VSG Q&A's: Why Menstrual Cycle Changes After Weight Loss Surgery

hello everyone I'm dr. Alvarez from end over intercom and on this week's episode of question of the week we'll talk about why after weight loss surgery you may have some changes in your menstrual cycle this is a very common question first I'm going to start by saying that health diet disease stress drugs affect women's menstrual cycles sudden weight loss due to strict dieting weight loss surgery excessive exercise or anorexia commonly change the pattern of menstruation weight loss disruptions of the menstrual cycle usually include irregular shortened or even seized cycling poor nutrition caffeine and also excessive alcohol affect the body's health now changes in the body's health influence a woman's hormonal balance and menstrual cycle also poor eating habits lower body fat now if the body fat gets too low the ovaries start to stop making estrogen many times a woman's menstrual cycle will cease temporarily with the sudden loss in weight recovering when the body stabilizes what is commonly seen in patients who have the gastric sleeve surgery so I hope that makes sense that's the explanation of the alterations on the menstrual cycle I hope this helps please submit your questions don't forget to subscribe or contact us my patients have my direct email I'm doctor out of it is we'll see you next week take care

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  1. This was very helpful doctor as I did not get my period after my surgery and last month and I was worried for the same reason. Thanks a lot for this video.

  2. Thanks Dr. Alvarez, my cycle is actually coming ever 20-23 days since having the sleeve. Before surgery I had to take BCP to have a normal 28 day cycle… Thanks for the info! By the way…. You as if you have lost some weight too…. Congratulations and thank you so much for being involved in this community!!!

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