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  1. Hello Laddies!

    My husband and I are now pregnant with baby number 8! I have seen and read lots of good comments. This will be my 7th C-section by the way 😊 I was hoping that the moms who posted this video, along with other moms whom commented will be willing to contact me to share with me their personal experience of their c-section. (Please inbox me on Facebook; Lillie Bonilla or email me at [email protected] – Subject: My C—Section Birth). I’m mostly asking you all because I would like to see if we can get together to make a video to help educate other moms about to C-section. I see that they have lots of videos about vaginal birth. But not much about C-sections. I would like to make this video to make it known to other women that C-section births are real births too! I also hope that it can be used as a educational peace in the medical field as well. Looking for all willing C-section birthing moms of #3 or more 😁🤰🏽

  2. Oh wow, hubby and I are discussing baby 8 which will be section 7 xx. This gives me hope it can go well xx

  3. I'm having my 4th c section in September and I am so terrified I'm going to die, the nurse practitioner I'm seeing isn't any help either they always scare me when I go in telling me it's not a good idea to have more kids, I wish I had a Dr who was confident enough to know everything will be okay. I really don't like when they tell me Drs don't like touching anyone who's had more than 3 c sections.

  4. thanks for sharing my girlfriend had a c section recently she's doing well except some trouble emptying her bladder

  5. Omg I'm having my 5th c section 15th nov I'm so scared nd worried I can't enjoy my pregnancy, I bled to much on number 4 but didn't need a transfusion, guess that's something

  6. Hi ladies, is it possible for me that already had 4 sections to carry twins for my next pregnancy? What do you think? I lost my 4th and thinking to have ivf and get twin.

  7. Did you or anyone else ever had placenta previa? I had the marginal kind and was wondering how it will affect future pregnancies. I've waited four years to have another baby I am hoping this lessens my chance since my two were 22 months apart and wondering if that's why I had it

  8. this video really helps me I'm due Aug 2 2016
    I have 4 living n 1 deceased a total of 5 c- sections now tjis year will b my 6 th praying it go great being they said i have alot scar tissue

  9. I'm having my 6th cesections may 2016 I'm scared never had any problems so I'm hoping and praying to God everything goes good this time also if u don't mind me asking how far apart are your kids all mine are basically 22 months a part I got pregnant exactly one year after my last cesections so my last 2 will be exactly 21 month a part thanks for your reply God bless you and your beautiful family: )

  10. have you ever had a spinal go too high? im due very soon and my last c section the spinal went to high. im so scared. surgery #3 coming soon

  11. god help me pls… im pregnant for my 4th baby..im really nervous, i dont think i can do this…pls help me guyz.im pilipina.

  12. You are brave! Have you ever been in labor? I've had 3 c section never experienced labor. The spinal is what makes me cringe! I hate how it feels! I'm pregnant with my 4th and I'm so scared! It seems they hurt more each time.

  13. I'm curious to know….Do you ladies have a special diet or do something that makes your uterus so strong? It's amazing to read you ladies comments about multiple c-sections. I have had 2 c-sections already, my kid's dad wants more but the thought of having another c-sections scares the crap out of me. I would LOVE to have more or just have multiples, then be done but im just not that lucky!

  14. OMG 7? Thanks God all of my children were born naturally…I have watergentlebirth on my 4th baby boy, 4kg and there no need episiotomy..Many women can give birth VBAC if they learn about gentlebirth and join the community 

  15. Omg this just gave me so much hope! I have had 4 c sections. My last one was with my son 6 yrs ago. My uterus rupture. I was so nervous about having another one but visioned going to the Dr and hearing that after 6 yrs my uterus healed amazingly! I know God is bigger then anything and anything is possible. I'm up 5:18 am smiling from ear to ear! I have been doing research all night

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