Vlog Days | Testing After Miscarriage

hey everybody welcome back to another vlog series so I'm literally sitting in front of my computer that's why you see this bright light and you're probably gonna hear a lot of Elijah in the background is he's playing for tonight with his friends on the headset and he's loud um so yeah I'm literally waiting for this video to upload and literally uploading as we speak it says five minutes left it's been saying five minutes less for the past ten minutes so I don't know what kind of five minutes they're talking about what I just ate lunch and it's just basically the leftovers from yesterday which I have another video coming about that it will be up before this video and that's how I make my red beans so ate some of that with a little bit of rice and a chicken wing so I'm just giving myself 30 minutes before I start my workout it's been raining on and off today so I think I'm just gonna work out from homes using resistant fans look every time I touch this I think it's so red anyway um so I'm just gonna be working on home and I might show you guys depending because I have thirteen percent of battery maybe I'll put it to charge for like 20 minutes maybe it'll charge quick who knows these cameras acting up on me lately selves anyway yeah so this is the start of a new vlog for you guys I'm not sure what I'm gonna be showing you but you got it seems I like the vlog so I'm just gonna keep doing it but yeah I'm gonna wait for this to finish uploading and um 20 more minutes from that food to process and then I will be starting my workout interview that I had so we'll be looking too much about the camera I'll be looking you guys should see these curls like you see it's getting dark because like a huge storm coming I hate driving and these look really dark clouds I hope that I get to get home with just a little bit of drizzle and the storm paint looks of it it's not gonna be like that so yeah I just came back from an interview looking for just a part-time job so that you know I can preoccupied my against entering oh it's gonna come down I think everybody's starting to ever anyway monsley I'm looking for just a part-time soul – do I think it would help with coping with everything that happens and stuff like that so not what I just came back from hey driving in a storm here comes it's about to be none you see how dark that is that's a super dark anyway so yeah none of you was good I enjoyed it actually it was a group interview everybody was pretty cool I spoke about you guys because I was asked what I like to do outside of work and whores I had to mention yoga talk to you guys and focus my time so down I'm gonna close the vlog for now when he gets better I'll come back on even though I'm not looking at you guys and I'm just talking you guys are probably hearing the rain to have to stream over the rain so yeah I made it through the rain so like I was saying it was a pretty cool atmosphere so they let me know within two to three days I should be getting an email to pee so bad um so we shall see if I got it or not so I don't want to say just yet who are interviewed for or anything like that just because I'd rather keep it hush-hush for now but yeah I went with this really cute um white vest that I have that I wore when I got engaged it brought me good luck then so I figured bring me luck now you know I'm very hopeful well don't mean grab you guys think that why because I have you on the dashboard like where the radio screen is that so simply because I'm going to be vlogging for I have to order a tripod the first of all tripod that I had I got stolen and I also want to get the camera holder so for like when you're in the car so that way I could just have the camera up and I'll have to worry about moving it or like holding it if it's gonna slide off or anything like that so that's the what those are going for hookup I had two pimples two or three three and I was like oh okay and then I had some cramping today as well so I'm like okay is that a non flow coming along I don't know I've thought about testing to see if I get a positive pregnancy test because that way I'll be able to see like where my hormones is that I know if you guys know but when your hormone like when you are home runs up from the pregnancy hormones your body won't give you like a cycle so once those hormones go down and they're out of your body or system that's usually when you should get a period for some women it takes longer and some women they just don't and then you have to be put on birth control pills so that you can have a regular menstrual cycle but I've been curious like should I test it on I don't know how that's gonna make me feel I don't know if that's gonna trigger something as of right now I wouldn't see why it would trigger anything like any type of emotion I'm not sure that it would but then again my emotions tends to be triggered when something is happening right then and there not when I think about it so I don't know it's really weird but I don't think it would trigger anything but then again like I said I don't know but I've been thinking about such things and being that I have to pee so bad maybe I just will because I still have rice left over from when I was testing I have the whole foxhole fill of no I think I have like half of the box left of the pregnancy test that are gonna that I got on Amazon that I really liked so and those are the technically the cheapy so I could just do one of those because a box of those I don't even remember how much they were I have to pee so bad so maybe maybe I'll just do one of those so I just peed into the first thing that I could find and I'm going to use a cheapy I'm just gonna see if I still have hormones or not in there pregnancy hormones starting so you see the control line my second week for three minutes and results or results up to five so three minutes a theory set a timer for two minutes okay your timer is set for two minutes so I put it for two minutes because between me talking through you guys showing you guys whatever so it would be a good thing funny enough be a really good thing obviously if it's not positive which isn't that just that I call life works if it wasn't positive because then that means that sooner or later sooner rather than later later I should be getting a menstrual cycle which is great because we're waiting for this first mate menstrual cycles so that then we can wait and see when my second one will be and that the second one we can start clomid so yeah I have like I said I have this box left over remember I spoke about these for those of you that have been following me for a couple months now know that I bought these easy at home pregnancy tests on Amazon for the low-low and I still have a time and I rely on me so I don't have to go I have three six seven and I find it to be my lucky charm because the first time that I started using them the first time boom I got my positive I got my BFP with these and then that's when I wouldn't got the first response so I have six of these left so that's great because that's gonna be good for when I test here when we're finally trying again and these are really cheap