Very fast delivery… I only pushed for 5 mins!!!

yeah you don't have to be camera shy you're too cute what is it it was oh let's not go really 33 hi guys how are you doing welcome back to our channel well if you're new here I'm Karina I'm Tyler and this is TJ he doesn't have much to say no make sure he's kind of hitting that milk coma life yeah okay so as you can tell by the title of this video we are going to be explaining to you guys what happened with the labor and the delivery and why there's no footage of it and just why it's taken us so long to get this video may yes so that's all we're gonna be talking about in this I will get a like post partum video up soon and I will get him a like one month update because he will be one month on Monday so will I'll have all that for you but they will be in separate videos so March 2nd because I think that was that Saturday Sunday Monday 3rd 4th you have March 2nd I that evening around 5 ish I started having some pretty decent contractions over at my mom's who's a gnarly yeah really experienced um but they weren't in my stomach I wasn't having high five do you hear me talk they weren't contractions in my stomach they were all the the painful ones were in my back yeah yeah sure let's see how he handles them okay good so my aunt my cousin have came in from West Virginia and they were over there and like I said I was having contractions in my back and so we went on a walk to see if we could get him more painful because my mom kept saying well both my mom and my aunt kept saying they're not painful enough you know you're not in labor you'll know when it hits so we look for a walk tried to get him to be more intense didn't work and then about they quit and then about an hour and a half later they came back and they lasted for about an hour and then it quit and then about another two hours we were in the bedroom and they started again and this time it was like even more painful in my back and I was actually like it was knocking the breath out of me and I was calling my mom and I was calling his mom asking for opinions and just when we were thinking about going to the hospital they quit so then this puts us into Sunday March 3rd and this was the day we did not want to go into labor at all because my doctor was going to be in Alabama at a concert I didn't go into labor but I did nest and I felt so bad for him because I redid the whole that room and he had to help because obviously I couldn't move the furniture but so I was like I wanted to redo the whole bedroom I really was cleaning out drawers I was rearranging drawers I was dusting the living room vacuuming all the floors I scrubbed down the bathroom I scrubbed down the kitchen I was a lot of cleaning it was it was a lot and his dad had told me when you start nesting you'll know that like that that'll be it because probably within like 24 to 72 hours you'll go into labor so Monday we went in for my 38 week appointment and they did the ultrasound scan but they didn't take the weight that time did they they didn't do the weight but then dr. Hochberg er was like have you had any contractions and we were like yeah Saturday night and he was like well do you want me to check you and I was like sure and so he checked me and he said I was basically out of four and then when he was done checking me there was blood and he never I don't think he ever did he ever say like what the blood meant I don't think he did he just looked at the nurse his nurse I think that probably just means that you were like super faced like it was like your uterine lining was like super thick he never said that like he didn't we didn't think to ask what the effacement was on that either yet that's what I would assumes is just like you know he did his check and he was like yo dang there's really nothing there yeah and then you're I don't know if I ate four centimeter dialing I don't know if I ever lost my mucus plug so I don't know if that's what they like would have been like the bloody show I don't know he didn't really say he just looked at his nurse and they kind and they were just kind of looking at each other like ah yeah like it's a good time so he's that day on and he was like you want to have this baby today and I kind of tell you suppose oh well I kind of thought he was kidding just at first and I was like sure whenever you're ready to deliver him and he was like well how have your contractions been and so I was telling him and I was like but I've been hurting more on my back because I had people telling me that like my back pain wasn't contractions and he was like no you're having more contractions than you think you are like if it hurts in your back you're just one of those people that are happy Mike back labor and he was like well I tell you what he said this check will probably put you into active labor and I had told him because I cut to the point where I couldn't pee anymore if I sat down to go pee he was so low and so heavy that it just cut off my urethra and I couldn't be you just bound to not have that your mouth huh you're gonna scream at us aren't you so I couldn't pee and I was telling doctor my doctor that you know the only way I could pee was standing up so I would either have to put a towel between my legs and I'd have to go stand in the shower and pee when I said that he was like yeah no worry you're having this baby today so he basically told us to go home get her stuff ready get a bite to eat you know whatever just be at the hospital by that evening so we came home well we went and got lunch and yellow deli and then we came home and I was still nesting I think I folded almost what three loads of laundry before we went in yeah I took a shower I folded a little laundry I took a shower shave my legs wash my hair came out and folded two more loads of laundry well then at that point diary I had like set in so then I came out and I told him I was like okay I'm gonna finish folding this last load of laundry and then I think we need to go and so we got to the hospital at about 3:00 and we were in the monitoring room and this is still Monday this is still the same day we're in the monitoring room for about an hour