good morning beautiful people so this morning I woke up with my feet being super swollen and usually they're swollen at the end of the day like this but it's the beginning of the day I don't know if you guys can really tell but they're definitely more swollen so back at CVS to get the blood pressure check just in case see how we look move it's just thoughts just a little high that's all try again yeah Justin and my mom have been trying to convince me for weeks or even months to go get a pedicure because I haven't gotten one since Justin came home from deployment which was in February in a long time and I haven't done it just because I don't want to spend money on it but I think I might go do that today and just see if that helps with relief and some of my feet from the swelling I don't know if I'm gonna be able to you guys I've been getting super low low like pain and not a lot contraction pain it's weird it's like it's like sharp twinges I don't know pretty low and making me pretty uncomfortable today so I don't know if that's gonna just go away or if it's gonna get worse I'm not really sure but I'm gonna try and rest it out for a little bit and see if sitting on the couch kind of helps with it but no I might go get a pedicure cuz that sounds a little bit nicer than just sitting in the hot house all day anyways he is very needy that's like you only Breeland Oh all over the place he knows every party in there apparently the second to bring out the cameras usually stops but right now she's just trying to get out it's hard to see with the camera I think because of the gray shirt also look what finally came in the mail today we have our rug I hope it looks good it's kind of dark in the picture I mean in person than it was in the picture but I think it'll look good with all the gray de Corp Justin just moved well helped to move all of this stuff out of the way and now I gotta sleep cuz beau tore up a toy this week while we were moving the stuff around to explore everywhere but then we can roll it out okay here's what it looks like right now we got to fix the couch and kind of line it up as much as we can all done furnitures back it looks good I really like to look at this do you like it the bumps it's like it's not rubber on the bottom like most rugs so it slips yeah but that's okay because we have the furniture we got the couch at a coffee tea or I started an entertainment center on the edge and I think these bumps will go away once it stretches out a little bit because I couldn't see the way it's woven see the seams right here I think it's just a lot looser on these edges and then once you get closer into the seams like right here this is where it's tight so you guys can see how it kind of just bows a little bit I think once it stretches out we'll be able to kind of just adjust the furniture so it lays kind of flat instead of being bowed like it's very different if it doesn't we can always switch it with a different one yeah but I can't returning online items when they're small I don't even know how you could go about exchanging a rug yeah so we're gonna have to do it but I like to look at this one a lot better than the shag I got to be honest just because I think we've never had something like this I think it looks a lot better I think we're gonna be sad but like you said yeah it'll be easier to keep clean but I hope it lasts as long as there's shag rugs new but we'll see but I like the way little thing it looks great I'm just thinking practically I hope it lasts all if this freaking cat decides that he's going to scratch at this thing I will destroy him now to go walk this baby out all right we are now going to the mall oh it's hot baby Oh doctor says this is the best idea and considering our air conditioning is terrible and sucks we're coming to the mall because the a/c is good it smells good and I'm probably gonna get what's his price we were supposed to go get ice cream after we went to the mall and walked around the second we got here Justin smelled what I might go to the what's it called the Nestle the next three cookie shops had that those drone cookies and you guys know I love those but literally can't come to them all wrong as much as I make fun of them for doing it though every time he buys them newer you don't I take them but I'd still want to go to the never Lee place also guys cake factory so soon what you get that looks so good and you came with milk mr. goal is we should go there more often I've never actually been there next time I want to go oh you want me to try to I've never had chocolate rip with walnuts oh the walnut had a nice nice touch my big fan of just drinking I don't think you do but you love more I'm just not a big fan of milk drinking wise like I love it in my cereal who doesn't hate me judge me just me yes I think a lot of people because I think my mom tried to make me a drink here when I was a kid and I hate it I hated milk as a kid I wouldn't I wouldn't drink it in my cereal I wouldn't have it and then I think sometime it just kind of kicked in I liked it but that has nothing to do with being like let's do their justice I'm fine I just hate the taste of cheese but your cells do change every seven years so maybe at some point I'm gonna start to enjoy cheese and mushrooms I hope let's see if we can walk this small without mine anymore already five minutes later hey what happened what happened did you did you get stuff I thought you were trying to not get stuff today it was just so funny because within five minutes I'm saying oh we're gonna see how long their sweaters and shirts so cold do you want make sure you see when we get home sitting on the couch without water breaks it's gonna be legit we might get some spicy food or something too because I did they're having a sale for like their crew neck sweaters t-shirts and leggings and bronze or something I forget everything was $25 so they got this shirt and I got it in yelled ahead into so many colors but I like this one because it's super long so to cover my belly but I can also wear it after baby girl comes so kind of yellow because I thought you pray for fall and then this was a good deal cuz this crew neck is normally $60 she's $60 and it was a 25 and it's just kind of big and baggy and I thought it'd be nice to even maybe bring to the hospital to wear home but because it'll be cozy in the hospital can get cold but I don't know I might not want to get it dirty but let's go check it out I think us today only I don't know what we're doing for dinner tonight not hungry yet sorry my tummy is just having some weird feelings today I feel like like I said I feel like she keeps on dropping lower and lower and it's starting to get pretty uncomfortable and I just dropped this camera on my toes a few minutes ago it's my toes hurt no I'm just uncomfortable and I'm ready now I'm ready for her to come out guys I feel like I'm always showing you guys my belly but I'm just ready for her to come out right I'm getting anxious to the point where we're like it could be any minute but it's not Dustin keeps asking me if he thinks I feel like she's gonna come and I'm like yeah I don't feel like she's gonna come I feel like we're gonna have to get wait until we get induced but we'll see hopefully she does that would make me really happy right before I start he's just like the biggest dogs I'm 20 jumps up there I'm like why do you eat so fast and then it goes like literally a dead start now he is good now that he got all the stuffing out now it's a toy but neither of us can play tug of war with them because Justin's back hurts and my everything hurts but poor guy he wants to play tag over we might be able to take him on a walk baby oh well hey give your mom a kiss dude the cover kid he just wants to play so bad well give her a kiss oh come on oh he hates it when you blow it so funny thank you I'll just drag this well you are disgusting you know all is so cute though alright baby what do you want it for dinner you're not hungry it's like 6:45 yeah it's getting late yeah my dear by the time you know all right you gotta had these plans thoughts yeah would you make we gotta go shopping so bad we are Michelle my courage because I cleaned it out because of all the stuff that was either old or we weren't gonna really be using anymore you guys there's like that one hello fresh meal left and nothing no food so ever my pineapple – that sounds good do a lot of freezer foods but that's where after Emma comes with ice packs that's nothing and that's frozen meat so guys I need a favor alright we're so now we're about to watch a movie oh my god yep this I need to prove the suit if anybody seen the movie double jeopardy I saw them her on Amazon looking for a movie to watch tonight and I haven't seen it in so long in like years it was like one of my favorite movies as a kid double jeopardy with Tommy Lee Jones and I forget her name but tell Rochelle it's an awesome movie not that I don't trust that he thinks it's gonna be awesome though the fact that my life is always I hate starting new TV shows and end up watching the office again yeah but it's a movie you know have to be invested except for two hours maybe I prefer TV shows over movies because then I feel like I can get up and go and walk around and not be committed to sitting and watching sure well what's the matter dude you can't pick it up I love watching him look at this look at right pick it up get it get it kitty kitty kitty [Applause] so bad for you you just gotta push it into the grass and you'll be able to get it well you got to learn dude look what I'm gonna try and help you push it into the grass there you go look at that you can I thought when he he bounces around look at his little head around he's up this this is his corner if you get in the way of him in his corner it's a bad day it was so creepy I was like buh how about that all right guys well it's getting kind of late and it's about that time that it's getting it's getting late for us all right it's time to chillax we need to eat some dinner real quick let this guy get his energy out

