Vlog 5: Did IVF work for us? Two week wait.

so I'm gonna take a pregnancy test like pregnant should I look at that little transcript just do it okay everybody falls apart so our way to find out the point in our blood test so I got a blood test just when I thought the way it was over we have to wait again how do you feel baby excited I'm excited or centipedes or whatever to my stomach to get out are you pregnant oh are we pregnant whether we like it or not but we'll see we're on our way so the only reason why I didn't answer is because I told my ivf coordinator to leave a voicemail so we can listen to it over and over again to review so now we're just waiting for an email so we can read that too for our reaction we've done a missed call at a voicemail waiting for us to hear this guy's so chill like brah Thunder I know should I look at that no transcript just do it no Kim every ready how's your part I'm a parent or a console dr. Fenris office so I have wonderful news okay of everything looks great with your pregnancy and today okay so Jenny is all thinking that you're president you're a TCG level is 250 1.30 okay so that 200 level looks really great anything higher than 5 indicates a positive pregnancy to pee so everything today just remember Liz nice and high as well indicating that you you're getting what you need from the injections in your name okay I'm so moving forward please continue all of your medication there will be no changes at all we'll see you back on Wednesday mornings for more blood work with Wednesday flavors are really confirming that baby sea level is rising appropriately to indicate a healthy progression and early pregnancy okay so every other day today the values about 250 Wednesday we ideally like to be around 500 or more so we'll see on Wednesday morning from work blood just as you did today oh god they say careful how does climb you hope it's often that's a pretty high number don't worry buddy yes we're gonna wait to tell mom goodbye I'm trying to like tell everyone like people that I'm closing ways but like everyone's so busy Congrats yeah is that your celebration that's right yeah did you have a baby who knew Oh baby Wow when did you guys fight no today you what's Luigi's waiting green you know what I didn't get what via girl or boy you don't know yet grandparents buzzer clean we don't know yet we find out on the 21st of yourself we're not done yet the baby only Nelkin BNP deafening it's homey see you see you in yeah Harry and Mary o Jahnavi huh oh yeah they become beyond cute oh I really love it and it's got – OH – yeah more just like that really wasn't a you you don't worry grandma Oh one tonight no you move graph don't owe nobody idea from you made it you thank me yeah you

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