and then the nurse came in and she was like yeah there's no way that they which we knew that they weren't me to send us home anyways because dr. Hans Berger had already told us that he wouldn't send me home out of four so they you know the nurse was like they're not gonna send you home with you know how regular your contractions are I wasn't filling them and dr. Hans Berger had called back and gave them the green light go ahead and admit me so that was at four they admitted me and then he came up at like 4:45 or 5:45 and broke my water that was an experience yeah it's weird you can hear it pop on the monitor like when he did it it was really weird but then when I had went in at one point on one of my checks like 36 week check or something like that and the nurse practioner I had told me that he was so loud that I probably wouldn't know when my water broke no I I knew and yeah so this is when at this point this is when stuff kind of got really chaotic because yes because he was already the doctor was already upset because he had called in before way before he got there for the lab to go ahead and come up and do my laps and they hadn't I was supposed to go ahead and have my laps drawn talking on my epidural before he broke my water and they hadn't done it so he was not happy so I think he actually went and probably chewed out the lab because as soon as you broke my water it wasn't what ten minutes and they came up and took my labs yeah it was like he walked in the room and they had was this yeah because that happened before they took your or before they didn't your epidural right right yeah so he walked in and you know he was like okay we're gonna send the epidural up like you know waiting on waiting on your labs to come back you know see what you know how everything's looking and the nurse who was very sweet was kind of like they haven't come up to do her labs yet yeah and he looked at her it was like wait what like they haven't I asked for that a long time ago and she was like yeah they're just kind of taking their time and he was like well that's kind of not okay cuz like they're coming up here to do her epidural like ASAP so we actually like we ended up getting the girl done before we even got our labs in no they did the labs before they did the girl they ended up coming up but he was like apologizing to me because they hadn't done my labs and I hadn't had my knees you're right and I hadn't had my epidural yet and I was like dude it's okay so he went ahead and broke my water and then we got the laps done and he was like we'll get you your epidural soon as possible well once I broke my water as you can tell in the video before this one the contractions were real yeah it wasn't the worst pain of my life and I don't know how much worse it would have gotten I don't I don't know if if they actually get more painful or if they just seem like they get more painful because they start lasting longer but I think my contractions were lasting about mmm minute they were minute up to minutes apart and lasting a minute mm-hmm right it's not like that um I would definitely take contractions at least for certain time before I would ever have my eardrum ruptured again that was still the worst pain I think I've ever experienced in my life but I only had to endure that well so I was I only had the full stomach contractions for 50 minutes he came up and he did my epidural and Tyler got to be in the room and that was weird because when he was putting the catheter in at one point I thought I moved I thought I jumped and both the nurse the anesthesiologist and Tyler all were like no you never move I think he actually said I was one of the best people he'd ever had one just because I was real I was an easy you know stick yeah um he was able to find it really quick and got it in really fast and the needles like that freaking long and he said usually like that much of it goes into the patient he said like that much of it went into me but that was that was honestly one of the just a blip on the day he just didn't last very long at all and it went very smooth he was very the anesthesiologist was very deliberate with how vocal he was he talked a lot to her yeah let her know what he was doing let her know when he was gonna be doing it he showed her all the equipment that she wanted to see you know a lot of you know a lot of women they don't want to see that needle he I will say he wouldn't let me see it though until after after the epidural was done but you know he just he walked us through the whole thing he had me involved when I pushed down on her kind of pushing down on her shoulders just to kind of keep her back arch in the right way and also I mean I imagine probably kind of keep her from moving because I imagine that a lot of ladies yeah I get a little jumpy he did say that but yeah that was that was a nerve wracking but like really kind of painless experience yeah it wasn't bad um and I will say getting the epidural was when they put the catheter in it was a little uncomfortable but I mean it wasn't painful it was just a little uncomfortable it was like a little zing and then it was done um but men was feeling pretty good except the epidural didn't want to take on my left side and my mom was the same way it wouldn't take on her lips I either so let me tell you guys how this would entail oh man okay so they kept like if this is me laying on my back they kept turning me just a little bit they turned me a little bit and then they'd have you push the button because I could push the button every 20 minutes and it's it would take a little bit but still still not all the way so then they come and they turn me just a little bit more and then I push the button and then they turn me a little bit more and I thirst button well finally that was like the third time finally the fourth time the nurse came in to turn so like elevate me and I looked at I said can we just completely put me on my left side I said because every time you do turn me it's working but I think we're gonna have to just completely put me on my side so she she was like yeah that's fine we can do that it took about 30 minutes later they she came back in