfortable so
he likes to be in the seventh house he feels it’s about dealing with people
how to make money would like to connect with somebody have a relationship for a
long-term committed relationship marriage Wow
great he loves that okay from the seventh house venus aspect the
first house of the horoscope first house is usually the house of orientation or
once perspective towards the life so when you have the most benefit Venus
expecting your ascendant it gives you the best for luxurious items it gives
you the positivity and happiness to your personality it brings in some kind of
charm and magnetic personality it makes the person extremely attractive and if
it is near the other planets there are certain planets I’ll tell you in some
other videos which really makes one magnetic here a resistible charm okay
we’ll talk about that in some later videos but when a person has Venus
prospecting the first off it gives the native extremely attractive personality
okay the spouse of the person helps him in
all walks of the life okay so the Russia of the Venus determines what kind of
environment what kind of manifestation is going to
happen and how this foundation and how this generic prediction is going to get
altered and getting the final outcome okay the Venus in the seventh house is
also about the interactions Venus is also the maracas if you look at kal
purush Kundalini nurse rules the second house as well as the seventh house so
what is the common factor in the second house in 7th house both these houses are
ruled by Vedas I got that but apart from that what do you see as a common
grounding factor for these two verses these two houses both the houses are
maraca houses second house and the seventh house okay
so for this you need to understand the planets of the solar planets and cruel
planets you also have to consider the natural benefit temporal benefit
compound benefit or compound malefic okay then only you can understand what
kind of Venus or any planet is sitting in the seventh house or any house which
is in the question this was Venus as much as I could hold grasp and share
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the way love and peace is Venus so spread that love

10 Replies to “VENUS in 7th House in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart”

  1. Remind Yourself of who You are and Keep working to achieve the Life You are Worthy of..Sending You ons of Positive Energy..Sending You High Vibes..Love and Peace

  2. Sir, I have venus in 7th (taurus) of scorpio ascendant. I heard it cannot form malavya yoga due to venus being a maraka planet for scorpio ascendant. Sir can you please throw some light on this. How will my venus behave in this position? 🙏

  3. I have Venus Exalted in the 7th house (Kendra) in Pisces and I am 42 years single and unmarried. 🙁 and I have Venus in Navamsa at 6th house in Leo Jupiter in the 9th house in Sagittarius in Navamsa. Still I am single at 42 age. 🙁

  4. Fantastic as always 😊I have saturn and Venus together in 7th house in Capricorn…some astrologers say it is difficult position as far as marriage is concerned is it true?because as per my knowledge i feel like it is the best combination to have for marriage…as saturn is in 7th where as per kal purush kundali saturn gets digbala and Venus aslo considered to be in Libra…both are friendly to each other…so Venus is comfortable in Capricorn and saturn as well as saturn is in its own sign…would you please share your opinion about this combination in 7th house?
    Moreover Venus in 7th shows status…Capricorn is original 10 this sign shows status and saturn originally is lord of 10th and 11th house and sign again 10th house is status…so can we conclude that the status will increase after marriage or spouses family would be influential or having social status???

  5. If venus in chalit kundali moves to seventh house should we consider it in with house or seventh house. Thanks for another good video.

  6. Virgo ascendent Venus in 7 pisces aspected by Jupiter from 3 house but hemmed between pap kartari ketu 8 Saturn 6 Venus gave me knowledge wisdom philosophy charm but not luxury and material gain.

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