you get I'm gonna add my Amazon if you have Amazon Prime you'll get it the next day even so it works out so yeah I have these left over all right so let's see nothing look at that see nothing there so that means that there are no hormones and that means that won't flow should be coming soon so that's a good thing obviously for the next time that I use those I was better want to be getting a positive duh right we know that so yeah I'm glad I was able to do that with you guys hurt a little like a little pinch to the heart but it's okay um I'm gonna go eat and I will talk to you guys in a bit oh I took the dogs out to walk do you guys see this look away look at my shirt it's soaked it was only drizzling and the dogs needed to go out so I figured I take them out it's fine I can walk in the drizzle and then out of nowhere it starts downpouring I got soaked the juno got soaked and Jack's got soaked so now they're like super hyper cuz their way and they're playing Jack did you get soaked in the rain you you can't even see it on her cuz she's short haired with him look Jax he got so and now it's not even raining anymore do you believe that I saw that like it was you know the drizzle was like it was like a it was like a drizzle but it was stopping so I was like okay that works out you know because obviously the drizzle is gonna turn into like no more rain I got soaked and I just took a shower that's why my hair's white it's not cuz of the rain um I took a shower and I went out with my hair wet cuz I'm like alright look at this I'm gonna just walk them and then I'll come inside and wait for my hair to air to my hair to air dry obviously blow dry my hair and I know it sounds silly because it's raining but here in Tampa the rain will stop and then the Sun comes out and then it rains for a little and then the Sun comes out so to be honest if you guys like I've been washing my hair so much because it's been getting like so frizzy and it just hasn't been looking right like my waves have been really dull lately no matter what I do so the dogs are running around so that's what you're hearing so I just want to blow dry because even if I have it in a ponytail at least its sleek like slicked back and stuff like that you know and usually when I blow dry my hair it's not until like Thursday hair that my eczema will start flaring up so I just want to try it with my hair blow-dry I go anywhere anywhere with you cause you my my oh you feel my my we could build a dream started something new let the old be dead let the shadows in sign your shoulders and you feel falling older just come a little I'll be there for you I'll be there for you coz when we are together the tension just let me in your head so I can be there for you with that for you tonight is won't you sing for me won't you sing for me deal with falsely Denari is your won't you sing for me won't you sing for me do fall asleep for me for me parsley is sinful me won't sing for me we do it on repeat I could stay awake till the night is through with you by my side with you by my side though we've only met let me dive into your ocean hello no anomaly wandering Cecina how may I help you hey Tina could you please tell me how much in order of the chicken one time tacos would be 962 okay can I get an order that for the card sets ago please listen Anthony water Juno Ju I know okay anything else can I get a just a small coke to go we have had to be thrown out that's fine I can do a cup seat okay then we have anything else nope that's it you know what type of vehicle be picking it up white Honda Accord okay to be about 10 to 15 minutes thank you you're welcome by the way she here but I think if that's all like with the red hair she's always like that Union go there so often you know the people yes if their problem with Bali oh what's that paint truck over there is that candy or something or PDQ I don't know how the colors just reminded me of it is that what the heck go Steve coffee no frappe it says free no it doesn't it doesn't have a there's a sign that says free look on the thing hold on oops didn't see you stop oh boy yes work it we're not moving frappe escape you see that mango one kind of looks good all right we know we're getting coaches there on the way back I haven't drank Starbucks or Dunkin coffee and so on ever since I came across this creamer that's how good it is it's so good so we're on our way to we just got that I'm gonna wait up please someone time for tacos I'm gonna share with Mia the fare sharing it comes with four one time chuckles I get three and if she gets one yeah it's okay I'm Aikido and that's fair yeah Kido nothing yeah for real you do not fight though good but if you were to follow that even more imagine and the fact that the trail fall Kito is like becoming an epidemic oh right like now like this white Hippocrene okay and then after Applebee's I'm gonna see if I can get my wax done what wax underarms really yeah we're down blue speedos close to target and then we're gonna go to Target to get Kremlin and Carl oh yeah we're gonna get angel a Father's Day gift I'm getting together so that Elijah can give it to him tomorrow for Father's Day and we're gonna be going to SeaWorld tomorrow yeah and by we I mean we includin G I like Charles Spaniels who the dog Charles Spaniel has been chopped Carly turn charlie spaniel no don't you mean a cocker spaniel no oh really yeah it was Charlie that's what I was thinking about oh my god she said I'm like Charles Spaniels oh your letter no breathe definitely my cocker spaniel actually that's fine that's her yep and if she's the one that answered the phone she's the one she always answers the phone like that she's always like upset which one a holder comfortable with the that we could definitely show that you know yeah 1261 okay do you know if they put ranch I'm sorry yeah they don't get rich I'm know I'm thinking think of something else that's okay and then you gotta stroll already think nothing can I like a refresher – no it's not about that it's that the drinks are watery try it before once you okay lovely I thought there were three men sober it is No she's been she's been a man that's males up huh some people actually do that she's gonna hate it basically thank you can i bug you is that one any way to change this because it's like watered down thank you like a pen thank you chivalry's as i said i've and it shows it's not the problem I think if you just like your job that much you really shouldn't give you this juicy one right here oh yeah literally look old but we're taking but I don't like getting really hot so thank you so much and your straw I gives it another one sorry hates me I'm sorry for the back-and-forth thank you okay

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  1. Aww I love this video ! That’s cool u guys r tight like that . U looked super pretty for interview ! Good luck! N btw now I have to go to Applebee’s and try these tacos ! Thanks lol

  2. I found a mount for my car from winners (in canada) but i think its fairly similar to TJ maxx there, and it wss really good priced! Id check stores like that first.

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