and was like well we're gonna try rolling you over on her right side and I was like that's fine she was like and if for some reason your epidural starts to like wear off on your left side page me let me know we'll put you back back on your left side and we'll get the anesthesiologist back up here and we'll have him I don't remember what she said they were gonna do but she said that there was a couple of things you could do to try and fix it never had another issue out of it but oh my goodness was i numb um she feel me anything she came in a little later with the bag of pitocin and was like dr. Hans Berger once you know wants me to start you on this pitocin if you haven't progressed and so she checked me and she was like oh god okay no you're at like a six now and I this wasn't even like probably an hour and a half later because I think we were at like 7 o'clock 7:30 at this point yeah I think that's about when they said you were to 6 yeah and so she they didn't need to start me on the pitocin I think she didn't hang it up just in case but they never started me on it so here we are waiting for his mother to get there and I don't know it was probably 8 45-ish came around and she comes in to check me it was like uh no I was I was at 8 I was an 8 not a 9 I was at 8 at 9 o'clock anyways he calls his mom and was like oh hey so where are you and she was like oh I've got to leave the house she lives like 20 25 minutes away from this hospital yeah with no and she was like why what you know what's up and he was like uh she's at an 8 and he's like what no she progressed so fast and and the crazy thing is like my mom was supposed to be you know my mom was supposed to be bringing us food for like post delivery and the restaurant that she was gonna be bringing us food from close to ten and she didn't bother to leave the house until like nine it was 9:59 15 so the that was that was a whole nother thing that we don't really need to include in the in the video but I was I was just kind of like you know when I called you the last time she was already at a six he'd progressed and it was centimeter two centimeters in like an hour and a half and you know nine o'clock rolls around and they're like oh yeah you're a mate I'm like uh you need to get here to get here and she just like there there was no there wasn't a super whole lot of like yeah anyway she made it so his mom's like freaking out at this point because she I mean I even heard her he was across the room and I even heard her like not screaming but talking very loudly as I thought she had longer than that it's her first baby yeah so they were gonna check me again at 11:00 because eight nine ten I've been you know every two hours that are every yeah about two centimeters every hour and a half two hours or so well they kept telling me even the anesthesiologist you know they were like okay you're not gonna feel any pain but you're gonna feel pressure so this point the nurse was like if you start feeling pressure to push let me know what I was like okay about thirty minutes went by oh I scared him I'm sorry bud about thirty minutes went by and my legs were so numb and I had restless leg syndrome I was having him just like periodically like tap my leg like that just to try to la Heat he's the sensation yeah and they were like tingling like when your feet go numb it was awful guys I never want that nothing so when I when they told me I was an eight my mom was like what you probably should push that button warmer I was like mm-hmm no I had already pushed it when they told me I was at at six like an hour and a half ago I was like no no you guys don't understand I am so numb I couldn't even fill her checking me I was that numb so you know I'm laying here and I'm waiting to feel pressure and at what point I thought I kind of felt I don't know which is all of a sudden I kind of felt weird and so he's on the phone with this bomb again about this food and we're like do I stop do I not stop doing get there like what what am i doing and the weirdness finally passed I was like no I think she's got some time go ahead and stop and get the food so she stops and she gets there and the host that she put the order with didn't send it back to the kitchen she just went home so this foods not even diamond I guess his mom's in there and she's like no look you don't understand if this foods not done right now I've got to go because she's a my daughter-in-law is about puffs that sneeze out this baby so long story short she didn't get the food because she wasn't gonna wait for it so she got to the hospital and he ran out to go meet her so he could walk her back and I'm laying there thinking oh god oh god he better make it back in time well I didn't know how fast the way it was gonna happen and I started had started feeling weird again yeah so dr. Hardberger came in like ten forty ish 20 minutes early to check me and I mean literally he went uh okay we need to hurry up and get her into practice pushes because we're about to catch this baby so I did three practice pushes and then the nurse was like we all the other nurses were like running and setting up the room really fast while I'm doing some of these practice pushes I did three and she was like you gotta stop because if you do one more the baby's head's be like out of you and which I was even surprised that I was pushing as good as they said I was cuz I couldn't freaking feel anything you guys like I cannot stress that I never want to be that number him and so she runs she has someone run out to get dr. horns burger and he comes in the room and he's like putting all of this stuff on and I started pushing at 11:02 and his baby was born at 11:07 so he was born at 11:07 he was 8 pounds 5 ounces and 20 and a half inches at 38 weeks so if he would have went to 40 he would have been closer to like a 10-pound baby healthy trend so yes thank you thank God that my doctor is not one of those that makes you go until 40 weeks which and he told me to when they weighed him he was like yeah I kind of figured that's about what he was gonna weigh because throughout the entire pregnancy I was gaining or he was gaining anywhere from a half a