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  1. Hey guys! I've been binge watching your pregnancy with Emma today 🥰! This video was so funny because like Justin, I don't like cheese, milk or mushrooms either! Lol! Hope you all are doing great! Hope you received my letter when you got back from Ireland! Love you guys and hope you are recovering great, Rachelle! 💙💖💖🐶🐱

  2. It looks so… funny looking at the empty baby rocker & now picture how BIG Emma is in it now… Time flies… I LOVE Watching your VLOGS… GBY & YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY ALWAYS ❤💙💖🤗

  3. Oh wow, I was surprised to hear someone mention that movie. And yes Justin is right Double Jeopardy is an awesome movie and definitely a must see. New subbie btw i love your guys vlogs and personalities 😊

  4. My BP during pregnancy would be like 160/100… That's why my baby girl was 4 weeks early! You're doing great momma!! 💕

  5. Who else is pregnant🤗 im due end of oct, early november with a baby girl🤗
    Super excited for Emma's arrival 💕💕much love from canada

  6. You know what you should watch for real?! THE QUIET PLACE!!! OH MY LANDS!!!! WATCH IT! WATCH IT!!! The guy who plays Jim out of The Office directed this and is in it. SO SO SO SO SO GOOD!!!!!!

  7. My gyno professor said that sex and nipple stimulation are the most affective natural inducers 😉😉

  8. I feel the exact same way about starting new shows and movies! Yet if I'm going to the movie theater it doesn't bother me at all. I love it, lol. Every time Justin says that in the outro it cracks me up. 😂

    Also just patiently waiting on Emma… so ready to see how great you guys are with her!💝

  9. My dog has that exact same shark toy, but he tore the mouth and the squeaker out so it’s just a destroyed shark end with no stuffing.

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