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so wold you guys been married a long time oh yeah ups and downs in every marriage she ever been in any marriage counseling yes what that do for you look at me I'm happy come on all of the results of the counseling well at the end of it all there are two folks who thought I was an ass and I'm paying both of them well you are happy to be here oh sure better than last week last week yeah Fort Lauderdale Florida we were there you didn't like that no why not everyone in Fort Lauderdale Florida looks exactly like me I swear it's like one giant nursing hall wouldn't have a Fort Lauderdale's where they taped a lot of those girls gone wild videos that's the only during spring break Oh the rest of time it's girls gone saggy necks girls gone senile and then it's just girls gone you didn't like the weather there either oh my god even in the middle of winter it's a human as hell and hot as hell we got there I took a shower on Monday Friday still not dry I swear I've been lost on my ass yeah you said the weather changes too quickly yeah I know it changes fast everywhere else in the country looking for this ridiculous what you're talking about oh my god I was standing there on the beach in the sunshine having little iced tea I looked over and I go who look a little cloud that's three then there's lady the locals are hanging on to the palm trees we love it here yet dumbasses I say leave it to the Cubans Inc all right so you want someplace a little cooler yeah do you remember oh we went to Green Bay Wisconsin yeah in February it was negative Tony with the negative 30 windchill I get on stage every night nights say you people are idiots did you know the borders are open back up your suburban and get the hell out another thing Green Bay Packers Stadium what's it called Lambeau for you Lambeau Field no roof how many weekends during football season is good weather in Green Bay that would be none no to self build a frickin roof we have the technology you talk to the locals in green they order they say we're a hearty people bunch of frozen dumbasses my god alright Walter what about you what you don't like this humidity you don't like the extreme cold went someplace warmer and drier yeah how about when we ever seen August we're in Phoenix August in Phoenix Arizona your agent is immoral he was 112 three days in a row what all the locals say but it should dry e screw you um bonfires are dry heat you don't see me stick of my ass in one of those your ass is on fire it's a dry Eve I was in Florida I gotta learn not the second loss all right did you enjoy being in New York City oh I love New York City good yeah I was great we do shows in that Hatton about midnight we get back to the hotel 1:00 a.m. I lay my head on the pillow and listen to the sounds of the city silence if she had a costume she has two DS on her chest where's the green card you see my other speak

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  1. I’ve been watching Jeff Dunham since about 1987 . Some of the funniest shit I ever saw . And as old as I am was exposed to Edgar Burgen and Charley McArthy and Dumb Dumb , my favorite.

  2. Googletubes community guidelines do not exist. Please refere to the constitution if within United States of America.

  3. BOB'S restaurant on the OUTER BANKS in N.C. Walter could work there — their motto EAT & GET THE HELL OUT

  4. 'Bout 3 minutes later, (WHOOOOOOOOOOOSH) HOOOOLY CRAAAAAP! The locals are hanging onto the palm trees, WE LOVE IT HEEEEEERRRRRE!

  5. I have no idea how many time I have replayed Walter clips. Jeff turned all the dummies into life. Each of them has their own personality. In my opinion, Walter is Jeff's relationship with his ex-wife

  6. Walter has a point about Wisconsin. I don’t live in Green Bay, but in the winter, it gets colder than cold🥶🥶🥶

  7. Jeff: remember when we were in Tulsa Oklahoma?

    Walter: yeah one day it was 30 degrees one day and 90 the next.

    Jeff: yeah the weather is kind of crazy.

    Walter: and the tornados and earthquakes

    Jeff: what about them?

    Walter: they had and earthquake and a tornado at the same time. Again more locals and hanging out of trees yelling, We LoVe It HeEeRrEeEe. Dumbasses

  8. Walter and Achmed are my two favorite characters. When Jeff starts talkin' usin' the voices for em'. And you actually forget that they're dummys. And they actually sound like actual people. Which makes it even funnier.

  9. Omg took a shower on monday, friday still not dry, just one of all the comments i love with this dude

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