26 Replies to “"Walter's Wisdom: The joys of marriage" | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM”

  1. "You are here.”
    " Maybe it lights up when the coffee’s ready”.
    “Scratch it off, you frickin win something.”
    * Brief argument*
    “How about this, it looks like she’s video taping me all the time!”

  2. Not sure who is trying to "run" with/against Trump for whatever is coming…

    I have two nominees….. they´ll have to choose their own state to come from, as naturally can´t be the same…

    For President, Mr. Jeff Dunam("H" removed, as to not provoke vegians).

    Minister of Domestic Affairs, Sir Walter….. without an "H" that is – probably saved for a "H"elpcall 🙂

  3. I usually don't like Jeff Dunham open monologue which seems silly to me, but I am in love with Walter. Ironically, Walter is Jeff Dunham

  4. Just a quick update, you lot do not need to repeat the jokes because we can hear them when we watch Jeff Dunham and therefore we don't need somebody to write the jokes down in the comments, f**king annoying.

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