Vlogging our IVF Appointment

hey everybody welcome to burn party – I'm Cristina and Toya is upstairs she has no idea that I'm filming right now every day at 8 a.m. we got to take this so that's why we can have our appointments anywhere in the eight o'clock hour because this is Atlanta you don't see the ring light in the background oh whoa oh this is Atlanta and traffic is really bad anyway um I'm about to give to our shine hello hello hi – ewwww Oh what's going on that's fun whoo who's a girl Hannah like a lot of love toys a girl hates her it's early it's it's early anyway okay I might go wash my hands and give my baby her shot oh my camera hey guys [Laughter] okay isolated cell phone chiming gentle y'all missed it yeah I'm tired I'm tired my sides hurt maybe she does not help any nope because I'm up there she got to kill me with another one this is such a tide this one isn't that bad baby well it's not that bad but the after like after you give me the shot itches burns and has like this red spot but but during you know it's fine we don't know yet baby but um you know they tell you not to exercise not to jump up and down so let's move you know you can't really do anything so I've been working from home and then when I get off I just go to sleep it's pretty much my day I'm so bored a little ball or something but I know after you know it my sighs heart works after we go to the clinic and they give me an ultrasound I guess because it messes with my fallopian tubes or something and then after that really can't walk enough of that I'm time to this shot is the quickest moment actually know the gone oh my god kinda nervous II can I get another one nurse no guy alcohol white my only fail on the cover okay it only fell on the cover not the actual needle alright judging you want to turn the camera rhombic what so so your boobs aren't on the shot I got that one well don't be looking y'all know ok this is babies most important part we go oh yeah she gives her stuff yeah which side am I on this one yeah I think that's a so you have to go on opposite sides each day and baby's taking three different shots so the morning one is on the other side then that night the tour on the opposite side something like that she only Santa come on okay what you gonna get Mike right here right there okay make sure nothing comes out Oh guys I'm gonna be super bloated after this I feel Missy cuz I don't feel like I'm that bloated right now no it doesn't look too bad it doesn't look too bad name okay cuz guys I'll be bloated okay we said ever Somali maybe your toilet has taken so many shots we had three of these sharps containers full of needles and we have two more empty ones I probably took about 20 plus shots yeah it's 20 plus shots over the course of a week and two days Aiden has to have on his diaper cuz we leave in Toyota always knows that with your purse babe Thanks that's your purse where are you going – – go in the house boy – come on boy good house come here come here go come on – you go I don't want to pick you up boy I want you to listen all right all right ain't it I got time for this your son who's your son with our kitty is I don't even know if you can see him I hope you can always be good be good boys okay bye mommy loves you crash it's a beautiful day neighborhood my cars yeah all right guys all right guys we're on our way to the appointment no no damn we should have done that follow today all right all right bye guys see ya recording we're here guys we are here at our appointment we're really not allowed to film in there so I can't tell much but I'm gonna try to fill in the hallway though because I like the way that their hallway looks thank you baby me after that whatsoever so like this is soy before the appointment and we'll see what's what exactly like after her ultrasound see y'all got the little embryo that could and I'm dr. pearl Oh awesome that's all I'm in the office you got it baby look at all these instruments I never saw these looks scary they'll probably use some of that stuff for your own good ultrasound watches how much your egg retrieval this is what's about to go on until you y'all they put this little KY jelly stuff on that baby this is my pearl oh all right be gentle with my wife sir no this is cute that's a cute little photo all right John this is our life these are our appointments today Saturday baby [Applause] you know what you're gonna have to put a little emoji over that crack like I was saying these are we have an appointment today Saturday and then we have another appointment one Monday and then they'll tell us what our next appointment is after that we'll probably have two more appointments next week so we have our three appointments a week so yeah make sure you adjust your life I'm just your schedule do this what's up everybody we just came back from our and they want me to come in tomorrow for a pop for my up I guess they're gonna check it and then see if I have a pop my possible triggers you're thinking yeah yeah so they're gonna call us in like a few hours and you know give us the results of Julia's blood work because we already have the results of her follow her follow closely they give us something every week we're not every week but every time we go there they checked my follicle kills whatever you call them and aka eggs and I take my eggs and they measure them and they want them between 16 and 20 because they want the larger ones at 20 and the smaller ones to get to 16 and basically my average is on one side at sixteen point six and on the other side is 18.8 front the biggest ones so that's why I just have to come in tomorrow make sure they get a little bigger and then she has a lot of them that are sixteen so we are scheduled to do our trigger shot for tomorrow and then a retrieval for Tuesday yeah see me yep so huh things are really starting uh it's almost time for me to be done with my process and I'm ready to be done so I can get back to walking you distress me like this thing is about to die by the thing knowing them bring the car well we're gonna go then guys we are home and Aiden went right past me – she is happy to see me Aidan's only happy to see this all right boy come right in come here Aiden come on I mean take your diaper off come on stay boy stay home boy good boy what did he do these people but I had a male doctor do my egg thing today and I'm gonna tell y'all niggas in them good but k2 tripping up a phenom such a fitzy Keppel weapon on beat don't make babies I'm not finished axe chicken like butter strong hey you want us for bomb when I tell a big piece love is love is

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