pound – what a pound a week so yeah he was he was measuring consistently consistently ahead of his due date pretty much as soon as there was something like to measure like yeah it's a measure you spit it out you want to back hmm you want it back no maybe yep okay there you go so this is 1107 and then I asked him how bad I tore and he said not bad I think they considered it a first-degree tailor which nobody could believe because of how big was the poor kid came out purple and swollen and bruised which is why he was purple but that all went down by the time we left the hospital he was looking much much better so we actually had to wait and we weren't allowed we weren't allowed to film the labor anyways but I was gonna try to hide the camera somewhere and at least see what I couldn't you know capture even if it was just sound I don't even know if we brought the I don't even think we had brought the GoPro up because we just well we brought the goat we didn't bring it in I know he took bet it was still out in the car right yeah yeah cuz we thought you know we were gonna have more time than what we had to kind of do everything was that funny so yeah we didn't even get to get the GoPro and honestly there the room wasn't super big so there really wasn't gonna be a whole lot of places to set it up yeah any kind of camouflage we will be much more prepared for the next baby cuz we have kind of an idea now of how things work but anyways apparently that whole weekend they just got bombarded with had like I think when we walked in they had six six women in active labor and by the time we had our baby they had like another four walk in we I think I was still in I think I was in labor in the labor and delivery room for like two hours before they can move me Oh to a mother baby room because I just didn't happen and in that two hour time frame his mom had left to go get us some food and she came back with McDonald's he ate we ate I didn't really much of it I had a really bad headache such a bad headache but he ate and then he had to take my mom and my little sister home and I and that was probably a 20 minute drive so forty almost an hour by the time it was all said and done and I had just gotten into the labor and delivery room I mean into the mother baby room when he called to let me know he was on his way so I'd only been in there like 20 minutes by the time he got back up and then this was like going on 2:00 in the morning at this point very early late and so I had and I had been up since 5:00 o'clock I keep asking you come here I think I scared in that time I had been up since 5 o'clock Monday morning cuz I just woke up I don't know I just woke up and I woke up ready to have the baby hmm I was just like I don't know I just had a feeling and so they asked you know do you want us to keep them in the nursery or do you want him back in here and I felt bad to say it but I was like no just keep him in the nursery for a little bit I was so tired plus they had given me hydrocodone for my headache and I didn't even think to tell him to only give me half of it because I'm really sensitive to stuff like that so I was so loopy so freaking loopy and I was actually laying there because he was worried do you want to tell them what you were worried about that and then when I was like oh I miss him Ben's like it made you feel better well he was worried at first because like when I was pregnant like I did oh yeah I got you so like all through the pregnancy and I mean this wasn't really something that I don't think we ever talked about in videos she was kind of worried that she wasn't going to have a instant connection with with TJ when he came out like she just felt like she was gonna be disconnected from him and I have much interest in spending time around him which you know I know is you know something that mothers go through but he came and you know they put us in our mother baby room and they kind of took him off to you know do some you know poking and prodding and clean him up real good and you know get him all situated for the night and they kind of asked us like do you want do you want us to keep him overnight or do you want us to bring him back her you know what do you want us to do and you know kind of by my suggestion because like she said she was loopy I was like why don't you go ahead and keep him for the night and you know if we wake up and we're just like you know we really want to be around and we'll come and get him for a little bit and then we'll bring him back to you well he wasn't gone maybe I don't know maybe an hour oh it may be yeah maybe an hour fiz don't knock over the camera please thank you and Corrina looked over at me we've been talking about the day's events obviously she kind of looked over and she was like baby I was like yeah she's like I'm missing it's like I want I want to go get it and I was like and she was still she was still really loopy from the hydrocodone so I was kind of like you know baby why don't we you know I know I know that you miss him but you know why don't we try to get some rest and you know maybe sleep does hydrocodone in his headache off and you know in the morning and you know she she kind of agreed with me that that was a good idea and then I fell asleep and then I don't know maybe two or three hours later I woke up and she had asked for him back so I got about two hours of sleep and when the nurse came in it was like but like well I woke up at like 4:00 or 4:30 and I talked to my dad a little bit and then the nurse came in at like five or six something like that um to give me some medicine and change out my ice pack and rub my even you guys know all all the stuff that they do and I was like in my life to like go get him she was like oh yeah bring him to you so he came back in and even the next night that second night we were there I really aimed for him that night to only be in there cuz I thought I would do the same thing I thought I would only sleep for maybe three four hours and then I'd want you know and I'd walk down there and I'd go get him and bring him back to the room yeah and I I accidentally slept for like seven or eight hours actually I fell asleep