45 Replies to “Very Sad Newborn Situation Fell Three Time, Pity Newborn Monkey”

  1. Love it love it!!! Seeing these ugly baby shit rats in pain and dying just makes my day!!!! I hope it’s suffering bad!!!!

  2. I don't know if this will make sense to anyone but is it possible that this is why they carry around dead baby for up to a couple of days because them falling and getting knocked out is more common than we think?

  3. I hate your videos because I'm looking at monkeys being tortured by their mothers and this monkey had fell out of the tree three times and nobody is intervening of taking these monkeys away from these individual parents that are not good parents these monkeys should not be getting pregnant they should be castrated new country should do something about this that poor monkey I feel so sorry for it that monkey don't not need to be getting pregnant it is Young itself

  4. Ha ha ha, looked dead for a while but it must have just knocked the wind out of the ugly rat. It's okay. Mom just eating ur poop, cleaning your butt. She has gotta be the dumbest monkey mom i have ever seen on these videos.

  5. It's time to start boycotting these videos. You camera people are the problem! I'm not watching anymore of this cruelty!

  6. I know this is old, but have any of the other kidnappers had children?? I would like to see if they are this way 2, because i really feel that if this is DUKE , that shes doing 🌳 climbing and dropping him because mabye she is nervous and worried her kidnapping karma is coming1….

  7. 赤ちゃん猿と母猿、毎回同じ映像 たまには猿の兄弟姉妹などが出る又兄妹の子供の映像をみせて下さい、

  8. Awww pity pity fall fall mommy drop baby too many time too much ouch for baby maybe he no live give too many pity baby boy so sad too much pity for baby

  9. Did he break his arms?Looks like he has no mobility in one of them! Poor baby I know he has to be in alot of pain.He screams everytime she moves him.

  10. You camera man got to be a shame of yourself as if it was not for you all following these monkeys and feeding them or by there side 24/7 when they going to give birth they would not be running up the tree's or taken other baby's they only do it so you can feed them. I wish you would all back of and leave these monkeys alone to feed for themselves as they use to before all you video people came along as now there are to many of you. I came of this for over 6 months as I had enough watching baby's getting killed and nothing changed here. God know how many times we tell you to back off but you still do what you want to do. As I say you only think of yourselfs not these poor baby's or there mommy's money money money and get your views in that's all you think about. I do not care if no one what's to believe me but I care for these monkeys more thank you

  11. The vo’s caused this to happen, they chased her up the tree, she wasn’t holding onto the baby properly and he fell. Dutches was a kidnapper and in her mind they were trying to take her baby, that’s why she went up the tree.

  12. He is lucky that still alive, other with less issues are gone. But this one look like that hes time is almost over.

  13. Poor little baby been a rough painful start might not even live through it is mother dont stop dropping you..

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