VLOG #1 | Labor And Delivery | All Natural

it is 8:45 and we are heading to the doctor to see if it is a false alarm or if Kyrie is ready to make an injury waiting for the doctor to see if KY is coming if this is just a force alone feeling better baby no you're determined for the first huh I'm always hungry so as I figure out what's going on I'll get you some food okay wait Burger King is all wet this is the mall pivot it's not a quick run and I can't do nothin for Hubble watch so they sent this home this morning and the wife is in the house laboring right now and we're getting ready to go back because her contractions are about four minutes apart lasting about 60 70 seconds on so and now we're back to see what's going on up due soon she's ready dad mom we're not playing a waiting game she is five centimeters and high on drugs contractions are still coming so it's just a waiting game now it's going down push it up come on down around your baby [Applause] now you don't do that now you don't hey guys got one more sort of truth you crying like I like it but I don't know if I like it all the way in cries he likes that's what you don't like here madam it'll help with that but we want to make sure he doesn't get any that keep that in his eyes okay no no why are you crying – mommy with the pink baby mommy with the pink baby there's mommy hi baby are you feeling good seven pounds even 20 inches long 13 inch head sorry baby you open your eyes for your sister you said great cover letter book right mom yes

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  1. ohhh amen boss u kid I m 8 months pregnant waiting for my delivery yoo in September pls pray all as m getting pregnant very hard but God is great Krishna give me this luck nd happyness m glad that I m going to be mon soon pls I request to all pray for me thnks and bless u

  2. ang kanya teyan hinde guting ang kanya teyan pati rin sa vagena niya ?ang kamay e pa sulod sa vagenal para man gawas ang baby ok

  3. ang ang push on sa baby e putol na siya e buntag sa alcohol hinde pa over buntag sa alcohol sa baby ok

  4. I want another baby! I’m ready to go through pain again🤗

    I really am! Husband and I talked about and it’s a yes!!!!

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