with the light and the TV on in him watching a basketball game and I never fall asleep with the TV on I was out yeah we were tuckered out both of us were talking about but I think that's faint I mean that's it but that's kind of you know why we didn't get to really film anything we as you guys could see from the last video we started to film some stuff and just everything just happened so fast that they actually told me that baby number two I better not waste any time getting to the hospital because I'll probably sneeze it out so that was funny but and then outside of that the other reason the reason why it's taken us so long to get this done it's just so much yeah so you know we left the hospital and then on a Wednesday oh and that was the other thing my discharge got canceled on Wednesday because I don't want to say I was having issues breathing but I just had really bad tightness in my chest and I talked to my doctors partner who the other doctor that he works with and he had told me that morning that because he was the one doing the round so that it was probably just muscle fatigue because I was so little and I had such a big baby not to worry about it he listened to my lungs it all sounded good well my nurse got wind of that before it was time for me to leave and she caused dr. Hans Berger my doctor and told him and purposely did not tell dr. Hans Berger that I had talked to the other doctor that morning and that he gave me the okay because she said she knew that if she would have done that he would have went ahead let me go home and she wanted him to have some test run on me which I was appreciative appreciative of that you know she didn't want me leaving there with potentially something life-threatening you know going on but at the same time I really just wish she would have yeah by that time we were both just so ready to be back home right yeah it's just I'm hungry I was so hungry 2 or 3 hour delay just kind of I was crying I was so upset so they ended up running an EKG and then they ended up running an x-ray to make sure that there wasn't um extra fluid in my lungs and it all came back okay so luckily doctor she called dr. Hans Berger and he was like you can let her go home so I got to go ahead and go home which technically I could have walked out of the hospital anyways because I'd already signed the discharge papers and so once you do that yeah so I think so once you do that you don't I could have walked out and my entrance would have covered it but anyways that's anyways so that was a thing so we got home then that Friday we had his first appointment um you didn't work that did you work that weekend you were off for a whole nother week my dad came down that weekend for the whole week to visit and then the day that we were going to film this which was that following Tuesday we went played some golf and his mom actually watched TJ for a little bit and while we were on the golf course I got wind that my great grandmother passed away just kind of not really randomly she took a fall the day before in a parking lot and they were how during the ICU because they couldn't get her blood pressure stabilized and so that Tuesday morning they knew that they were gonna have to put a stent in so they were just kind of waiting on her blood pressure to be okay and she was with it and then the next thing they said that she was with it one minute and the next thing they know she just died and that was really really really hard on really everyone in my family she was very very loved she was kind of the peanut butter that really held everyone together and then I don't I handled it pretty good but I was I don't know I don't want to say I was depressed I did beat myself up all last week though because she didn't get to meet him and that was the last time I saw her that was like what she had asked she was like when he's born like you know bring him over so I can see and I was like I will granny don't worry but yeah yeah well take the one in the refrigerator no don't heat all of it up dump it over into dub dump it out over into a bottle and then heat it up yeah we're gonna we're good so she didn't get to meet him because my aunt uncle that lived with her because she was going blind my uncle had gotten the flu and bronchitis well as soon as he was getting over it my aunt caught the flu so then as soon as she was getting over it my granny didn't know if it was allergies or she was trying to come down with a cold and my granny was just like no you're not bringing that baby over here while we're all sick would not let me bring him over and then she passed away right after you know just to eat she was like two weeks no so she yeah she didn't get to meet him and I was pretty bummed out about that but did you just want to be held but that's basically it as far as the labor and delivery goes and kind of why it's taken us so long to get this up oh yeah and then we ended up going up to Indiana Sunday this this past Sunday night and we just got back yesterday which when you guys see this when this goes up it'll be Friday so for you guys we got back in town on went late Wednesday night because we're filming this on Thursday to meet we took him up there to meet my grandma and grandpa Brooks so my dad's mom and dad cuz my grandpa he's not necessarily going downhill fast but in a way he kind of is he's older yeah and alright so I think the GoPro died either that or it ran out of memory anyways we've had one scare with my grandfather didn't think he was gonna make it he pulled through didn't want to lose another grandparent and them not yet to meet him so we just went up there but anyways that is it I will like I said be getting a couple more videos up very soon and yeah I look a hot mess ignore that he fell asleep he always does this we go to make us freakin bottle and then he falls like but anyways so yeah stay tuned we'll have some cuteness with him in it coming up we got a clip of his first bath Oh tap that up and yeah so anyways Tyler's not here to exit this video so I guess I'll be doing it anyways we love you all there he is and we will see you next time by

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